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Wilmington, NC (WWAY) — MTV’s “Teen Mom 2” is at it again. On this week’s episode, Oak Island teen mom Jenelle realizes that life isn’t going to wait on her.

After being kicked out of the house for the second time that we’ve seen this season, Jenelle bunked up with her boyfriend Kieffer at her friend Amber’s house. She seems to still be working to take classes at Cape Fear Community College but like many college hopefuls, money is an issue. Jenelle still needs her mother Barbara’s information so that she can qualify for financial aid.

Barbara gives Jenelle the information that she needs so that she can start college in the fall and it seems Jenelle is on her way to a higher education.

Like many students who are about to start class, Jenelle begins to reflect on the past year. Her son Jace is soon turning a year old and she realizes that time passes quickly.

With her mother’s permission, Jenelle and her boyfriend attend Jace’s birthday party. Jenelle arrives early to help set up the party and immediately pushes her mom’s buttons. The two decide to stop the fighting for the sake of the baby on his birthday.

Jenelle seems to realize that her baby is growing up quickly, while on the other hand, she is as immature as ever. Her priorities are still completely out of whack, but has she realized that yet? We’ll see next week.

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