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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Gov. Bev Perdue released a budget plan today that preserves public teaching jobs. But she still found ways to cut back on education.

Perdue wants eight specialized programs from community colleges throughout the state eliminated. Included in that list is the Marine Technology program at Cape Fear Community College.

The program has been a part of CFCC for more than 40 years. It provides hands-on experience for students preparing for work as technicians in the marine scientific community.

The marine tech program currently includes 140 students, which is its maximum capacity. Several more students are on the waiting list.

Pete Simpson is a CFCC graduate and one of the school’s marine tech instructors. He said losing this program would not only be detrimental to Cape Fear, but also to the marine science community.

“Our graduates are not only nationwide, they are global. They are employed all over the world,” Simpson said. “A lot of the companies they work for are international companies. We seek Cape Fear graduates everywhere.”

Simpson said all marine tech students spend a minimum of 30 days at sea aboard CFCC’s research vessels. He said that gives them a huge advantage over other candidates when looking for a job after graduation.

If cut the marine technology program would help reduce the state’s budget of $2.4 billion by less than $700,000.

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5 Comments on "Perdue’s budget plan cuts CFCC Marine Tech program"

Marine Tech Student
2015 years 10 months ago

As a Marine Technology student, this is absolutly rediculous. I have never seen so many people as excited to be in class and to be a part of this amazing program. It makes me sick to think that Ms. Bev Perdue is trying to take away something as incredible as the Marine Tech Program. If she had a child in the program or considering a field such as this, the budget cuts would not even be an option. I would love to have her come down from Raleigh for one week to see what types of things we do in this program, and she would then realize that this is not a place to take money from however it is a place that needs to have more funding. She needs to think about how much hard work is put into conservation, and the study of the ocean.

Ms. Perdue hopefully you will think of us the next time you are eating wonderful fresh sea food, that is only made possible by people like the ones in the Marine Tech Program

2015 years 10 months ago

It would be so unforntunate to cut this program. It will not benefit the State that much and there must be other areas that can be cut and not the Marine Technology Program. Not does it offer wonderful job opportunities for our youth but this type of training is very hard to find across the country and Marine Techs are needed worldwide.

I hope and pray the Governor reconsiders this cut as it would be a huge loss!!!

2015 years 10 months ago

Loosing this program would be a huge loose to our community and to our sons and daughters who are looking to help all of us survive. These graduates are sought after by companies all over the world. We need these skills to help ensure safe waterways and coasts. Also to help maintain having seafood thats safe to eat. There has got to be other ways to save money for our state. Not by taking it from education.

Please do not cut funding for this much needed program. Our kids need this. Don’t take their dreams from them.

2015 years 10 months ago

This cut is shortsighted and needs to be restored before the budget is finalized. For nearly 50 years, CFCC’s program has trained generations of not only local residents, but people from all over the state. They come to Wilmington just to emroll in this program and find jobs in the marine industry after graduation.

The program has 140 students enrolled this semester alone with more waiting to get in.

If this program is eliminated, any future job possibilities go with it.

2015 years 10 months ago

Peeps are not going to be happy about this.


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