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FIRST ON 3: Charges coming for Whiteville girlfight

READ MORE: FIRST ON 3: Charges coming for Whiteville girlfight

WHITEVILLE, NC (WWAY) -- One week since it happened, Whiteville is still abuzz with gossip about the fight between two teenage girls in a parking lot.

With media attention and more comments on Facebook, investigators say charges may follow shortly.

Whiteville Police and the district attorney say charges are pending against the two girls involved in last week's throwdown and the mother who allegedly drove her 15-year-old daughter to the scene.

South Columbus High School students Shelby Cartret and Alex Anne Fipps admitted on their Facebook pages they are the two girls in this video fighting in a parking lot at Whiteville Plaza.

A police report says the two were fighting over something that had been posted on Facebook. Now a week later, the discussion on the popular social media site continues. Based on the comments, the two may be considering a rematch.

One Whiteville teen does not doubt it, saying fights among young people are common in the area.

"Usually it's the guys, but I don't really hear too much about the girls fighting," said 19-year-old Christopher Reeves, who says the fighting usually does not lead to much legal trouble.

"It depends if you stay around," he said. "I've gotten into a fight with a guy and hurried up and got gone, but I haven't ever heard of anybody getting in too much trouble."

Investigators say that could change in this case. The prosecutor in charge of the case, though, could not give us specifics, because the investigation continues. He did say that video of the fight could play a big part in the trial.

We spoke with Alex Anne Fipps's mother Crystal Fipps today. She told us the two girls were friends before the fight.

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Crystal Fipps should have

Crystal Fipps should have been arrested right along side the other girls mother, she drove her daughter to the Burger King down the road from the Walmart and waited for her to be done fighting.. Nice mothering, don't you think?

Sad, and there is more history...

It is sad that it took this incident to bring to light the problems that young people are having. I know Shelby and her family. She had been having troubles with other members of the school for many months and even though those problems were reported to the Superintendent, nothing was done.

It is a shame that there are no harassment and bullying procedures in place so that young people won't try to take things into their own hands (literally in this case).

Funny - we never notice bullying until the one being bullied can't take it anymore. Our society as a whole should try harder to STOP bullying, encourage other methods of dispute resolution and ENCOURAGE kindness at ALL COSTS. IMAGINE where our society could be if that was done.

This is absolutely ridiculous.

teenagers are going to fight, no doubt about it. I think they should just drop all the charges because they are minors. Being that it is columbus county they probably wont. I know so many fights that have been recorded and posted on facebook and they were never caught, so what is new about this?! This whole ordeal is absolutely RIDICULOUS, both of these girls are nice(I know both of them, cause I live in Whiteville, and went to South), they just needed to work out some differences and they did. I think its WRONG that they have been posting their facebook on the news channel for EVERYONE to see, child molesters, any sort of criminals at that. Just leave these girls alone, their lives are hell right now....

I find it funny how many

I find it funny how many parents get on here and talk about, how they shouldnt face any charges, that they are just "children", These two girls and there mothers went looking for a fight and thats what they got, assualting another person is against the law, if this was two adults everbody would be saying that they should be facing criminal charges and blah blah, These two need to learn a lesson and if that comes with criminal charges so be it, they are both old enough to know better and the parents are as much to blame they knew these two girls wanted to fight and they drove them to this parking lot. Now its time to face the music.


Since yall are so focused on this fight only maybe yall should also be focused on the fight a week before this with 2 girls who are the same age as these 2 girls at the same exact spot where this fight took place and then another fight was taken place a walmart parking lot tonight between 2 boys.


Wow, the Columbus County school system is producing some real winners on this forum. Is English a second language for everybody that lives there?

For the person who commented

For the person who commented on the Columbus County School system producing "winners" and asking if "English is a second language there", let me ask how you know that the respondents are people who are (or have) been educated through the Columbus County School system?

Furthermore, how do you know that the respondents were from that county at all (based upon what has been written here)?

It appears to me that you have made a presumption based on very limited knowledge and unfairly criticized a school system and an entire county.

Could you tell us what county you're from? Where you were educated?
Did they implement "assumptions based on ignorance" as a learning strand for your school curriculum or possibly teach it in the home as a community norm? I'm just curious since I don't have the facts to make an assumption about you.

You got me

Yes, I made assumptions and having traveled through Columbus County on business I will stand by them. You possess the ability to form complete, thoughtful sentences with proper punctuation. If you were educated in Columbus County I feel you are an exception, not the norm.

You ask where I'm from, as if that is applicable to anything. I currently live in New Hanover County. I was educated in Raleigh as well as Wilmington.

No, an assumption based on ignorance wasn’t a learning strand. However assumptions based on past personal experiences, personal observations and current local knowledge were included.

Feel free to make any and all the assumptions about me you wish, as I'm quite alright with it. I've been asked the same question when I have posted on stories about criminals, "How would you like it if that was your family?" and my response is "My family has enough sense to obey the rules and law."

If you believe my posting about the school system is unfair, read some of the post by some students on this story about the recently fired Whiteville High School band director.

Always Been This Way in CC

Even when there were jobs in Columbus County, the local youth behaved this way. Hanging out in parking lots and fighting is nothing new in Whiteville. Lets face it, the county is backwards and full of ignorant hicks who do not want any better. The county has been purposely kept backwards by the county's old money.

4 Points

Really? The newly elected DA and Whiteville Police are gonna put effort into this colossal waste of time? Mr. David could make a much better impression by collecting his campaign signs that continue to blight Columbus County. As for Whiteville PD, they probably rode by the fight twice but couldn't see it going on. Their car windows are tinted completely black. If it isn't tapping on the glass or at Walmart, they can't see it to find it. No need to Barney Fife this bad situation up any more.

Next, obviously these girls failed the "How To Be A Victim" curriculum that our society teaches now. They almost deserve kudos for not using weapons. At least Whiteville isn't like downtown Wilmington which has a MUCH higher rate of violent crime. How many people have been killed in downtown Wilmington this year?

Third, "They" are NEVER going to build anything in this Po-Dunk county to entertain a bunch of teens with no ambition. There's no money in it. "Them young-uns" don't have any money, because there are no JOBS here, therefore, all they have to do is hang out in parking lots and when trouble finds them, everyone likes to act shocked for some reason.

Lastly, so WWAY scans Facebook for news stories? Y'all need a Pull-it-Sir or Grammatical award. They have this new thing called a satellite. Check out local news from, lets say, Raleigh. Take notes on how you are different from them. Work to eliminate things from that list.

You IDIOT!!!

This is the absolute dumbest comment I have ever read! If you are an adult, you should be ashamed of yourself! Being a victim is not what any child should be taught! You can blame that whole idea on society all you want to but children being taught the "victim role" starts at HOME! Any idiot that would publicly state that these two girls should be given "kudos" for not using weapons obviosly has no buisness discussing this "crime" in the first place! I'm sorry people but this IS a crime! I don't care how old these girls are, the PARENTS should not be taking their children TO a fight much less not KNOW where their children are OR what they are doing! Regardless of the fact of whether the girls were, are, or ever will work this out amoungst themselves isn't the point. ASSUALT is ILLEGAL! I am the parent of 2 teenagers as well and after almost 18 years of parenting, I know where my children are and WHO they are with because I actually PARENT!

If children don't have anything to occupy them in town here's a thought, KEEP YOUR KIDS AT HOME!!! I do it and somehow my children are happy, healthy and CRIME FREE children! These kids can socialize with their peers whenever they want to. It doesn't have to be in some vacant parking lot! Try involving yourselves in your children's lives and allow them to socialize at your HOME!!! Try weekend get togethers! Try movie nights! Try ANYTHING to keep your kids out of parking lots! This fight and any other fights between underage children are THE PARENT'S faults!!! Keep your kids close and communicate and your children won't end up in the juvenile system either!!! Ignorant cases such as this are because too many of our ADULTS are ignorant parents who think it's funny to poke fun at other adults or children. Here's a clue, your kids are a DIRECT result of YOUR behavior! Act like a responsible, respectible citizen and SO WILL YOUR CHILDREN! If you get on Facebook and publicly act like a child, what do you expect your children to do?

Good JOB Whiteville PD and legal system! Change has to start SOMEWHERE!!!

When you're done

When you're done having that stroke, you might want to look up the definition of "sarcasm".

You are the biggest idiot.

If you really think that you know where your kids are all the time and what they are doing, then people are laughing at you being the idiot. Children will make a fool out of their parents. Keep believing that you have prodigies....If they are girls, us boys will love them when they ever get away from you. They will be nothing more than a toy. You obviously are a fool. The girls that are so perfectly raised by their parents are the most fun to the boys. The boys that are raised so perfectly are the ones that have the best drugs ands easiest access to alcohol.
Don't keep fooling yourself idiot.

No keep fooling yourself

No keep fooling yourself idiot. Whether you realize or not, parents are smarter than their children (most of the time). Technology may have changed, but people have not. If you are doing what you say, it is because you are being allowed, not because soemone doesn't know. Remember that and you may double your lifespan. Idiot. What a waste of clean air.


Seriously? I can't believe WWAY made this the top news story. What a disappointment! With all the IMPORTANT news that is happening in the world (and our community), you choose to give these 2 unruly teenagers time on your brief 30 minute newscast. Congratulations on opening the door for more teen-hoodlums who are looking for 5 minutes of fame to do something similar if not worse. If you need to fill airtime, why not find something that can improve society instead of encourage more violence? Shame on you WWAY. I will be switching news channels.

Cathy - you do realize that

Cathy - you do realize that all of the local stations covered this story, right?

Not from Whiteville.....

These are not even people from Whiteville fighting....They are from tabor city and the reason sparks start flying within teenagers is because they have to much time to be bored and just think about what is happening in there personal life. I believe that if Whiteville would build something for teens to do, other than sit around in a parking lot it would decrease the amount of violence and the amount of crime. Also for someone to have a fist fight it is not as bad as someone pulling out a weapon in a fight, and this does not describe the population of Coloumbus County, it is rediculous to think that the whole community acts this way.


Yes, they should take the tax payers money and build a recreation center for teens instead of spending millions of dollars to build a new courthouse just to pat the "REAL" criminals on the back and put them on probation for the 836536436 time....

Sad some of you feel this is no big deal

I really can't believe some of you feel its ok for kids to fight like this i'm guessing none of you are parents that feel its alright and if you are parents then im sorry thats bad parenting skills. You can hear people in the video yelling "hit her head on the pavement" THATS REALLY OK WITH SOME OF YOU????? luckly im guessing the girls are ok but what if it would have went the other way and one of them would have really hit the others head on the pavement , would you still feel like fights are no big deal? because theres always the chance something like that could happen but im guessing its not looked at in that way its just looked at as a form of entertainment.


I am a mother of 2 teenagers that thinks this is just down right stupid for the DA to press charges on two minor "CHILDREN". I know both of these girls. You are treating them like criminals, they're kids!! One of my kids was involved in a fight with one of his friends and you know what, that was the best thing that ever happened, they are back friends and nomore harsh words between them. Kids will work it out themselves. I do not condone fighting and I've always told mine "don't start it but don't take it". This is a cruel world that we are living in especially for the "kids" today.

Well they are criminals, it

Well they are criminals, it is againist the law to assualt someone and that is what they both did, The girls and the mother all need to face criminal charges. Its one thing to defend yourself but as it looks in this case these two girls went looking for a fight and thats what they got, now its time for them to face the music. Maybe next time they will think twice!

I don't see where any

I don't see where any charges should be filed unless one of the girls takes a warrant out against the other. They both should have denied that was them in the video...NEVER admit to anything to the cops and STICK to your story regardless of what anyone else says. If the cop didn't witness the actual fight, there is nothing he can do. Busting kids for a fist fight is ridiculous.

A role model you are not

Yes, never admit responsibility. Always claim it wasn't you or if totally pinned down find someone or something to blame. I hope you don't have children. We see how well that works for politicians when they get caught; Bill Clinton, John Edwards, Ted Kennedy; Rod Blagojevich and many others. All caught in something unethical or illegal, all lied and then all looked like fools when the truth came out.

Bill Clinton, John Edwards,

Bill Clinton, John Edwards, Ted Kennedy; Rod Blagojevich and many others. All caught in something unethical or illegal, all lied and then all looked like fools when the truth came out.....

and all made a healthy living financially after the news of their scandals came out. they make more as degenerates than you will ever make as an honest citizen.

A sad truth

I can't argue one bit with that statement. Until we as a society stop coddling criminals and giving bad behavior a pass it will continue.

Of course, let us go back to

Of course, let us go back to the days of vigilante justice. We have laws in place for a reason and we pay the police to enforce those.

There will be no stinking charges

It was an agreed upon fight, no different than bull riding or motocross racing or many other activities that can cause personal harm, it was their own decision. A mother that allows their children to play football or soccer is putting their children in more danger than this mother did.

Stop the bullying...

This is a form of bullying. The public should be outraged. We, as parents don't want our children to think this is acceptable. The girls, the mother and all the spectators should be held responsible in some matter. They all allowed this to happen right in front of them. I believe a some disciple should take place to send out the message; THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!

I assume the word

I assume the word "discipline" is the word that you are searching for here, but discipline really has nothing to do with the matter at hand. Wars are fought because of differences, fist fights have happened from the beginning of time to settle differences. It is part of growing up and should be considered as such as long as weapons do not come into play. I just see no reason for the intrusion of the law into a personal situation that resulted in no warrants from the participants. Why does the "law" have to intrude into every facet of our lives? And worse yet, why do some think this type of control is a good thing?

Do want you want to with the idiot mother....

...but arresting high-school kids for fighting may be the most pansy-**sed chicken-s**t I have ever heard of. (Sorry! No other way to say it and get my true feelings across.)

No wonder we are turning into a nation of spineless weaklings.