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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Downtown Wilmington is full of history, culture and beauty, but recent events have taken away from those things.

Wilmington Downtown Inc. Is trying to revitalize our the area by learning from other cities with similar downtowns. WDI executive director John Hinnant said while downtown Wilmington is unique, we face similar trials with other city centers like New Orleans.

As part of WDI’s new Downtown Speaker Series, president of the New Orleans Downtown Development District Kurt Weigle offered some advice at today’s luncheon.

“Most important thing you can do to address safety is to put more people on the streets,” Weigle said. “Bad people don’t like to operate where there are lots of good people around to see them, so the more people you can keep on the streets day and night in downtown, the crime issues will start to take care of themselves.”

Weigle said the best way to stimulate growth downtown is to focus on authenticity. In other words, what makes downtown Wilmington different from anywhere else?

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