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Case#: 2011-008413, 2011-008414
Time: 12:10 a.m.
Location: 1300 block Dock Street
Offense: DWI, Hit & Run

Summary: Responding WPD officers spoke with witnesses who said they saw a vehicle hit a car in the unit block (0 – 99) S. Water Street.

The witnesses followed the vehicle, trying to get a license plate number, but the car sped away. The witnesses said they relocated the vehicle after it had hit three parked cars in the 1300 block of Dock Street. They saw the driver jump and run southbound.

A WPD K-9 team initiated a track and found the suspect as he came out from between some houses in the 1200 block of Orange Street.

The suspect, Scott David Kelly, d.o.b. 5-10-1980, of Wilmington, was transported to NHRMC for treatment of minor injuries sustained in the crashes. He was charged with DWI and Hit and Run, and transported to the NHC detention facility.

His bond was set at $1,000.

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  • guesty

    You are the picture of fail.

  • Guest

    Only a $1000 bail! WTF

  • guestagusto

    And . . . police should ask him which bar he had patronized before the accidents.

    As a downtown resident, I see drunk young people get into cars and drive away quite often.

    Here’s a message for the Wilmington Police Department:

    Please set up sobriety points to get the DRUNK DRIVERS off the streets.

  • Guest5478

    Why does every drunk driver have to be coming from a bar? There are restaurants and people that live downtown, so maybe he was drinking there. Yes, he was under the influence of something and was driving, but why does it sound like you’re not blaming the 30 year old ADULT that was behind the wheel?

  • Guest

    The police can only do so much! Maybe people should learn to grow up and be responsible adults!!!!!!!!round

  • Guest

    but at least he won’t be smoking a restaurant or a downtown sidewalk. Drunks should be put into drunkards prisons and used for medical research and alcohol should be buried under a mountain of sin taxes. Five dollars per drink, can or bottle.

  • John

    $500 bond is the standard for a DWI for a first offense. Guess the extra $500 was for the hit and run.

  • Guest

    That’s the reason people keep drinking and drive, there are no real consequences….$1000.00 bond, a slick lawyer, (there are plenty of them downtown ready to take their money) and a $100.00 court cost and they’re ready to do it all over again. Should be a mandatory 30 days in jail and a lost of drivers license for six month (first offense) because there is absolutely NO reason to drive under the influence.

  • Guest9999

    Just another night downtown that repeats itself. Driving drunk, walking drunk and too much alcohol is reviving downtown! WPD can only put so many officers downtown and maintain officers in their respective areas. Yet everything the city administration adds for tourist, visitors, etc. is to get people downtown to spend money endangering them!! If you own a business out of downtown..TOUGH…pay your taxes and shut up……


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