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WHITEVILLE, NC (WWAY) — High school can be hard, especially when you add Facebook into the equation. Two Columbus County teenaged girls decide to take their battle of words online to a battle of fists in the street.

In a report that WWAY obtained from Whiteville Police, we’ve learned that last Wednesday police officers responded to a fight in the Whiteville Plaza parking lot. The responding officer writes in his report when he arrived here in the parking lot 30-40 people were gathered and, when they saw him they ran to their vehicles.

The officer writes he was able to stop one of the cars belonging to Aneshia Cartret. She told the officer her teenaged daughter was in a fight with Crystal Fipps’s daughter over something posted on Facebook.

The officer reports that Cartret’s daughter was bleeding from her head and arm and had blood on her sweatshirt, but when he asked her mother if she needed medical attention, Cartret said no.

WWAY gained access to Cartret’s daughter Shelby’s Facebook page and saw several comments about the fight.

One friend writes, “Just watched the fight, you went ham. Talk about hard in the paint.”

Another reads, “I just want to know where the video is.”

And just minutes before police say the fight began, Shelby posted a comment saying, “She just doesn’t know what she’s getting herself into.”

The report says that Shelby’s mother was at the fight, which may be problematic for her career as a student accountability officer at South Columbus High School. Columbus County Schools Superintendent Dan Strickland says Cartret has been on leave due to personnel issues since Friday.

WWAY found this is not the first time Aneshia Cartret has been in trouble. We found seven charges against her ranging from communicating threats to simple assault and stalking.

We’ve tried to contact Aneshia and Shelby Cartret. So far, though, we’ve had no luck reaching them.

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  • Writer

    CC/Whiteville is one of the most redneck and white trash towns around. Everyone under 25 is married and knocked up (some with 3-4 kids by that age). The fun thing to do in this town is park your redneck “Carolina Squatted” truck that your daddy bought you in the parking lot of Walmart and talk crap to anyone who walks or drives by you. The “well-to-do” of the town seem to think that its a little piece of heaven when the town ranks among the bottom in the state of valued categories like education but among the top in illegal drug use, unemployment and addiction. And I agree with the poster above…if you happen to have the misfortune of having to move there, they will treat you like an outsider. God forbid that you actually dress nice because they will all automatically assume that you think you are better than them. There is nothing in this town for families…other than the bowling alley which has regular fights during the week. Most of the business are mom-and-pop shops that set their own hours…none of which are open after 1 on Saturdays and almost everything is closed on Sundays. This video is a perfect portrayal of the youth in this town and is only a glimpse of how good this town will be in the future. Most of the people that grow here, never leave it…

  • BBB

    Really???? All of us in Columbus County are not idiots and I think that statement was completely rude and disrespectful to other decent, hard working people in the County….And do you live in a community/county that has a 0% crime rate and a 0% rate on teenage fighting, or fighting period? I seriously hope that you are not an adult to post such a comment? Because its obvious that you have the brain of someone with ZERO education and you have a total lack of respect for others. Just because some do stupid things doesnt mean that YOU can judge all of the other GREAT people that live in this County…Including me..Thank you

  • chips

    yeah that’s what it is making you look bad, the national media

    it’s not your parents bringing their daughters to fight club

  • whocares

    Some people need Jesus…

  • AD Nealy Sr.

    This really bothers me, I knew Aneshia when she was young and pretty. I had it bad for her until my Dad told me Don (Her Dad) and him were 2nd cousins so I couldn’t date her (NO NO in my family). I left the area to find the love of my life. If I had have stayed I would have never become as successful as I am now because I would not have been corrupt like some there.

    Reading all this has made me look into the backgrounds of the folks that stayed that I knew and I don’t like a lot of what I see. It amazes me how the same people control that county that did more than 40 yrs ago. As long as it is that way the only ones that can prosper there are the “Columbus County Mafia” As the saying goes the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

    If anyone checks they will find that Aneshia and her husband or ex not sure, are intertwined with the corrupt politicians in the area.

    It really amazes me how much nothing has changed since I left 32 years ago, only the players but the same families still run it all. Damn shame that the good honest people of Columbus County have to live that way.

  • Guest

    National news really make us look bad down here

  • Guest

    The people of CC are some of the most backward, hypocritical types that I’ve ever seen. Most of them are related, because hardly any outsiders ever move there, as the people of CC don’t like outsiders. The type of behavior in the video, can be seen around the area most every night.

  • Guest

    Sounds like someone is upset because WWAY shows the true face of Columbus County!

  • Informed


  • Guest

    First off these are not Whiteville girls fighting, these are South Columbus girls fighting. I cannot believe this story made the news, it is pathetic. When I read that story I felt like I was reading something off of a gossip website. Not to mention this story has caused every person in the county and around the county to degrade almost every teenager in Columbus County. I am seventeen years old and my friends and I hang out in parking lots occasionally with LACK of anything else better to do. We have never gotten in fights or been rude to other people in those parking lots. We do not litter, and we do not disrupt the small city of Whiteville in any way. This fight was not caused by lack of better things to do it was caused by lack of better judgement and parenting. You can build all the malls in Whiteville and you would still have people fighting over something on Facebook. And I agree, fighting is not classy at ALL and I hate that they are getting so much attention for it. Today it feels like all that is on the news is negativity and nothing important. GOOD THINGS TO HAPPEN IN COLUMBUS COUNTY is not all “rednecks” and “fighting.” This story basically makes it seem like Columbus County is one big hick town and it is not.

  • Columbus County Resident

    That is a stupid statement. I don’t really understand what you are trying to say. All the people in Columbus County shouldn’t be labeled ignorant because of the action of a few. By the way where do you live? I guess you live someplace in a glass house.

  • Guest

    now the only way someone would get that worded up about one comment is if it was talking about them so with that im guessing you must be one of those people that hang out in parking lots since you went as far as checking to see if walmart allowed it. sad

  • Guest

    This is typical of the ignorant population of Columbus County!

  • The facts

    Look you should look at the girls mom not in the video. She was clearly involved and drove her girl to the fight as well. In any case the Cartret girl was harrassed and bullied by this girl who incidentally hit Mrs. Ward the assistant principal. The other girl is known for fighting and if DSS is listening; give her a drug test. Everyone is sick of her and Shelby Cartret always turned the other cheek until this girl spit in her face and called her brother fat. All Shelby did was click she “liked” a boy on Facebook then this other girl went crazy following her around the school and pushing her and spitting on her. It is sad Shelby’s dad came in and took her out of school for good because of this other girl that is a bully and does drugs and is always in trouble. There are a bunch of girls that this other girl has fought yet nothing ever gets done. Why is this? Please come to South Columbus and see what is going on while Mr. Norris never handles the problem.

  • Guest

    What article are you reading? Nowhere in this piece does it say that Aneshia Cartret is a police officer. Maybe you should go back to community college because your reading comprehension is terrible.

  • Guest

    Girls who fight have no class. I would never want my son to bring home a girl who fights!! Mothers who allow their daughters to fight have no class. Guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I’m just glad I do not know these people, nor do I want to know them ever! I have raised three children and never would I allow this kind of behavior from any one of them. Get a life, and not a “redneck” life, but an educational, respectable, Christian life!

  • Guest

    FYI….. Not all students that attend SCHS are fom Tabor City. My child attends SCHS & we have a Whiteville address. We just happen to be in SCHS’s district. But we are actually closer to Whiteville city limits than Tabor city’s, by 10 miles. So please don’t speak about what you don’t know. Thanks!!!!

  • Guest

    I would like to say that there isn’t anything in whiteville for the people to do. Open a indoor. Swimming pool, weight center, basketball, video games and even a Ice rink. Do you have any idea how many young and old people would enjoy somewhere like that. I know it is easy to talk but I don’t have a job nor have I hit the lottery yet but when my ship comes in I WILL OPEN A PLACE JUST LIKE THAT. If someone would open such a place it would also creat a few jobs as well. Maybe the right person will see this and help our community.

  • Faye

    I agree that the children have nothing to do anymore in Columbus County. They need somewhere that they can hang out at instead of being on the internet all the time. I would like to see a Ice Rink, Free swimming pools inside, Basketball inside and games that people could do as friends and as families. This would be a better place to live if someone would do something for our community. I would but I have no job. I would run it if I could get someone to open a place to house our children when they aren’t in school or home. I think it would make a world of difference and add a few jobs. Just think about what I am trying to say to you all. Faye Shaw

  • Guest

    From a parent’s perspective and believing that my children are my responsibility as long as they reside in my household, that I am accountable for their actions and I believe this to be especially true when it involves two underage teenage girls who should have been at home under adult supervision at the time this fight occurred. Any respectable girl would not, regardless of their parents lack of responsible supervision, have planned this type of degrading act and then actually drew a crowd to watch it.

    The news media, the school system, the onlookers, even law enforcement are not responsible for this disgraceful display by two young girls. The parents who are suppose to be supervising these underage girls are entirely, without question, responsible for such disgusting behavior.

    One mother may have made the grave mistake of being present but that does not in any way dismiss the other mother’s responsibility for not knowing where her underage teenage daughter was at this time of night and who she was with when she left home to go to this fight and to me if she did not bother to ask enough questions to have this information then is her negligence any less questionable than if she had attended the fight and possibly even encouraged it?

    Maybe if these mothers had been in church on Wednesday night with their daughters they would not have to be facing the ridicule that they do not want to hear because of their irresponsibility in this matter.

    I hope this will be a wake-up call for not only these families but many more who have teenagers that are often times involved in activities and situations that are unlawful and dangerous.

    I cannot believe that any parent would actually encourge or congratulate their daughter for this kind of disgraceful activity.
    The parents of these two underage, teenage girls need to take the blame for this and say yes, I made a big mistake, I accept full responsibility as the parent of this child and I will not allow or encourage this behavior ever again as this child’s parent.

  • Guest

    This is for the “Girls Fighting in Whiteville” topic… Just to inform you, not all South Columbus students are like this, so you Whiteville people don’t need to be making South Columbus look bad just over some immature fight. It didn’t happen at SCHS, it happened in Whiteville with most likely people from Whiteville High, so before you go talking about people from our “neck of the woods”, make sure you look at your own town that is nothing but a drama town.

  • Guest

    You didn’t know? Law Enforcement does what they want, when they want, with absolutely no fear of consequence. They only fear other corrupt law enforcement above them.

  • Guest

    these girls are not from whiteville. they are from tabor city. just throwing that out there.

  • Informed

    So you think that the limited man power Whiteville PD has should be spent "controlling all the teenagers that want to hang out in parking lots every night"? Most of the teenagers that hang out in parking lots know how to behave aside from a select few. What about the rest of the town? Should Whiteville PD ignore the other parts of town and just focus on the parking lots. If the teenagers are so out of control in the parking lots why aren’t the business owners doing something about it? The teenagers hang out in the parking lots because the owners allow them to.The parking lots are privately owned and the owners have a right to not allow anyone who isn’t doing business in their store or on their property in their parking lot.

    One final note, instead of trying to put the blame on Whiteville PD or others maybe the parents should take responsibility for their kids and then maybe this wouldn’t of have happen. It’s never been the police’s job to control your kids…It’s your job…..

    I’m just saying….

  • GC82

    Seriously, did someone actually go out an take a pic of the pole where the fight took place days ago?!?! Really do you not have more important things to do with your time. I can’t believe this made the news as pathetic as it is. Everyone who put this news post together needs to grow up and stop acting like the two TEENAGE girls. They are kids, my gosh…what did you all do when you were kids? Not agreeing with what they did or what the mom did especially, but really you grown ups need to act your age and post more serious things that are going on in the world that’s actually “NEWS”!

  • Guest

    How did Aneshia Cartret become an law officer with charges such as stalking, simple assault, communicating threats? I guess that stuffs ok when you wear a badge.

  • Guest

    Sorry, but only those ignorant, red neck chics from crazy Tabor City would do that! Go Stallions!! I’ve been trying to get a job in the Columbus County School system for years. Guess i need a criminal record, huh? Oh, and by the way, which one of those ignorant South Columbus student painted Go Stallions on Whiteville High School sign? I praise them for finally spelling their mascot correctly!

  • Guest

    For the person that stated (maybe if Whiteville Police started controlling all the tennagers that hang out in parking lots this wouldn’t happen), this just go to show you don’t know what you are talking about.
    First, the parents should control their children and as we have seen there was a mother there that failed in that area. It is my understanding that the police responded quickly as you can hear from the on lookers saying the police are coming!
    Second, the owners of the property would have to sign an “Agent Letter” which allows the police to enforce their parking lots and run people away after hours. So again before you go blaming the Police for everything that is wrong with society, look at the parents and their off springs and there you will find the problem!
    Oh, also by the way I checked an Wal-Mart has refused to sign such an Agent Letter with the Whiteville Police Dept!!!

  • Columbus County Resident

    WWAY have you lost your mind? All you constantly do is try to destroy individuals. You are a worthless excuse for a news broadcasting network. You are in the same category with National Enquirer. To ask a question about the District Attorney prosecuting two teenage girls who have already settled their differences is a very typical question to come from a gang driven county called New Hanover. You all can’t even control your town. It’s driven by Gangs. We don’t need any recomendations from you idiots. This matter has been settled and now you want to see something plastered on their record that will follow them the rest of their life. Why don’t we air some laundry of some of the individuals that work as so called journalists in your business. I feel sure that they have skeletons in their closets. You all are such losers.
    Do the research and see how many of American professionals have been involved in a fight when they were in school. We all have and then we grow up. You all suck!

  • Guest

    No; keep it classy “south columbus”

  • Guest

    The teenagers don’t have anywhere to hangout but parking lots!! They took crusing away from them so they have no where to go.

  • Guest

    Its time for whiteville to put a stop to teenagers hanging out in parking lots every night. You can’t even hardly get into walmart parking lot half the time, then on top of that they are loud and throw trash everywhere.

    Also I’m really hoping that mother that works at the school gets fired , there should be no question about it ..she works around kids YET shes going to push her daughter to fight another teen. What kind of a role model is that?

  • Guest28429

    There are those of us who can remember having fights over various issues in our youth. You fought the other person and when it was over you both went home nursed your wounds and moved on. Win lose or draw the issue was settled. Hopefully, these young ladies will move on past this issue. As for Ms. Cartret I am not sure of what to say regarding her presence at the fight. Her being there is a direct contradiction to her job with the school system. This will be a mistake that may end her career in a terrible economy.

  • Guest

    Maybe if whiteville police started controlling all the teenagers that want to hang out in parking lots every night (like walmart) then this may have not even happened. Also the mother in this case that works at the school should be fired, why have someone work around kids when shes pushing them to fight. THATS UNCALLED FOR!!

  • Guest

    Keep it classy over there, Whiteville!

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