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WILMINGTON,NC (WWAY) – The new college bats are made of composite metal. They’re intended to be a safer bat with less punch behind a powerful swing. UNCW baseball coach Mark Scalf expects there to be more emphasis on pitching and defense due to the new bats. ” If players can hit, then they’ll be able to hit just as well as they did last year with the old bats,” says Scalf. “They just won’t be able to show as much power as they did in the past.”

Senior Daniel Cropper loves the new bats, but he’s a pitcher. “They’re going to bring a whole new aspect to college baseball. Balls that typically might leave the yard if you fist a guy just won’t happen this year. This new bat plays more like a wooden bat. The sweet spot is smaller. It doesn’t have the pop the old bats did.”

Senior Justin Bradley says most of the UNCW hitters don’t like the bats. He only likes them because he’s a pitcher too. ” I like them as a pitcher because you lose a lot of pop, but I know the hitters have been complaining about it because they’ll come in the dugout and say I got a hold of that one, but it didn’t go anywhere.”

UNCW opens the 2011 season at home on Friday against Jacksonville University. First pitch with the new bats will be 4pm.

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3 Comments on "UNCW baseball players expect less bang from their new bats"

2015 years 10 months ago

Go back to wood. Players and teams will still spend the same amount of money in bats with wood as they do with metal or composite bats. There is nothing better then hearing a ball hit a wooden bat. It hurts my ears to hear the ping of metal. Oh and maybe kids will actually learn to be hitters and ball players.

2015 years 10 months ago

“Oh and maybe kids will actually learn to be hitters and ball players”. Have you looked at our area high school baseball players lately? We have excellent ball players. High school juniors are signing with Duke, Chapel Hill, UNCW and many other great colleges. Being a ball player isn’t just about your batting average. These kids are great players taught by great coaches. I agree metal bats should be replaced with wooden. Before making a negative comment like that you need to think about what you are saying…We as parents need to be positive towards our players.

2015 years 10 months ago

I am glad to see the change. Over the years the bats have gotten hot and hotter. It has taken away from the game, because of the power that is generated by the wall of the bat and not the swing.

I love wooden bat tourments because I love the look on the playes face when they hit a ball and it doesn’t carry as far. With wooden bats you have to know how to hit.


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