TROUBLESHOOTERS: UPS customers denied damage claims after failing to follow packing guidelines

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Submitted: Wed, 02/16/2011 - 11:10pm
Updated: Thu, 02/17/2011 - 2:29am

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Insurance offers peace of mind. But two UPS customers say they’ve had nothing but headaches ever since they filed insurance claims after their items were damaged during shipping. Instead of getting their money, they were denied. So they contacted our Troubleshooters for help.

Tim Dreggors says he is out $400-$600 after he shipped some optic drives to California. Ten of the 15 drives arrived damaged. Since he had insured his package when he dropped it off at the UPS Store in Porters Neck, he was not worried. But UPS denied his claim, because of the way the package was packed.

“Individually wrapped and bubble wrapped, and they were double boxed with bubble wrap and newspaper between the two boxes, and I thought that would be quite sufficient,” Dreggors said. “Apparently UPS guidelines request more.”

He resubmitted the claim, and UPS denied it again. But there was a mix-up. The denial letter he got this time was actually addressed to a Hampstead woman, who’s insurance claim UPS also denied.

That’s how he met Cindy Coyne, who is also fighting UPS to get reimbursed for the gift she sent to family in Florida. The box was banged up, and the gift was broken.

“So I am really out the cost of the item, which was $130-something, then the insurance and had no gift come Christmas,” Coyne said.

Again, UPS denied an insurance claim saying the package wasn’t packed properly. Coyne says she used corkboard, newspaper and bubble wrap.

“Why do you sell insurance that you’re not honoring?” Coyne said.

We contacted the owner of the UPS Store, who told us these claims go through the corporate office. We called the UPS Store corporate office and got them to look into both claims again. They told us the shipping company, which is UPS, denied them again. So we made another call. This time, to the UPS corporate office.

A spokesperson told us boxes must be packed according to their exact guidelines, which are so detailed, they even tell you what type of cardboard to use and how thick the cushioning and tape need to be. These two packages did not fit those guidelines.

“People beware,” Dreggors said. “Read the fine print, you know? Stipulations. I guess there’s a catch to everything.”

UPS also added that it’s not insurance a customer buys. It’s called declared value. If your item is worth more than one-hundred dollars, you can choose to declare a higher value for the item and pay an additional charge.

As for getting that money back, though, as Coyne and Dreggors learned, don’t count on it, unless you follow the exact packaging guidelines you can find on the UPS website, or you can pay extra to have the UPS Store package the items for you, and if they’re damaged, you are guaranteed your money back.


  • Ryan Spradlin says:

    To whom it may concern,
    I am an “eBay” person. I buy and sell things via eBay with relative frequency. I have a 100% feedback rating after 10 years of business. I package my items well and I send them out within 24 hours after receiving payment. I typically use UPS to ship my items unless it is going to an outlying US territory where USPS is significantly less expensive. I have a UPS Store around the corner from my home (Wahstach St. in Colorado Springs). The ladies there are great and know me. My packages have always arrived on time and in good shape. I have never registered a complaint or filed a claim in those 10 years. It is because of this history that I am disappointed to say that I will never use UPS again.

    I recently sent a package from Colorado Springs to Brighton Mass (tracking number below). It had a vintage music recorder in it. I double wrapped the machine in bubble wrap and then filled in the rest of the space with air packaging. There was about 4 to 5 inches on each side. The package was housed in a brand new sturdy box. I took extra care in packaging this item because it is vintage and irreplaceable. When it arrived to the recipient it had a large dent in the back of the metal housing and a piece inside had been knocked loose and was rattling. I had the recipient take photographs of every angle of the machine so that I could verify what had happened before filing a claim. I then contacted UPS customer service and explained what happened.

    Issue number 1) Upon calling customer service they explained that they would pick up the package and inspect the packaging materials along with the damage. They never contacted me nor the recipient about when the package would be picked up. So, when a day passed and we heard nothing, we called and they said they attempted to pick it up but nobody was home. Yeah, most people work during the day, so, it’s nice to actually communicate with the customer before attempting to pick something up.

    Issue number 2) They returned to pickup the package for inspection. I called to make sure they had gotten it. They had and said they would return it to me after it was inspected. I explained that the recipient wanted to keep the item regardless because it is rare and would be hard to find again. So, we wanted it returned to him rather than me. They brought it back to him, but with additional damages (from inspection I am assuming). Now, the front door to the cassette holder was broken off and a knob was cracked in half. Plus, when I called for details of the inspection, they told me they didn’t complete it because I “asked them to return it to the recipient”. Again, an example of the customer service people not listening and communicating with me at all. Never once did I say that I didn’t want it inspected or that they should just break it more and then give it back.

    Issue Number 3) After becoming very frustrated over having the item damaged and then damaged again by UPS, I demanded to talk to a manager. I got in touch with someone from the claims inspection group. I explained what had happened and that we needed to have the item inspected and then returned to the recipient. I also explained that the recipient was hesitant to give the package back to UPS given they had damaged it during the first inspection trip. She said she understood and gave me another option of sending in all of the photographs of the damage and the packaging materials and they could inspect those (I might add that she was rather unsympathetic and at times rude). Again we waited for nearly a week. I called and complained. They said they would need to have someone from their claims account processing group contact me. I was called by a woman who told me all further communication would have to be done through my UPS store. Hearing this was odd since that had never been explained before (in the past two weeks), but I agreed. Today, three and a half weeks later, we are being told that the claim was denied.

    This process and our package have been handled so monumentally poorly that I see no other recourse than never using UPS again, and running your name through the mud on every social media forum I can find. It’s not something I like to do. It’s not something I want to do. However, we gave UPS every opportunity to make this situation right. We weren’t asking for the full insurance amount. The package was packed properly and the damage was caused by improper handling. Over and over, we explained that we simply wanted the damages done by UPS to be repaired. In reality, this was likely 100$ or less. It’s not like this was some grand scam to get 100$ out of UPS. The item cost 45$ to ship! Instead, we were passed around, given incorrect information, and ultimately scammed by UPS. They damaged our item not once, but twice and denied me the very insurance that I purchased for this specific reason. As a customer, I can’t imagine being treated any worse. In the end, you’ve given me a huge headache and cost yourself money in the process. I will not use your services again. My parents, who own a medical supply office will be changing services, and I’m sure my buyer will look elsewhere as well. Not to mention, I will post this email in every corner of the Internet. Why would you do this to a customer with my history of business with you? It makes no sense.

    Bravo UPS!

    Ryan Spradlin

    Package# 1Z6E965Y0339608969

  • Michael Yearwood says:

    5/15/2014 –

    I just lost a case in El Paso Texas for a claim on my $5000 embroidery machine. I took in my own box and asked them to help me ship it back in March 2013. They gave me the materials to ship and helped me pack it. I did not know how to ship such an item but after watching a commercial saying they will help pack I decided to use them. Big mistake. The claim was denied 2 and the lawsuit against the store was lost because of the statement in the affidavit you sign for the “insurance/declared value.” It clearly says the store cannot be held responsible. I even asked for the footage because the employees all lied on the stand about telling me it was my fault and that they never helped me. The owner said we don’t keep video footage despite in order telling them too. Even with that the judge said because the statement says they aren’t responsible they won. I am not sure what steps to take now but I am considering a lawsuit against the actional corporation.

  • Guestcharles marchesani says:

    I shipped a 51″ Samsung 3d tv from Brandon Fla to Vineland n.n, before shipping i asked the man at the ups store what is necessary to ship this package so it wont be damaged and for the insurance to be in effect!he told me that it needs to have at least 2″ of peanuts all around the tv, thats all he said, i put 2″ of styrofoam at each corner, then wrapped the tv with 3 rows of bubble wrap completely covering the entire tv, i put a layer of cordboard on top of the peanuts at the bottom so the weight of the tv wouldent slip down thru the peanuts.When the package arrived the bottom corner was crushed in and the tv will not power up…i have been given the run around and was told improper packaging,NO WAY..i followed there guide lines to the tee…and im getting ready to contack fox news, btw im a disabled vietnam vet, fox will love this story

  • anne says:

    Do you think they might have thrown it over a fence :) Just saying!

  • Elaine Leonard says:

    OMG……I am being given the same run around as you. I took an antique rocker to a UPS store and had them package it since they were “certified packers” and was assured it would be well packaged. Can you guess how it arrived? Let just say that when I pulled the rocker out of the box, it was no longer a rocker plus one corner was almost completely apart. This was a heavy rocker too so they had to have really thrown that rocker from a high distance and hard, to completely break off the bottoms. The “Box” was two thin wardrobe boxes that had been taped together. The arms were bubble wrapped as was the bottom of the rocker. Some popcorn was thrown in for good measure but it barely covered the seat so that there was plenty of open space for the chair to bounce around. I am really surprised the back actually stayed in tack considering there was no bubble wrapped around the entire top portion of the rocker. I told the claims department that a pair of monkeys could have done a better job then this UPS store. The same number, 800-651-2352 and I am told “someone will call you back within the next 24 hours OR by the end of the day” (which neither happens). I have been calling them since September 25th and I have not received ONE phone call to set up an “Inspection.” I even asked the last person I spoke with in the claims department to give me the number for the “Inspection Office” so I could contact them myself which she told me, that there was no one there right now (how would she know?). I asked her where were they located, she said she did not know(if she did not know where they were located then how did she know they were not there?). Then I asked if she had a number for them and she said no.
    The store that packaged and shipped my rocker is located in Greenwood Village, Denver, Colorado on University Blvd. Do NOT let them package your items as they cannot even package according to their own UPS standards!

  • guesty says:

    We can tell you are just saying because you posted what you said.

  • Crissie says:

    UPS is a sorry, incompetent @$$ “shipper” that should not even be in business. I actually quit using UPS years ago due to constant problems with delays in shipments and deliveries. I never had those problems with Federal Express or the Post office, though.

    Anyway, I totaled my car in a bad accident on January 6, 2014. After giving me the runaround, the insurance company finally settled my total-loss claim for several thousand dollars. During the claims process, they had sent me several shipments via UPS that always arrived at least the same DAY they were scheduled to arrive.

    Well, right after speaking with the insurance rep, a man I had been talking to about buying another car from called me back. He ended up negotiating a very low price in exchange for a fast sale. The deadline was strict and not negotiable. I agreed, and shortly after paid a deposit of several hundred dollars to hold the car, based on expected delivery date of insurance claims check.

    Well… after waiting until 7:30 PM and tracking frantically on with no scans since 2 days before in Kentucky, I called UPS customer service. The rep said there was nothing she could tell me. When I asked to speak with her supervisor, she asked me to hold. Upon returning to the line several minutes later, she said she had “checked further” and found that the package would be coming that night before midnight at 12:00.

    After waiting 2 more hours with no delivery, I called UPS back and this time a different rep said the package would NOT be delivered that night. She transferred me to her supervisor, who could not tell me anything else, as he could only “go by the scans listed in the transit system.” Needless to say, I WAS FURIOUS! Of course, no delivery arrived that night and I lost my deposit paid down on the replacement car.

    Upon awakening the next morning, I logged into and saw a notation that shocked me senseless. MY INSURANCE CHECK HAD BEEN DELIVERED TO MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA hours earlier!!!! I was fit to be tied, then. I called the insurance company and UPS and cursed up a storm, screamed, and lost my temper to the point that neighbors heard me several houses away.

    The insurance company purportedly put a stop payment on that check and sent me another one. I argued nearly an hour with the insurance rep about not sending it via UPS, and even offered to pay for FedEx or USPS. She said that wasn’t possible, because the company used only UPS and had on-site equipment and software set up, etc. just for UPS.

    Well, I had no choice but to accept UPS — AGAIN, as I was the recipient rather than the shipper. I even tried to get the number of scott davis, the CEO of UPS. But nobody claimed to “have that information.” Well, what do you expect from a man who takes a 3% raise to a $10.7 salary the same year that employee pensions were cut due to decreased company revenue?

    I plan to pursue a claim for damages, but I’m not sure if I would have legal standing to do so as a recipient rather than the shipper. As a law school grad, my first impression is that UPS sole obligation might be to shipper/customer – not 3rd party recipients. BUT I’ve got to do further legal research. (IF I ever find time, that is). Will keep U “posted” (no pun intended :).

  • Seismic1600 says:

    Just got an email today from a buyer who sent pictures that UPS had damaged an expensive Trek bicycle that was shipped in the original box from the manufacturer. The fork and sprocket was damaged, as well as scapes all along the bike’s frame. When I took the box to the UPS store, I specifically had a conversation with the rep. regarding the value of the bike and how it was light weight and should be handled with car. The bike was shipped in the original box and wrapped in plasic, frame and wheels. I showed the pictures to a different rep. at the same center and he said based on the damage to the box, it appears something in excess of 100 pounds was placed on top of the box. This weight obviously pressed the box to the flow and damaged the frame and sprocket. I will never use UPS again to ship anything! What makes this so irritating is the bike was shipped to me originally using UPS and it arrived with no damage! My claims process has just begun, but if it is denied I will not just give up on this! Lawsuit if I need to, letters to television stations and newspapers, internet postings, etc. I will get the word out about how UPS treats merchandise it handles!

  • James Kendrick says:

    Filing a claim w/ UPS is like pulling teeth! Almost 3 months have passed and since the package was shipped by Staples that compounds the problem. They all say the claim has been approved FINALLY!
    The item was insured for $500 but actually it could be worth $2000 to $4000. I couldn’t afford to insure the item for the real amount so I decided on $500.
    Now UPS wants the item but I do not want to give it up at least not until I’ve been paid the damages. By law, do I have to give up the item? It’s my item and I wanted it here with me. UPS destroyed it, but I have to relinquish it? That’s ridiculous! I would like to know my rights. If I can repair the item and move it I would.
    I just want to do the right thing here. Please comment.
    Thank you for the help.

  • drdrums says:

    My claim is being denied as well. I shipped a megatouch bartop video machine that weighed 75 pounds. It arrived destroyed.
    My sister is even in Management at Ups in Illinois and i hear all the stories. They will damage packages and then repackage them and get them to their destination and when there is a damage claim filed will deny it. Her husband is a former driver and told me how well they handle packages. How do you package anything to withstand the abuse they dish out?

  • selma says:

    So if they can clearly see you haven’t packaged it with the right cardboard and tape, why do they let you ‘insure’ it?

  • gggstor says:

    If it was inadequatly packaged, why did the UPS store or UPS driver accept the package in the first place?

  • Doris says:

    I shipped a printer via UPS that was damaged in shipping. UPS did an inspection and determined that the packaging was insufficient. When I informed UPS that the UPS store did the packing, I was told that UPS and the UPS store are not the same. They thought I had did the packaging because I have an account with them and the package shows as originating from my home address. However, I took the package to the UPS store and was informed that UPS would be liable if it was damaged, so I paid them to package the printer.

    The damage caused by the UPS store was superficial and could have easily been repaired. However, in returning my printer to me after the inspection, UPS/Crawford destroyed the computer. It looks like they threw it. It ways 65lbs so I assume they dropped it. When they return the printer it was half wrapped in cardboard. there was no insulating materials in the return package.

    They took a lightly damage fully repairable product and destroyed it. There response is that the original claim was denied so they can enter a new claim for the destruction of the printer.

  • steve law says:, for details

    1. Clip these discussion notes to your bank manager,BBB & UPS CEOs. Stop payment(s) with your C/C company. & NEVER use UPS again, period. Who cares if UPS will blacklist your name?!

    2. Never use UPS again until they use independent, objective, & certified damage evaluators! They have been denying close to 100% of all claims: improper materials used (arbitrarily, of course). They will even ship the “damaged” parcel back to U with 50% of the original packing materials left after their inspection (an utmost disrespect of your merchandise!). Of course, they will charge U another shipping fee!!

    3. Situation is getting worse & worse with UPS’s handling of parcels! What is going on inside the union? Fedex & all UPS agents have known about the bad claim situation, and customers have been turning away from UPS the last 3 years! Ask an agent who deals with both Fedex & UPS. UPS is a almost joke for serious merchandise!……I have had extremely bad experience with this “reputable” company the last 3 years, & they think they are the King & will dictate the rules. Yes, please use the Post Office, Fedex &/or any other courier that is more environmentally-friendly. UPS is rough, irresponsible & disgusting these days. Unfriendly Public Service = UPS

    4. Join any national class actions on UPS’s biased Claims denial & post lots of these PR awareness memos on networking media

    5. Create a website to unite all the frustrated victims:

    6. Notify all companies & institutions associated with UPS, stock markets, banks, governments,BBB,online stores,universities,associations, etc,


    8. I hate to report UPS like this, but I am telling the Truth ,nothing but the Truth. God bless UPS!

  • Doris says:

    Yes, when I look at the damage that occurred to my damaged printer during the return process, I am sure they did something to it. The original damage was a printing issue because the popcorn bubbles had gotten into the printer. The packaging was pretty banged up, but the printer itself (physically) was fine. Due to the poor packaging the drawers came open allowing the popcorn bubbles to get imbedded.

    After the damage inspection the printer was returned to me. The printer that was returned to me was not in the same state as the printer that was shipped to the buyer and was damaged. The printer that was returned to me was Cracked, Bent, Scratched, and dented. This damage occurred when UPS sent the printer back to me.

    They did not even bother to pack it. It had cardboard wrapped around it. I found the printer on my porch. The bottom of the printer was exposed and sitting on the porch, it was not even covered by the cardboard.

    They either through it across a fence or dropped it off the truck and rolled it to the door. I have never seen anything like it. I guess since there was a damage claim, UPS decided it was ok to destroy it as well. Only wish they had completed the job and disposed of it.

    The printer weighs 65 pounds. Thrown or Dropped? maybe to cut cost, they dragged it behind the truck… that’s what it looks like.

  • Dan Taylor says:

    Did you ever get any satisfaction? I am in the same boat and I’m very frustrated and mad at UPS.

  • Paulette L. HarrisGuest says:

    We were never notified of any problems until…three of my boxes returned with “refused” on them. I called the recipient and they said the boxes never arrived.
    “WOW! Really, who denied them? I dug and dug each time a little more of the truth came out. UPS did the damage (I still don’t know how much because they told me to open them. Are you kidding? Then they can say I broke it? I have three now with the fourth that was supposed to be returned two days ago.

    Come to find out, they sent all four to their claims dept. and they opened them and then rejected them because they were poorly wrapped. What???? I sent them to replacements. com and have worked with them in the past. I go by their strict guidelines and I’m really upset.

    All this happened and I was never notified. I still don’t have my fourth box. It’s probably the one box that contains my beautiful teapot and coffee pots. One of them is worth approx. $750 alone if I were to be able to even find the pattern and purchase it.

    I’m heartbroken. I want to give this information to someone who will listen. I just don’t have the money to fight this. I am disabled and that’s why I was selling the china in the first place. Secondly, I think they are going to charge me the $120.00 shipping charges on my card.

    No one in the claims dept. is getting back to me within the time periods they say they will as to next steps. I’m so upset and angry, I feel like throwing up. We will never use UPS again and yes, when this is resolved, I won’t be advertising or recommending for them.

    Please keep in touch as I would like to see someone get resolution. I’ll also mention that the “fine print” on the back of the tag, can’t be read because it’s too light and small. :( There’s only one phone and it’s only a claims/customer service call center number. The representative tells me he has no other phone number to transfer me to a claims supervisor.

    Please shoot me a quick reply that you got this. I’m happy to jump aboard your suit, I just don’t have any money to help you. But, you can certainly use my story.

    Again, my email, and my home phone is 719-487-3305

    Paulette L. Harris.

  • transnetwork says:

    UPS is getting bad to worse the last 5 years, perhaps they should investigate internally their transportation logistics & accident rates as compared with DHL/Fedex. Even my shipping agent (handles Fedex & UPS) was telling me many of her customers had been switching to other carriers due to unpleasant shipping damage claim experience with UPS. I also ship with USPS with way better luck, service & attitude during this period. UPS damage is not a mere coincidence or accident, it is their parcel-handling procedure!

    FYI, there are presently lawyers preparing class actions against UPS wrongful denials of claims, as they invariably blame it on “improper materials & packaging” SUBJECTIVELY & INTERNALLY…… -Reimbursement-Claim-Lawyers-Lawsuit;‎; etc just search online under “UPS claim denial”…..from all the frustrated customers!

    UPS used to have independent damage evaluator to drop by the recipient’s site to physically inspect the damage as received. Now to cut cost, they simply pick the damaged merchandise with half the packaging material to their internal inspection center (most buyers have removed some packaging materials to check the contents), which will invariably deny almost all the claims. To make the matter worse, they will simply wrap the damaged item hastily & charge you a fee to ship it back to you, incurring further damage due to 50% packaging materials left. Even Fedex employees that I deal with make fun with this crazy UPS practice. Fedex respects my goods better & claims have been dealt with professionally. An independent auditor should be appointed by Consumer Affairs Dept to check the claim denial rates of UPS. All share holders of UPS should be notified of the malpractice & rotten business ethics that UPS has been conducting the last few years

    Reverse all credit card payments to UPS, stop using their service, and let all your business associates know about their crimes. There are LOTS of unhappy UPS customers out there now due to UNFAIR practice, mishandling, & neglect. This UPS Virus is Fatal & hidden, as most frustrated customers have either drifted away, remain silent, or blame the damage onto themselves! Enough is enough, it is about time to be ON STRIKE! for the better future of the business community

  • Greg Morton says:

    Several years ago, I purchased a rare Charvel guitar on ebay. The seller insured the guitar for it’s value, Placed it in its case, boxed it and shipped it to me. When the guitar arrived, it had a perfect boot print in the middle of the box. The guitars neck was broken. I was visited by a UPS rep and was told, “We aren’t paying. If we paid every claim we get, we would be broke. If you want your money you will have to sue us.” Knowing a lawyer would cost more than the guitar was worth, I got a second hand neck and sold the guitar for a loss. I haven’t used UPS since.


    I am just starting again with UPS. I sent a 15# package out. When it arrived, it had been damaged and the shipping label re-taped to it. The box now weighs 28# and 4 of the 6 items are missing and had been replaced with 4 truck shock asorbers! Four times I have been promised a return call from claims and that has yet to happen. The claim has been denied saying I did not use a 200# rated box, and did not have 2″ of approved packing. Both statements are incorrect as the box is plainly marked as such and I used 2″ of approved packing material. I did not get any extra stated value coverage and though my loss is over $700 I feel UPS should pay the $100 standard coverage.
    Stuff gets lost and boxes get damaged. It happens.

    Here is what burns me the most. I think UPS has a corporate policy of making is as hard as possiable to make a $100 claim. Example: That awful automated phone answering system. Example: Promise after promise of returned phone calls. I really believe that this is a policy to frustrate people so much that they give up. The profit margin is higher on not paying claims than the actual shipping.

  • Guest1 says:

    I used a UPS store in Denton,TX and because they had to pay my claim(for a damaged item they packed and shipped) they didn’t appreciate the increase it had on their insurance and denied me from ever using their location again.

  • Fuss says:

    Let me guess, the one on University Dr?

  • Rickenbacker53 says:

    UPS Claims says my guitar was packed fine.but claim I knew the neck was broken before I shipped it.. When I asked what they were implying. The person I was speaking to did not understand what imply meant. He just stated that we are denying claim because you sent a guitar already broken. Than try to get a payment. When I asked to speak with a person that spoke better English. I was disconnected. The date of the denied claim is 2 days before they even picked the package up from the Buyer for inspection. Where do I go from here? Sounds like they are saying this is fraud

  • edd bayes says:

    I had a collection of records to mail from Md to Calif. I took the items to a UPS
    store and paid dearly to have them taken care of and shipped.

    I then arrive on the west coast (4 weeks later the boxes come in) and needless to say, the box housing the 78 rpms was ill packed and 3 of the 5 were broken. The experienced UPS packer had placed the items against the wall of the box without any type of reinforcement to prevent damage simply from handling, let along throwing and dropping.

    I called UPS to file a claim. I was told to wait and they would get in touch with me. It is now July and this action took place early April and still no notice of money. I then call to hear they have no record of me placing a claim and to file it all over again. So this is where I sit. Broken items, no recovery and assistance by the UPS.

    Maybe FED EX is the avenue to take since the standard mail runs by the same rules.

  • D.F. Manno says:

    Because you’re going to need it to bring a case before the Interstate Commerce Commission. It was abolished in 1995.

  • Kevin Braden says:

    UPS is fraudulent, undependable, dishonest, arrogant, thieves and down right liars. If you value your possessions: DO NOT SHIP UPS.
    I bought an expensive piece of lab equipment, a Sartorius Analytical Scale. The new replacement version for this model is $5,000.00. We only insured this for $700.00 because this model was an older model valued at $2,000.00. It was packed with bubble wrap, brown paper, and double boxed. The outside was CLEARLY marked: Fragile, Handle with Care. It arrived broken with a big dent in the side of the box. I contacted UPS at 1-800-742-5877, and spoke with Richard. He informed me that someone would contact me within the next 24 hours and come out and inspect the package. No one called and no one arrived.
    In one week, I called back at 1-800-742-5877, and was told the same thing. After another week, no one called and no one came by.
    The third time I called in, 1-800-651-2352, I asked to speak to a supervisor, her name was Tracy and she worked in Damage Group. Tracy advised me that if I sent in some pictures, they could get things started. I sent in the requested pictures, and waited for a week, with no reply.
    I called in again, and they told me I would have to talk to the UPS store in California, because they couldn’t talk to me about the broken package. I then called the person that mailed the package and he told me that I needed to call the insurance claims department and speak with Vera Price at 1 877-225-7625 extension 6141. I called her several times with no answer and finally left 2 messages. She didn’t return either of my calls.
    After not getting a return call, I called the UPS store once again, 1-949-248-9150, and spoke with Camille. She told me that the claim had been denied. I told her, I dispute that decision. She said she would re-file it. I have to say, that Camille, from the UPS store, really tried to help me. I waited another week. I called Camille back and she said she hadn’t heard from UPS yet. She said she would call them as soon as I hung up. She called me back within 10 minutes and said the claim had been denied a second time and they will not send anyone out to look at the package because I had sent the pictures in.
    I owned an automotive shop for over 25 years. I have spent thousands of dollars shipping through UPS and I can safely say that I will never ship UPS again. I will do my best to warn others about their lack of integrity and blatant thievery. I am going to send this message by regular email to all my friends and ask them to send it to 10 of their friends. Paid advertisement from the insurance money I was not able to recover.

  • Fred Webb says:

    Same story except they broke the back on mine. Lawsuit time for me and my attorney is an expert on vintage Gibsons

  • NINO says:

    I sent a professionally package to NY, insured for over 15K. Sadly I sent it ground. It was returned repacked as the original boxing, but when I received it, it was damaged in four or five places with a direct punch directly in the center. The frame to the art was damaged. I made a claim, they came to my home. They said a week. Now some five months later they are sending a claim form. They do not want to do anything but delay. I was even told in writing mind you that since it is handled by over ten employees along the route, that it could get damaged enroute. Although marked fragile all over the damage was obvious. There was also a lame excuse (in writing again) that the handlers did not know the cost or the insurance of the shipment, which I find absolutely dumb to say since they should handle all shipments as if they were all fragile and expensive. After some six months they now want all the info from the shipper who returned it back in mid September. Thanks. You know what ground service you should use people! This is just sick.

  • Citizen of the Republic says:

    Our family ships frequently with FedEx.

    In my experience, it’s cheaper, arrives faster, and most importantly, arrives undamaged.

    Never had a bad FedEx experience.

    USPS is a joke, and it may not even get there.

    UPS has customer complaints all the time. They know what they are doing with this insurance mumbo jumbo.

    FedEx….when you count on them they do you right.

  • John says:

    My package was in the original Manf. styrofoam packing and the claim was denied “Crawford ” Ups insurer said it was not damaged in tranisit. Therefor even if it is packed correctly they will still find a way to deny all claims. After doing some research it appears they do pay claims……..14% of all claims were paid !
    Use Fed ex

  • Kim Greenwood says:

    I am in the process of relocating from California to Florida and shipped my Mothers Lenox China.
    I double wrapped each item in bubble wrap and all voids were filled with packing peanuts.
    Out of the 64 items shipped, 8 were broken and the box was crushed at the bottom and one side looked to have been torn off and had been taped.
    The box was new when shipped and when delivered it looked like the Sampsonite Ape had used it for a commercial.
    I contacted UPS and they instructed me to send photos of the box and damaged items.
    They responded to my claim by email but I herd nothing after that and two weeks passed.
    When I followed up with a phone call to UPS Claims they told me they had completed their investigation and referred me to the UPS Store.
    I contacted the UPS Store in California and was told to submit a proof of value for the broken China items
    Three days later the UPS store called me and said my claim was denied because I packed the items myself.
    This China is 24 carat gold and discontinued by Lenox.
    I was shocked at the cost to replace the broken items but had enough insurance to cover my loss.
    Well now its time to notify BBB and file in small claims court.

  • Donna Palmer says:

    I paid extra for declared value. Son of Owner of BLUFFTON, SC UPS STORE, Hwy 278 excepted and stated (per my packaging of layers of bubble wrap, this side up with arrows and FRAGILE written all over) that, “It should be ok. I’ll add some extra packaging for ya.” The corner foam the UPS employee added was stated by the “Claims dept” as TOO RIGID—-DENIED!!!
    So I’m out of a $1500 flat screen plus cost/time for packaging and shipping costs!!!


  • Sara Green Williams says:

    In the midst of filing a claim for destruction of irreplaceable paintings through the UPS Store. Have just spoken to the phone rep and was told that the store didn’t label the boxes as “Fragile” or “This End Up” as UPS’ sorting process can’t accommodate that. So, it looks like they laid our boxes down flat, then put something heavy on top of them. I have shattered glass, broken frames, and torn paintings. If you walk into a UPS store and they tell you, “Yes, we can ship that for you and it will be safe.” it’s freakin’ LIE. Seriously, ship your stuff through a moving service/truck and pack them yourself – you’ll be better off. Don’t let these clowns near your stuff.

  • Janelle says:

    I wish I would have seen this 2 weeks ago. I shipped my specialized fate comp carbon mountain bike to california from Canada and it arrived damaged. The buyer refused to accept it and its being sent back to me, I have no idea when it will arrive and what state it is in. I will be out about $2000.00. The bike was in a bike box from a bike shop, packed accordingly, and they are saying “insufficient packaging”. The shitty thing is, I can’t really file a claim or anything until the bike arrives back which would take weeks!
    I will NEVER ship ups again, what a fraudulent company

  • Fred Webb says:

    Looks as if UPS has a pattern going. I shipped a vintage Gibson acoustic guitar in an original Gibson shipping container well packed with about a mile of bubble wrap. When the guitar arrived with the back broken it took over three weeks of constant calling to get an inspector to check the damage, this after the recipient lost three days work waiting for UPS and the appointments they failed to keep.
    The “inspector” agreed that the guitar was well packed so it was obvious since the box wasn’t damaged that I had broken the guitar before I shipped it. I’m not an attorney but to me this sounds like defamation of character. CLAIM DENIED. No small claims court for me.
    Time for my attorney to get involved.

    No matter what kind of material you shipped if you have had issues with the BIG BROWN Turd please post your stories here.

  • Dr. Jim says:

    UPS damaged my x-ray processor that I shipped and is refusing to pay for it; it was insured. They claim it did not meet UPS packing guidelines and exceeded the weight limit for it’s size. Why did they take my money, pick it up and ship it then? The weight limit should have been a red flag before they picked it up and trashed it! Not happy. Lawyer is contacting them.

  • John says:

    I’ve worked a few places and my opinion is that UPS is stingy and unionized, but this ain’t the worst of it. The worst part is they compensate for their incompetence by rushing their work orders. Employees are watched and forced to do more than they can safely do. This results in a lot of damaged goods upon deliver to the recipient. I’ve seen this in a lot of work places so it’s an educated opinion.

    Bottom line, a lot of places that shouldn’t be in business ARE in business and stick around for a while. Eventually, the bad practices catch up with them, but for a long while, they wreak havoc.

  • Donald Geiger says:

    UPS Store packed my item. The item was damaged in shipping and they only want to pay for about 1/2 of the cost of damages.

  • Fred Webb says:

    If anyone is interested in joining me in a class action lawsuit against these thieves and have kept detailed notes of your interactions with them please contact me at:
    I am already conferring with my attorney and despite the wording of their “contract” I believe that if this were to apear before the Interstate Commerce Commission and a court of law that big brown might do some serious backpedaling.
    Everyone welcome, but especially interested in hearing from those accused of fraud (ie)purposely shipping damaged goods for insurance scams. My case was a vintage Gibson guitar. Despite the fact that I can provide sworn testimony from numerous guitar aficionados that the guitar was in excellent condition when it was packed as well as declarations of value from nationally known vintage guitar collectors. These folks are high powered executives with nationally known companies (just the type to help one commit fraud for a few thousand dollars)
    Parting thought, My attorney is also a vintage guitar collector and expert.

    Hope to hear from all !

  • Char says:

    Not true. If UPS packages your item and you have ‘declared insurance’ on it above the hundred dollars allowed by the Carmack Amendment, UPS still will not pay if they decide it was not packed properly. I have it in writing from Crawford.

    UPS uses pushers of great force on the conveyor belts against packages with of variable weight, dimension and size, but the pusher uses the same force causing breakage and packages to fall off of conveyor belts some into deliberate drops. That is why they flippantly state in Crawford writings that they do not honor breakables, fragile or glass markings on packages.(see youtube UPS it’s 3 parts)

    UPS fraudulently sells “insurance”. The clerk never asks you “Do you want declared value?”, they ask you “Do you want insurance”? I recorded it on my cell phone 5 times, on 5 separate occasions.

    UPS SUCKS and I am following through with my Attorney General’s Office in NY. I recommend others to do the same.

  • brian says:

    Bought a computer on ebay, the seller had a UPS store pack it, sent from state of washington to michigan..criss crossed the USA 3 times…arrived 2 weeks late busted. UPS will not pay the $1220 it cost to buy. Even the UPS store owner is shocked they won’t cover the loss.
    There was no insurance on it ! What a bunch of bull$%$# ! They want you to insure for their liability. They feel they have no responsibility for the damage which they caused. UPS = thieves. DON’T EVER USE THEM
    From now on I will specifically request NO UPS when I buy anything online. Screw them !!

  • John Mcco says:

    Dude, you used airbags? They are not meant to protect anything they are only box fillers. I work in an UPS Store and every day I have to explain what is it takes to correctly package fragile items. I even teach a one hour class at the senior center for ebay sellers on how to properly package stuff. People blow me away by thinking paper, air bags and clothing are sufficient buffers for important, fragile items. Think about it, UPS FedEx USPS and DHL ship millions of packages each day. There are idiots out there that throw engine blocks in a used box that goes down a conveyer belt then a slide and into a truck. You must protect against that crap. But I agree that UPS customer service is lame.
    Just my two worthless cents

  • I just had the same problem with UPS. I say it’s time for a class action lawsuit. Also I looked into whether the UPS stores are licensed to sell insurance. It seems they are not. This may a simple way to go after them.

  • Joanne Seamans says:

    what address do you use for UPS to take them to small claims court?

  • Shelly Aherne says:

    I am so fed Up with UPS and Crawford and Company (their so called third party) I too received a second denial with someone else’s name on it. I ship a 45 lb head board which I noted and gave them dimensions. I wrpapped in Proffessional movng wrap about 50 times. Also note I shipped the exact headboard viia greyhound a month before and it arrived in perfect condition. When the UPS driver picked it up I asked him if it was packaged ok and he said it was great. Clearly ups threw the headboard around. The damage was so bad the fabric was taken down to the wood. It must have gotten caught on a conveyor belt. They denied the claim saying my packaging was not up to UPS criteria. There is no box that would fit the shape of the headboard I had. Also clearly knowing they damaged the item when I went to track the item they told me it was refused by the buyer. That was a lie and so misleading they never even tried to deliver it. I demanded they deliver and the customer took pics and then I called to file the claim and said they needed to ship it back to determine damage. They shipped one leg back then the rest and the charged my credit card without approval. I would love to be part of a class action suit !!

  • Robert J Campbell says:

    Go to your states judicial website,, download a small claims court petition,, fill it out for UPS and one out for Crawford and co. Then go to youtube… Download several of the video’s of the UPS drivers throwing boxes off the trucks, kicking boxes,, download video’s of the UPS warehouse belt line with boxes falling off.. they are there. Now file an appeal and upload these items,, the court papers and youtube video with this one sentence…. DO YOU REALLY WANT TO GO TO SMALL CLAIMS COURT?? Thyey will pay the claim

  • paul pickrell says:

    I shipped a pair of speakers I sold on Ebay for 3000.00. I insured each carton for 1500.00. UPS damaged one of them. That is the first time they screwed me. This is a pair of 50 year old speakers that are extremely rare. What good is one without the other? so they cut the claim to 1500. Then they told me the max claim is $1000 as I dropped it off at a UPS store. Nowhere does it say that and no one at the UPS store advised me of such. then they claimed to have paid the claim not once but twice? Two checks have been lost? Is is madness as no one will do a damn thing about. It is not unlike a medical insurance claim where they try every dirty old trick in the book to avoid paying. Now 6 weeks after claim was supposedly issued no check has arrived

  • Victoria Kulis says:

    In June 2014 I sent an electronic item from an inductions stove from MI to Ca. for repaired and insured it. It was sent back with a fist size hole in the box and when our electrician hooked it up it fried itself and blew out our circuit breakers. So it was returned to be repaired again and the cost is more than it cost the first time. The repair person and I filed claims and were denied . We pursued and the repair person said they closed the case and would pay only 100.00 even though it was insured for 1000.00. He took the item to a main drop off station and cannot get past the 800-pickups number to talk to a real person. I went to a UPS STORE and at least talk to a real person and was able to get copies of my transaction. I tried to do the same with his drop off place and got no where. He also got the story that it was not properly packed even though it was wrapped in bubble wrap, with foam “peanuts” around all sides, and in a box that a heavy paper shredder came in. The package was accepted and no comment was made that it was packaged improperly. It is now the 30th or Oct. 2014 and I still do not have an operating stove because neither the repair person nor I feel at fault. I did write a letter to the main office in Atlanta but have not receive a reply. I Also will be filing a complaint with the State of Michigan Departmet of Attorney General and the Better Business Bureau.

    Thank you

  • Lorraine Bolger says:

    I am interested in joining a class-action lawsuit against UPS and here’s why:

    On 8/18 I shipped a custom computer to my son at school. It was packaged in the original shipping container as received from the manufacturer by FedEx, several months prior. At the store, I asked the clerk if he thought it should be placed in another box, to which he replied “No, it should be fine.” He then asked me if I wanted to insure it, which I did, for $3,000. The computer arrived completely destroyed. The box was gouged, crushed and punctured in multiple places. The computer housing was cracked and pancaked, despite being well insulated with special styrofoam and bubble wrap. The internal components were sheared from their mountings as if dropped or thrown great distances. Nothing has been salvageable. An inspector reviewed the damage and denied our claim due to “insufficient” packaging. I have disputed the claim, and it has also been denied. I asked UPS customer service why I would be sold insurance on a package that is not insurable. It wasn’t sold to me as a “declared value” charge. I also am wondering how many thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people each year are scammed by UPS over “insured” package claims. Please contact me, and let’s do this!

  • Bob says:

    Please contact me if you have unresolved complaints with UPS about refusing to pay claims for damaged goods. I want to see if it makes sense to bring a class action lawsuit against UPS for illegally selling insurance and engaging in unfair and deceptive trade practices. UPS can say it does not sell/provide insurance. To me, if it looks like a rose and smells like a rose, then it is a rose. UPS may be trying to get around insurance laws by calling its protection plan something other than insurance. I had a big problem with UPS because they denied a claim for inadequate packaging when my wife shipped a framed, electric guitar signed by Eric Clapton. She went to unbelievable lengths to make sure the guitar was properly packaged. If the package does not meet UPS specifications, then why do they accept the packages? UPS knows that no individual consumer has a big enough claim to file a suit. On the other hand, if you add up all of the damage they cause but don’t pay, I bet you will find it is a lot of money. UPS needs to be held accountable for not paying righteous claims.

  • John Goscinski says:

    Just as previous people have argued their case with UPS and have come up empty I am finding similar stonewall tactics being used on me.

    I won’t stand for it and have drafted a complaint for consideration in small claims court. What pisses me off more than anything is that I took every precaution necessary to insure safe passage. Moreover I spent hours responding to all their requests. So if they were planning to deny the claim from the get-go they should have told me. It’s not only the time but the emotional aspects of it.

    UPS need to be held accountable.

  • RYAN says:

    Hello there, My name is Ryan and I just got done dealing with this store. They lost my package, completely off the face of the earth. The tracking number and manifest information they gave me was false so there’s really no way of telling where my stuff went, or if it was ever mailed in the first place. After trying to work out the claim for my lost box with the insurance on it, they tell me I’ll get $100 and another $20. That is not even close enough for my tailored military uniforms, as well as the tons of music and movies I was sending home for safe keeping during deployment. I would very much like to help you nail these guys to the wall because shady business ethics is something that really bothers me. It would have been nice if they tell you these things before you purchase the policy or pack your own box, that they are completely unliable for not doing the job that you are paying them to do.

  • Curtis Cook says:

    I am currently launching my 2nd dispute on a damage claim for a LAWSON Screen Printing machine (used but “was” fully functional). Sold for $325 on eBay. The reinforced box was packed so well it likely exceeded UPS requirements in every category.

    Shipped from UPS shipping center in Montrose, Colorado to Jasper, Alabama.

    The first claim was denied (case closed) after UPS ruled the packaging was “INADEQUATE.” This was a generated “LIE” because UPS never saw the packaging after the claim was filed. I know they have NO PROOF at all that the packing was inadequate. The receiver of the package had disposed the box and internal styrofoam before finding the damage to the machine.

    When a “very young” UPS worker showed up to look at the damage there was NO BOX. My BUYER would only let the kid take the damaged part of the machine with the understanding that UPS would…
    A) replace it (new or used) with matching specs (fully functional).
    B) repair is to the point of matching specs (fully functional).
    C) refund the cost of repair (from estimates) to ME or my BUYER.

    I do have photos of…….
    1) the UN-damaged machine just prior to shipping.
    2) the packing method I used which was above specs.
    3) damage to the machine caused by UPS. Photos provided by my BUYER.

    The 2nd dispute is being handled by an agent who called herself a 3rd Party agent but spoke to me heavily in favor of UPS. At no time did I feel like she was supporting me.

    She wants my photos. I am submitting them as email attachments along with my tracking number (same as the case number). She will get back to me after reviewing the photos. We will see!

    Respectfully submitted,

    Curtis Cook

  • RYAN says:

    Hello there, My name is Ryan and I just got done dealing with this store. They lost my package, completely off the face of the earth. The tracking number and manifest information they gave me was false so there’s really no way of telling where my stuff went, or if it was ever mailed in the first place. After trying to work out the claim for my lost box with the insurance on it, they tell me I’ll get $100 and another $20. That is not even close enough for my tailored military uniforms, as well as the tons of music and movies I was sending home for safe keeping during deployment. I would very much like to help you nail these guys to the wall because shady business ethics is something that really bothers me. It would have been nice if they tell you these things before you purchase the policy or pack your own box, that they are completely unliable for not doing the job that you are paying them to do.

  • Dan Taylor says:


    I just got denied by UPS as well for the same reason. I sent a professional recording deck to a guy who bought it on e-bay and he told me that it was damaged in shipping so we put a claim in for it. I had bought insurance with the unit being valued at $600.00. The buyer told me that UPS came by and picked up the machine and also the box that I shipped it in along with the other packing material which was styrofoam and heavy duty cardboard. When the unit got back to me it was sitting on my front porch with no box and was simply wrapped up in plastic wrap! By the time it got back to me it was not only damaged more it was destroyed to the point it wouldn’t be worth it to try to fix it. It wasn’t even taken care of to get it back to me. There was massive damage to the system and there were even 4 screws missing in the unit. I will never use UPS ever again for anything. Yes it sounds like there could be a class action suit put on them with no trouble! I’m IN!

  • Heather says:

    Please contact me re: the Class Action if you are pursuing it. I would participate if able to.

  • Arthur says:

    I shipped a woodworking machine in the manufacturer’s box, and insured it for full value of $1200.
    They dropped it, and damaged it beyond repair.
    The manufacturer quoted it as a write-off upon viewing photos.
    The machine has a list price of $1200.
    So. It was insured at its proper value, I.e., it was not excessively insured, or under- insured.
    I put in a claim, along with the letter from the manufacturer saying it was not repairable.
    Ups sent me a cheque 2 weeks later. It was for $800.
    I called ups, and claimed they short-paid me by $400.
    They said “that was all the machine was worth”
    They then asked me what I paid for it.
    I couldn’t believe this. I told them the machine was $1200 new, and I paid insurance for that amount.
    They wouldn’t budge.
    I then had to write 2 very strong letters, and contact a lawyer. They finally paid what they legitimately owed me.
    Really crummy attitude, and borderline illegal .

  • Stephen says:

    I’m fighting through the UPS claims process right now.

    I shipped a brand new OEM F-150 tailgate to a customer. It was shipped in a box designed specifically for a tailgate with padded bumpers on the bottom that kept the tailgate at least 3″ off the bottom of the box. The unit was then wrapped thoroughly in bubble wrap and had similar bumpers at the top corners to keep the unit suspended in the middle of the box without allowing it to touch any side. I also put 4 large red “fragile” labels on the box. I’m confident my packing materials and methods would far exceed UPS’s supposed “standards” for packaging.

    The tailgate was damaged on the bottom apparently from being slammed down very hard. I’d even dare say it was probably tossed airborne.

    UPS has denied my claim as improperly packaged and I have submitted an appeal. I’ve come to believe it is the inspector’s job to deny ALL claims regardless of the situation in order to protect company losses. Right now I’m out $491.05.

  • Michael says:

    I have spent countless hours on the phone with UPS and some company called Crawford and have had my claim denied twice. They have not inspected the packing material, which my receiver still has and they have not asked for the pictures that I have of the original packaging. I keep getting the run around and would love to be part of a class action suit.

    Please feel free to contact me via email. I hope to hear from you.

    Michael Z.

  • K Hayes says:

    I would like to join the UPS Insurance Claim Scam Class Action Lawsuit. I have been dealing with them for over a month for a damaged painting. I keep getting delays and run around…not from the individual shop, but the insurance people they are mediating for. I paid the extra insurance to insure the painting for $2500. Painting worth $2000, framing was $1350 and I paid $200 to ship it. So that is a very fair concession.

    This is principle not issue and it isn’t fair that they can push us lil people around. But a collective group of lil people can make a big splash.

  • Carolyn Caldwell says:

    I sent a glass plate along with other items to my son for Christmas. It was not as expensive as some of these other people have mentioned. I paid $42 plus tax for this Santa plate. It cost $28.15 to ship the box. I would like to point out that the plate was not a fragile glass plate. It was a pretty solid plate. Plus I had a cloth tree skirt, some cloth napkins in the box which you would think would help protect it. But the dish was broken into tiny bits. I cannot imagine what happened to the box for that plate to be smashed into tiny bits as it was. UPS said I did not have it packaged correctly. There was some mention of paper and even newspaper was mentioned as having been in the box. I had the original packing box in which the plate came wrapped in bubble wrap. (The big bubble wrap). There was no newspaper in the box. The only paper was Christmas wrap. UPS said there was space in the box. There was no space in the box when I packaged it. I live in Tennessee and was tracking the box. It made it clear across the country to Seattle, the destination city. The morning it was to be loaded on the delivery truck, the damage was discovered. I cannot believe that it would not have been discovered before had it been damaged earlier. I have talked with the store from which it was mailed. I have tried talking and live chatting with UPS. UPS is denying my claim; actually the sending store’s claim. UPS will not talk with me because they say the contract is with the store, not me. But I packaged it. I paid for it. It is my merchandise. I believe someone is lying about what happened. I also believe their refusal to pay is absolutely horrible. They do not want to take responsibility for what happened. I never dreamed they would not honor their “insurance”. (or whatever they want to call it) I have shipped many things via UPS over the years and never had a problem before. I believe their business is corrupt and am furious and terribly, terribly disappointed. For a big business, they have lousy public relations/policies. How in the world did they get so big?

  • We are currently experencing denial of responsibility for lost merchandise and damaged goods via UPS, sent from us in Ohio to fill a U.S. Government PO sent to NV..We continue to receive statements from “C” that UPS does not have access to inspect dammage and loss; though the consighnee states they have UPS delivery every day. We are told “our packaging” does not meet UPS standards, and no one has made a formal claim inspection? We have shipped the same packaging since early 2000 in hundreds of these parcels across the country, even across the pond to Portugal,and never had a comment of defective packaging.Our UPS distribution center has never commented on our packaging,”not meeting standards” when we personally deliver or we request a pick-up. Comments of our shipping packaging not meeting UPS standards is detrimental to our business integrity to provide products to our customers. We will welcome any involvment in a class action to provide documentation. Donald J Kaleta http://WWW.FENCE-FLAG.COM

  • jeff T says:

    Well, Mom died in June and she left me a family portrait in the family since 1880. Brother built a wooden crate with metal corners to send out to Calif to me. put picture in garbage bag and suspended picture frame in spray foam all around the picture in middle of the crate he built. Wrote all kinds of warnings all over the box. This side UP, fragile, do not drop etc… We insured it for $3000 to help keep it safe. It was not delivered on the day it was supposed to be so i called on Monday and found it was damaged so i went to pick it up.. Box was fine but the glass was all inside the box and had shredded the picture to hell.. Filed a claim and they came out to take pictures. Got a call from UPS they denied the claim since it was wrapped in a garbage bag… Well we read on your site things can be incased in spray foam to protect again damage. All she could say was it was wrapped in garbage bag. Per their email to use bubble wrap. I told her if it was wrapped in bubble wrap and you dropped it and broke the glass the pic would still have been tore up since it would keep the glass inside the wrap to damage it still.. Im taking them to small claims court over it.. will see how it turns out..

  • Arthur says:

    I shipped a woodworking machine in the manufacturer’s box, and insured it for full value of $1200.
    They dropped it, and damaged it beyond repair.
    The manufacturer quoted it as a write-off upon viewing photos.
    The machine has a list price of $1200.
    So. It was insured at its proper value, I.e., it was not excessively insured, or under- insured.
    I put in a claim, along with the letter from the manufacturer saying it was not repairable.
    Ups sent me a cheque 2 weeks later. It was for $800.
    I called ups, and claimed they short-paid me by $400.
    They said “that was all the machine was worth”
    They then asked me what I paid for it.
    I couldn’t believe this. I told them the machine was $1200 new, and I paid insurance for that amount.
    They wouldn’t budge.
    I then had to write 2 very strong letters, and contact a lawyer. They finally paid what they legitimately owed me.
    Really crummy attitude, and borderline illegal .

  • shane says:

    Can you post the address and contact information you sent your letter/emails too please. Any help would be great. I am just beginning a dispute that is clearly their fault and they immediately denied my initial claim.

  • Amy Jewett says:

    I would love to be contacted for a class action law suite.
    I had a vending machine shipped to me. Even had the UPS man picking up the box look at all the packaging and he said it looked fine.
    Box came, many broken pieces, machine does not even start.
    Claim was denied, but I will not give up. I have MANY pictures, even though neither Crawford, or UPS care to see anything.

  • Beth B. says:

    UPS refused to honor my claim for broken antique items. They blamed me for insufficient packaging which allowed them to avoid all liability. UPS puts a hole through the box, compressed it and then blamed me for insufficient packaging. I’d hate to see how UPS treats packages that are not marked “fragile.” Even the airlines compensate passengers for suitcases are damaged by the handlers. I’m so sorry I trusted UPS. They should be put out of business!

  • Jinal Surti says:

    I guess I will have to file a lawsuit against them. Great to hear that you got the bastards to pay. There should be a consumer consortium to aggregate all consumer complaints.

  • Phillip Plata says:

    I myself shipped a box from California UPS Store to Xalapa Veracruz Mexico Via Airfright and the attendant shipped groundfright when it got to the Mexican broker they open my box to inspect what was in the box and they stold half of my stuff, now UPS don’t want to pay for my stuff, they claim that they are only going to pay 100 USD when its not 100 USD its 3,375 USD for my lost.

  • Gina Swan says:

    UPS Denied my Claim! What? they said it was Insured up to 100.00. the value was 115.00. 3 pieces of china broke out of 20 pieces. GIVE ME A BREAK SCAMMERS!! CAN YOU SAY LAWSUIT? you can contact me Anytime you do this.

  • Bob says:

    Let me know if you have interest in filing a suit against UPS. I had a similar problem when my wife shipped a framed, electric guitar signed by Eric Clapton to our son. She went to great lengths to pack it. The package was badly damaged upon arrival. The claim was denied for inadequate packaging. This looks like a scam to me. I think UPS may be selling insurance illegally. I am an attorney and will check this out carefully. A class action lawsuit on behalf of all consumers who have been damaged by UPS may be the only way justice can be served. UPS knows that nobody can afford to file a suit for $100 or even $1000 in damages. Unless somebody is damaged for at least tens of thousands of dollars, nobody can justify bringing a suit. UPS probably deals with hundreds of thousands or millions of people. The total amount of claims they have denied for faulty packaging is likely astronomical.

  • Dan Taylor says:

    I’m in, what do you need from me?

  • Kenneth Chamblee says:

    The UPS store sold my uncle, what they claim was, the necessary box and material to pack my uncle’s parcel. Then sold him insurance, to cover if it was damaged. After telling him what he needed and charging him to insure it, they denied his claim because they said it was packaged wrong. Let me get this right, you charged him for the box, bubble wrap and tape that you told him he needed, cost of about $25. Then $120.00 for the shipping, plus $36 dollar for what you told him is the additional value insurance for a total of around $181.00. Then you have the same driver that delivered the damaged parcel pick it up take it to your office then you call to tell him his claim was denied and he need to come and pick up his parcel or you will discard it. Mind you the customer is my uncle who is 75 years of age on a fix income. I’m outraged with the hold service at least he should get back his money he paid if not the promised amount of the insurance he was sold. I would welcome the opportunity to be part of any class action lawsuit against UPS to right this very wrong by a very wealthy company.

  • Bonnie says:

    We declared a $1000 on a surround sound system and had the UPS Store pack it for us. It was damaged in transit. We filed a claim. UPS and the “insurance company”, Crawford, approved the claim and issued a check to replace the items. The check was sent to the UPS Store.

    But then the UPS Store said they didn’t want to give us the check. According to UPS, the claim was approved, paid, and CLOSED. They are done with it. But the UPS Store won’t give us the check unless we get a repair estimate that is higher than the replacement value of the damaged items.

    They are total liars and bordering on fraudulent. I will use FedEx from now on.

  • Doris says:

    Well one would think “The UPS Store would know how to pack a package that meets UPS standards.

    Well one would think. UPS would return a damage product with out further damaging it. Instead they destroyed a damaged product. Had I been given the option I could have paid to have it properly packaged and returned to me. The initial damage was internal. UPS physically destroyed my product in the return process by failing to take reasonable steps to protect it. They destroyed it.

  • Doris says:

    Wow, I only wish I had read your comment before having them pack my $1000 dollar printer. According to UPS my package was damaged due to packing my the UPS store. The UPS store did not use one single item or method that was approved by UPS.

    It’s all a scam. UPS sells its name to the UPS store. Unsuspecting consumers use the UPS store because of “UPS” branding. We would be better served going to Joes packing an shipping.

    UPS is making money on these franchises. People do business with these franchises simply because in their eyes, they are UPS. One would think UPS would have policies and procedures in place for franchise and anyone using the UPS name brand. Instead, they just charge royalty fees and to (*&(&^ with the consumer!

    Where is the level of corporate responsibility, it seems its all about money, money made at the expense of the unsuspecting consumer.

  • Guest22 says:

    Had the same issue as stated so many times. Package was perfect according to their site, but still they denied a claim on an item they damaged.

    I refuse to go in circles with this messed up company. I am going down to the city courthouse this morning to get the subpoena filed and served.

  • Randy Wojciechowski says:

    If you check you will see that the UPS Store is not affiliated with UPS. It is a separate company.

    The UPS store personnel are not packaging experts, if anything, everything they package is terribly done and damage is guaranteed.

    If you try to claim damage at UPS even though the packaging was done at the UPS Store, good luck. They will point fingers at each other until hell freezes over.

  • ShawnKH says:

    UPS says they have specific guidelines but if you read the fine print, following all of the guidelines does not necessarily insure the payment of the claim because technically they want you to have a professional testing company look at 5 of the items pack and test it being destroyed to insure its level of packing. Who can afford to do this?

    The reason why they do not have “insurance” is because insurance falls under federal guidelines and you can be held accountable for how you review and pay claims. UPS just wants to create the illusion of safety in their shipping and make a little money on declared values that unless they lose the item entirely they never have to pay. Even when they lose the items they then argue over the value of what was lost and what it costs to replace the item. Not to mention it isn’t considered lost for about 2 months after shipping.

    They are a terrible company that will go to any end to insure they never have to cover your loses that are covered by their unforgivable care of your packages. They use third party trucking companies in heavy seasons and have no idea what level of care your package is being given since they don’t even ship the item the whole way.

    We are out $1,150 this year alone from UPS damage and unpaid claims. They sent a “regional manager” out to our office to tell us oh this is a tragedy but the item wasn’t packaged properly. The item in fact was a piece of medical equipment with a casing made from a 1/4″ thick polycarbonate plastic. The casing was “DESTROYED” the rollers and guts were destroyed inside. It looked like the item was literally dropped on every corner multiple times.

    But we are out $1,150 and Scott Steck left in his Mercedez and told us we might get our shipping costs back.

  • Sam Johnson says:

    I can not believe that UPS is allowed to make us believe that we are buying insurance to protect the things we ship and in the event of damage or loss we will be compensated for the amount we insured through them.

    NOTHING could be further from the truth!

    In fact, when you ship form The UPS Store you are not the customer of UPS. Instead, The UPS Store is the customer. They do this so you cannot sue UPS.

    It seems that it is Standard Operating Procedure to deny all claims of damage. Then when you go to The UPS Store they will give you a toll free number at UPS to call. However – UPS will not talk with you because you are not their customer. What a waste of time – and the UPS Store owner knows this before giving you the number for UPS.

    I think that someone needs to start a website to gather names of people willing to do a class action law suite against UPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    UPS runs a scam by even accepting money for potential damage or loss to your package and giving you the illusion that you are covered once they have received your MONEY. All UPS cares about is the MONEY. They certainly do not give two cents about their customers.

    I for one – will NEVER ship with UPS again.

  • Ryan Healey says:

    I just had the same problem with USP moments ago! I had a UPS damage claim years ago and they paid immediately. This time, I shipped some glassware where each piece was douple wrapped and taped in bubble pack and I used we-used a box Kohl’s had just used to ship me items UPS that said “FRAGILE” printed on all sides and was in perfect shape. What the buyer received was a smashed box and most items crushed. I am STUNNED that UPS just left me a voice mail saying they have DENIED MY CLAIM (for $58!) because I did not follow their guidelines for the “box and packaging”. First, it was a regular box used my a major retailer to ship via UPS all the time. Second, the recipient UNWRAPPED the items to discover the damage so UPS has no way of determining how things were originally packaged. I’m livid, but am waiting for the report they said they are going to send me. Then, it’s a letter the CEO of UPS and a complaint to the BBB (which often helps me). I’m getting paid. I truly expected them to just cut the check.

  • Guestcharles marchesani says:

    I am in AWE of all the horror stories i have read on this site! my claim was denied, my package was packaged correctly by following the instructions on ups web site!…..i shipped from Brandon FLA. TO NEW JERSEY, how do i file a small claims? who do i charge ups Brandon or new jersey?…i also am going to contact fox news, i am a 100% disabled Vietnam vet and i saw on tv and all over the news how that disabled vet got his money back from Spitit airlines because of FOX!This is all bull #@$%, large corporations screwing the small guys all the time, it seems that this is the way our country has turned out!!!!god bless all of you who are trying to get what you all deserve from UPS.

  • Doris says:

    Well, I paid the UPS store to pack my printer. UPS determined my package was damaged because they used insufficient packing materials, and the wrong box, and insufficient cushioning material.

    One would think a UPS store would know, have access too, and use the proper packing materials and procedures.

  • Rickenbacker53 says:

    How do you combat fraud. I sent a guitar. In a hard case in-cased in bubble wrap plus 3/4 inch thick foam insulation. The box survived the drop -but the neck snapped. They aren’t saying my packing was bad. In fact they said in was good. However they felt in this case I had shipped the guitar with a broken neck on purpose. Than tried to file a claim. It was sold on Ebay . I even had dated pictures of before and after. Pictures of the packing process etc. Their answer was I could easily alter the dates on the camera. I send roughly 20 high end guitars a year out to various buyers. This is the first claim in 4 years. 4 years ago it was a guitar amplifier. They managed to fork-lift the guts out. However 4 years ago I was speaking with UPS. They took care of the whole mess. This recent claim The parties accusing me a fraud, speak terrible english. What would you suggest I do. How can they say I met the packing guidelines but decide they didn’t damage my item. seems as though they can say whatever they want.

  • Mike says:

    The “how to pack” guide on the UPS page is pretty good actually and really not that complicated. If you have questions about how to correctly pack your stuff and cant understand them, I would recommend you ASK someone who works there. As a person that works in this industry I cant even tell you how many times I have to explain the difference between declared value and insurance. UPS/FedEx do not sell insurance..period. If your package is worth a lot and you dont take the time to ensure its packed appropriately I say shame on you. Pay someone to pack it for you if you want to make sure its done correctly!

  • JOHN BRABANT says:

    So I shipped via UPS a beautiful, mint pedal steel guitar. The case for the guitar on its own is very heavy duty, of the type you see bands pack their gear in. I packed the guitar so that it was both cushioned and immobilized. I double wrapped it in bubble wrap and double heavy box board. When my friend received the guitar, it had clearly been dropped or thrown from a great height. No packaging could every have saved this guitar from the abuse it took during UPS transport. When the guitar was received, the heavy 5/8″ maple body was cracked in 2 places and the guitar was essentially destroyed. I am now going through the claims process. The guitar has a value of $3500, but I valued it for a declared value of $2500. I expect to be denied as everyone generally is. But if they do, UPS will be doing battle with me. I will be taking them to small claims court here in Vermont from where it was shipped and also be contacting the VT Attorney General’s Consumer Protection division for their assistance. I have yet to read any good new on UPS paying off damage claims without a protracted battle and much time lost. It is high time for a multi-state class action suit to be filed. We all need to coalesce and petition our respective states’ AG’s to perform this necessary civic duty.

  • Keith says:

    John, how did you make out? I am getting ready to take them to small claims soon if I don’t get relief. I am getting denied by the UPS Store owner, even though UPS said they would pay, believe it or not. But the store owner (not affiliated with UPS) doesn’t want to pay even though UPS would reimburse her. Gotta love it.

  • Dan Taylor says:

    I shipped a professional recording console to a buyer in MN and I packaged it up very well with extra care and packaging materials. The person receiving the system said that it was damaged in shipping. I did take out insurance on the shipping for the amount of $600.00 which was the purchase price of the buyer and it cost me $121.00 to ship the item. I made a claim after the buyer stated that it was damaged and was told by UPS that the system would be picked up and investigated and returned to me in the packaging that it was sent in. I received the system sitting on my front porch with no box or packaging material and it was wrapped in plastic wrap. When it came back to me it had been destroyed during the return trip. When the buyer got the system he sent me pictures of the system and showed me the damage. It was minor in comparison to the state the system was in upon return. UPS has denied my claim saying that I hadn’t packaged it correctly which is totally false and then they returned it to me in worst shape because of the packaging they sent it back to me in. It’s strange to me that they said I didn’t package it right and then they send it back to me in plastic wrap like you’d wrap your sandwich for lunch in. Seriously, it was the same kind of wrap! This was a vintage hard to find piece of studio equipment and is now good for nothing and I’m out $721.00 because of the flagrant mistreatment during shipping that I even paid insurance for. The damage to my system is so bad that it is obvious to me that it was handled very poorly and they won’t stand behind it. There are knobs completely broken off and even screws missing from places that should never even been touched during shipping. Out of 11 fader knobs that are on the unit there are at least 7 of them that have been destroyed or just plain missing. The thick plastic cover that was there that goes over the tape drive was even broken off. There is such damage to the unit that I even feel it was damaged on purpose because you would have had to work at damaging this piece of equipment to the degree that they did it. I took pictures of the unit as it sat on my front porch before I opened it while it was still in the plastic wrap and you can see the damage through the plastic. I then took pictures of all the damaged areas on the system and documented each one with notes and sent it into UPS only to hear that they denied it twice. So how is it ok for them to tell me that they are not going to except my claim because of the way I packaged it and then send it back to me unpackaged and damaged to the point of being destroyed by their hands? It’s just amazing to me that this company has any business at all with this sort of business practices. I could have at least had it fixed if they would have sent it back to me shipped in a box and taken care of. Now it’s ruined and they won’t stand behind it. What good was it for me to buy the extra insurance? I’m getting tired of reading on here where UPS doesn’t sell insurance. That’s a load of bull crap because I was asked if I wanted to buy insurance. If they aren’t calling insurance then their people that are excepting packages shouldn’t be asking clients to buy insurance because that’s the words they are saying. When one buys insurance they are expecting to get paid a claim when that material is damaged. This is nothing shy of the stealing of my money. I will gladly join anyone else in a lawsuit!

  • Keith says:

    Buddy, I am still dealing with these idiots. In late Sept I sold a vintage Tascam multitrack recorder on ebay and decided since I didn’t have enough packing material I would have the UPS Store (so-called professionals) pack and ship it, as they guarantee their services! Yeah right. So I bring it in to the store taped up in plastic sheeting from a mattress we had just bought, just to keep out dust. In the heavy duty box I brought in was a small strip of bubble wrap, a bag of peanuts and a small strip of pillow wrap. I told the kid I need you to pack it securely and “insure” it for X amount. He says yep, we will take care of it. A few days later the recipient gets it and the front of the machine is all smashed in. He sends me pics of the damage and the packing job. Whoever packed it put it face down with NO ADDITIONAL PACKING MATERIALS so basically it is unprotected, just swimming around in this big brown box (not the one I provided, btw). I had to refund the buyer a ton of dough for cost, shipping plus some parts he thought might make it usable, but didn’t. UPS picks it up from the buyer and takes it in for claims examination. Of course they never bother to contact me. I call and email to store and the owner totally blows me off and denies any culpability and tells me to take it up with UPS (we’re non-affiliated). I call UPS and they say it is in claims for examining. Okay I wait a week or so and call back, what is going on with my claim. They said, Oh we already examined it and shipped it back to the The UPS Store. I said well thanks for sharing. UPS says we have agreed to pay, but you have to work out the payment and paperwork with the UPS Store because we are their customer of record. Okay, great! Wow. So I call The UPS Store and eventually speak to the owner. She is a royal b—-. She totally blows me off, in a nutshell saying it is none of their responsibility while I am saying the process as explained by UPS is they will pay you and you will in turn pay me. Or you pay me and they will reimburse you. Either way, you pay me, not UPS. She says refuses to accept the claim. I said you cannot refuse. She says I have to take it up with UPS claims and hangs up on me. I was very nice about the whole thing, trying to catch more flies with honey as they say. Today I called The UPS Store customer relations and am awaiting a call back. This all took place in late Sept and here it is now December. Admittedly, I let it drag because of a two week vacation and catching a bad flu but NOTHING gets done unless I badger the hell out of them. So I have been stonewalled by this bleeping Store owner. She won’t stand by the Pack and Ship guarantee. She refuses to follow the contractual obligations she has with UPS. She denies that the packing was inadequate (to say the least) even though I shared plenty of pictures. She has my machine and said it is now damaged even worse than before. She says the pictures show that the box was not damaged, so therefore it isn’t her fault. I said WHAT? What difference does that make? The packing was terrible, and of course we all know what the handlers do with your fragile items. I don’t care who pays me, just settle the bill. I blame myself only for thinking professionals could do a better job than I could. I will take them to small claims for sure if I can’t resolve it through corporate channels. My machine is probably damaged beyond repair, or no doubt repairs would cost more than it’s worth. Really sad. But I won’t rest until I recoup my costs. The buyer said he will sign an affidavit. I have no doubt I will get my money back. It’s just a matter of time.

  • Jinal Surti says:

    So, I shipped my TV with UPS, which I realize now was a big mistake. I bought insurance on it because I figured a couple of dollars of protection on a $900 TV was worth it. I talked to three different representatives about the contents of my package and at no point I was told that TVs are not covered for the insurance (yet, they sold me the insurance).

    The shipment was supposed to take a week, but I saw no updates for 2 weeks, so I inquired about it. Three weeks later, they tell me they have lost the package. So I file a claim. That is when I am told that because the shipment contained a TV, they can’t offer a reimbursement. They happily took the insurance premium knowing fully well that they would not honor it.

    So here I am, without my $900 TV, and UPS is charging me $250 in shipping charges for a box they said they lost. If they can’t reimburse me for the TV, that’s fine – I can accept the fact that they “got” me with the fine print. But what angers me is that they are charging me shipping fees for a package that they agree is lost. At this point, I have gone back and forth with UPS for a month and all I’m getting is a one line canned response. Not sure what to do.

  • Daren Slick says:

    I sold a TV on Amazon it was only going a small distance (2 hour drive). They lost it, found it, and then delivered it damaged. Then they picked it up and sent it to their lost and found. Then they kept trying to deliver it to Amazon corporate headquarters and random distribution centers. I kept telling them to send it back to me or it would get lost… guess what happened? They were eventually able to deliver to a machine at Amazon that accepts all of Amazons packages at a location thousands of miles away. Amazon and UPS couldnt locate it after that. They kept denying my claim saying I had no rights to it even though it was my TV, shipping label, and my insurance. The value was $300 and I just settled my small claims lawsuit against them for $664. Lawsuits are the ONLY thing they understand.

  • Steve Kesler says:

    Jc … Obviously you work or own for UPS. You seriously need to understand the following ….

    UPS lost my package and gave me no explanation as to what happened even though it was shipped from a UPS store.

    The following is true about UPS …

    UPS will not honor claims against insurance issued by UPS stores even though they will sell them with their postage.

    If your package is lost, stolen or damaged UPS will not reimburse you anything, regardless of whether it was your fault or theirs.

    Get that straight Jc

  • Jc says:

    Basically, UPS requires 2 inches of cushion. This includes peanuts, foam and bubble wrap. It doesn’t include newspaper or other materials that aren’t made for packing. Some tips,don’t duct tape your box. It doesn’t hold. Don’t reuse boxes…it loses structural integrity. Don’t use clothing or paper as cushion, bubble wrap your items until you can’t feel the item through the wrap. I mean, really, lets look at car insurance. Just because you pay for it, doesn’t mean your claim is accepted. There is a process. You can’t wrap a vase up in newspaper and stuff clothing around it and expect it to not break. The packages go on conveyor belts, are loaded in and out of trucks that are carrying other packages as well. You can’t put a 100lb item in a box only meant to hold 65lbs and expect that the box will hold. And just from shipping experience, the UPS store has a pack and ship deal where if they pack AND ship it, any damages will be paid as long as you can provide the worth of the item. And after reading some comments, how can the ups store know that your package isn’t going to make it if you packed it? They aren’t psychic and they don’t have the right to open your box and look. Get real, people. Stuff happens. I’m sure some of your issues are legitimate but if you can’t use common sense when packing a box, whose fault is that? Its not really that complicated…at least 2 inches of cushion and I don’t know, use materials that are specifically made for packing.

  • Kaye says:

    This is exactly what happened to my family when UPS damaged our computer. If they know that they didn’t pack the box then they shouldn’t take your money for the insurance, Their insurance is a SCAM!

  • Guest says:

    I’m not sure why anyone thinks that buying insurance covers any damage whatsoever if the item is not packed properly? if you were running a shipping company, would you just blindly pay out for all damage even when something totally poorly packed. All UPS Stores I have been to explain that claims are subject to possible inspection of the adequacy of the package and offer to re pack something especially if they hear the word “newspaper” used as a packing medium and an old box being presented.

  • Ask the Man that owns one says:

    Of course it is not insurance, insurance pays off even if you are at fault.

    It is declared value coverage, and the carrier can weazel out of responsibility with impunity. Of course, the packaging was inadequate, it got broken, didn’t it. The fact that the damage occured proves the packaging was not adequate to protect the items from anything a 30 foot drop from conveyor belt, a car transmission on top of the fragile box going down miles of hard road, etc. Or maybe it was just the driver of the forklift or the delivery guy throwing the package over the fence. If it had been better packaged, it might have survived.

    And good luck on following the exact instructions on the web site. They are not that exact.

  • Guest7969 says:

    according to the website it seems the guy followed the instructions…sounds like UPS is being DISHONEST here! I won’t be paying for insurance anymore and putting money in THEIR pockets if they aren’t going to stand behind their packers and drivers…

  • timborocks says:

    UPS should not insure anything unless they themselves pack it, except for complete loss of package and that should be free. I think they will be responsible enough to make the adjustments I’m sure UPS doesn’t want adverse publicity as a result of several $100 dollars. Keep up the good work wway calling out these sorts of issues.


  • E Wertheim says:

    Your claims will not be denied if your packages are packed at The UPS Store. It’s in the contract between the store owner and UPS.

  • debra duncan says:

    Well I let them pack my gift and send it from Mich to Washington and they apparently had it somewhere extreamly hot and all there popcorn packing stuck to my wood box ruining it and they are already sounding funny about covering the claim. So I will see they said they have to have proof of cost and come and see it even though they said it was covered for $100. I feel I am starting to get the runaround.

  • moi says:

    Its all about forcing you to have their stores package everything, why else would they have the “stores” Only if they pack it will you are able to get payed for damaged items. You can claim all you want to but unless they get to pack it — forget it.

  • Robert J. Campbell says:

    Simply do this– Go to your state website and download a SMALL CLAIMS FORM– Fill one out for UPS and one out for Crawford and Co. Scan them… Now go to youtube and download the and so forth. There are plenty of the video’s there.

    Now appeal the claim and upload these files under additional PICTURES.

    Make the last file you send a NOTE PAD txt file with these words on it:\


    They will reverse themselves IMMEDIATELY and pay it.

  • Guest56 says:

    This is certaintly nothing new, I went through the same thing a couple of years ago. It dosent matter how you package it – they will deney the claim. I had pics of my packing, but that wasnt good enough for the fancy insurance claims agent they sent out. UPS did not even refund my shipping charges. They will come up with some reason not to pay. Sometimes I think their handlers play football with the packages. I got smart and started using the postal service. CC

  • Bobby Hoover says:

    This is why I use FedEx. They are always about making sure that the customer is taken care of. UPS numbers are so dismal as it is, that they have to try an make up some numbers in other areas. There CEO even stated that they have been struggling in the printing since they invested in the printing industry sometime ago. Unlike FedEx, who recently purchased Kinko’s, now FedEx Office, they have been all about the customer. Investing in this company gave them the advantage to have 2000 additional locations all over the country.

  • Gues says:

    Sent a package double bubble wrapped with cardboard inside and they claim poor packaging and refuse to pay the claim for repair. Used to use FeeEX but after their driver dragged a package along, and made a complete hole in the package, and they would not pay, I went to UPS. I guess it is the Post Office from now on.

  • Robert Wachtell says:

    Somebody should put a link to this thread in a review at each UPS store web site. Put the little stores where they belong … “OUT OF BUSINESS”

  • Robert Wachtell says:

    All shippers using a UPS store should be aware that if a package is lost or damaged by UPS then the shipper will not be refunded anything. Do not let the insurance fool you.

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