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OAK ISLAND, NC (OK! MAGAZINE) – Teen Mom Jenelle Evans has given up hope of getting custody of her little boy, Jace, and is ready to leave her hometown for a new life at college without him – reports OK! Magazine.

“She wants Jace back,” Jenelle’s best friend, Tori Rhyne, tells OK! exclusively.

“But she feels like she has to wait and do it right, or she will lose custody of him permanently. She told me that when she has her life together, a job, some money and a house for Jace, then she will fight her mom for her baby.”

All those things may take years, however. In the meantime, Jace will only know his real mother as a visitor to the home he shares with his grandmother Barbara — and it breaks Jenelle’s heart.

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  • Guest6523

    Nice photo.. Standing at a gas pump and smoking. Real smart…

  • Guest2264

    Hey, cut her some slack…she probably doesn’t know how to read. Ha. And she wants to raise this child? Bet she doesn’t wear her seatbelt either…..

  • Guest4396

    In this picture, she proves that she is far from the sharpest tool in the shed. It is not a good idea to smoke and pump gas at the same time. What a loser…..

  • Guest

    I try not to judge people, because I don’t live their lives and don’t know the curcumstances behind their situations. Everyone could, potentially, have something negative to say about even the best parents. I don’t always see eye to eye with what someone does or doesn’t do with or for their children, but that’s ultimately their decision and they have to live with the consequences of those actions. However, I do watch Teen Mom2 and Janelle if far from a perfect parent. But, I must be honest, Janelle’s mom, Barbara isn’t much better. You learn by example and her mom isn’t a very good parenting example. After all, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  • Guest

    It is amazing how people today can be called “celebrities” by making bad choices and living irresponsibly. To think that these “celebrities” get paid to act the way they do is truly disgusting. I am trying my best to be polite. This woman tops them all. She does it at the expense her own child. I will not be watching her show or any other reality show like it. Turn it off and put these shows out of business.

  • Guest999999

    I agree completely. By watching these shows we are condoning this type of behavior. These girls are making money off bad choices and good kids who stay out of trouble end up having to work somewhere for minimum wage. Anyone see a problem with this? What is MTV telling our kids?

  • Guest4444489

    Not only does she NOT wear her seatbelt, she most likely texts while driving.

    She’s a Baby Mama who bears a child she cannot afford and who has no intention of giving the baby a quality upbringing. The grandma is saddled with this responsibility, although she probably lacks the energy.

    This is the sad lot of out-of-wedlock babies.

  • Guest350

    If a couple decides to have a child, it makes no difference to me whether or not they are legally married. Many so-called “out-of-wedlock” children are cared for much better than some in married families. There is a big difference between a woman who has a baby and a mother.

  • Guest

    WELL SAID!!!!

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    …mom can claim that she’s single and collect TANF, Medicaid, and subsidized childcare because daddy’s income doesn’t count!

  • Guest

    I am offended by that comment. I am an unwed mother myself & have none of the above assistance. I work everyday & make sure my kids have everything they need without assistance from the government or their father! So please do not categorize all of us out of wedlock mothers together!

  • Guest

    quality upbringing? 5what and who define that the the rockerfeller’s or the the homeless vet that falls throught hte cracks and has to raise his son on the street….. quality upbringing? is a matter of perspective isn’t it?

  • guesty

    Don’t be offended since you are the exception to the norm. I appreciate you working and not being a burden on society. You should hold the father of your children responsible by child support.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    It is admirable if you are not sucking the treasury dry, but I have to agree with Guesty. Nail that SOB for every dime of child support you can get.

    HE created them, HE can feed them.

  • Guest

    Many people accuse Jenelle of many things, but nobody even questions her mother’s behavior!! What kind of mother would go to court to get a custody of her own daughter’s child)?! Instead of helping her daughter financially Barbara just took her baby away! I think Barbara is pursuing her unfulfilled dreams and thinks that Jace will be hers! So easy! Not only she got a baby for free (while so many people pay a lot for adoptions, but she took the baby from her own daughter! She rubbed her own daughter of motherhood! She is being abusive to Jenelle, and then she is surprised that her daughter smokes marijuana! Jenelle is a very strong girl if she is able to still pursue going to college. Parents like Barbara should be sued for abuse!

  • Guest Real Mom

    That whole comment “He created them, He can feed them”. Easier said than done. Men know how to cheat the system and their children. I experience this everyday of my childrens lives. Men can have their fun produce children then get up and walk away just like in the animal world. Men are not made to take on their responsibilities especially in Brunswick County. Court order psh. He will do what he wants while his children are left to their mother to raise and provide a roof over their heads food on the table and clothes on their back. SHAME ON BRUNSWICK COUNTY FOR NOT HELPING MOTHERS THAT HELP THEMSELVES.

  • çok-güzel

    I believe its a very good thing jennelles mom took jace if she did nothing jace could of been in really bad places and seen really bad things I know he is young but it can and will influence his life I came from a very abusive home my step dad and mother abused me every way possible for years I got chained to the dog house and was starved only allowed to eat dog and cat food out of the animals bowls I had to drink water like a dog out of its bowl and that was the easiest of it and yes I almost went down the wrong path at 14 my step dad said to my mom its me or her my mom gave me to the state a few weeks latter none of my family took me they all knew and turned their cheek due to that I have no contact with any of my family I’m now 19 married no kids yet and my husbands family and friends accept me and love me I WISH some one in my family had took me when I was little so I did not have to go through what I did at the same time I survived and I’m a good person and am nothing like my family and if I did not go through every life experience the way I did I would not be who I am or where I am in life and as sad as it is I’m glad my mom gave me to the state it got me away so I could have therapy and get on a good path I’m not trying to go on a pity trip cuz I hate pity I was just giving a life example of how much worse it could of been for jace if jennelles mom had not taken him jennelles mom does and says stupid shit but at least she loves jace enough to take him and while he’s young so he does not have to suffer and witness stuff babys and children should NEVER have to experience!!! could

  • Guest

    Are you kidding me? She is standing at the pump smoking? And do we know where the child is while this particular photo is taken? Perhaps in the car? How dumb can you be to light up at the gas pump while your gas is pumping!


  • Guest

    Jenelle may not make the best choices, but atleast she is trying to better herself by going to college. How can Jenelle learn how to become a good mother when her own mother is extremely verbally abusive and a control freak and does not seem to love Jenelle at all. Jenelle’s mom is complete trash and obviously didn’t have it in her to care enough about her own daughter to raise her correctly, yet she wants the world to believe that somehow she can raise baby Jace correctly…yeah right…I’d love to see those therapy bils!

  • Guest

    I understand that she is young and she wants to still go out and have fun but there comes a time that we have to be adults. There is a little saying that goes like this if your women enough to lay down and spread your legs to have sex then you should be women enough to take care your child.I was a young mother and had to raise my child on my own. The only one that stood behind me any was my mom. Sometimes we have to bite our toungs and take some stuff.I know that her moms gets on her about everything but again she is rasing her child and all she can do is party. Im not downing her but she needs to step back an really look at what her mom is going through.One day her mom will be gone and then it will hit her that all her mom was trying to do is to get her to raise her son the way she should be doing. So if you are reading this Jenelle please realize that all your mom is trying to say is that she loves you and your son really needs his mom. little boys need there dads but when they cant be a real dad and runs away they need there mom even more. I would not change one thing in my life but to have my son back with me .So while you can please grow up and be there for Jase please God let us borrow our kids and he can always take them back at any time.


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