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WILMINGTON, NC (NEWS RELEASE) The Cape Fear Public Utility Authority will be providing an opportunity for you to gather more information on current rate discussions and our budget process.

A rate work session will be held TONIGHT at 6 pm in the County Commission Chambers in the Historic Courthouse on 3rd Street.


FEBRUARY 23, 2011
6:00 – 9:00 P.M.

Opening Comments …………………………………..Gene Renzaglia, Chairman

Summary of Methodology and Presentation of Rate Models………………………… Daryll Parker, Rick McClung, Utility Advisors’ Network

Questions for Utility Advisors Network………………Authority Board

Questions and Comments……………………………..Members of Audience

Closing Comments …………………………………..Gene Renzaglia, Chairman

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  • geneslady

    Let’s see how many adjectives I can come up with regarding this subject…..the “jamoke’s” running the CFPUA are a bunch of “shysters”. Since, we the taxpayers, are paying their salaries and benefits, I say fire the whole blasted mess of ’em. If they can’t balance a checkbook, they shouldn’t be working for me or any other taxpayer for that matter. Kick ’em to the curb – don’t let the door kick ya in the a$$.

    Definitions: jamoke – an idiot
    shyster – an unethical person

  • Some Guy

    At what time on the agenda does the large crowd of angry people take over the building?

  • Guest6969696969

    When I myself, take “sponge-baths”, eat on paper plates, use one pot to cook in, take 2 QUICK short showers a week….
    NO garden, No water My 12′ X 12′ lawn… etc.
    Using the movies as a example, [quote]if it’s yellow don’t flush it down & if it’s brown flush it down,[/quote]; I use maybe 500 gallons, (Or less a month…., Yet I’m stuck on a 9K tier, I water My garden from collected rain water, and “re-use” some water for the washer….
    A brick in My bathroom commode…
    Yet; My water is going to be INCREASED BY 14% because CFP-U customer’s are using LESS water?
    I thought that maybe a savings would be on their accounting books? Less operating cost’s equal=savings?
    Or is it this…
    Inherited “Bond Monies” from City of Wilmington?
    PENSION’S for the Union-ed workers?

    That’s a answer I’d like to see….

    Honestly, I Love to see those “BONDS”, if they are compared to Jefferson Co., Alabama,(look it up folks with their water system), issued by the likes of JP Morgan?
    Maybe a CRIME is a-foot?, Not just to the citizens of new Hanover Co. But the Local .Gov also? (Unless the were implicated on the dealings/crime, of real estate prices would never goes down? (Wilmington is “recession/depression proof),, ?,,, also via the REALTORS of our County? Have you never noticed the “Parade of Homes? “) BULLS**T tagged on to a newspaper as *NEWS*…?
    Time for the good Ole boy Realtors and their Cronyism to come to a END and Let the people of New Hanover County take back what belongs to them, and get GOV/REALTORS,outta county/City .GOV, outta our Wallets and take back our Lives!….

  • Guest

    This is just another smokescreen for the entity known as the CFPUA. Who really owns the CFPUA? Is it a government run utilty, or a private business? It is a huge loophole. The city does not have to answer for the CFPUA. The county does not have to answer for the CFPUA, and CFPUA does what they want. Taking over the local water and sewer business in July 2008, the CFPUA was in business. Our entire country has seen some of the worst economic times from 2008 through today. Anyone who thinks they can go into business in 2008 and make a profit in the near future is crazy. Many existing companies have made huge cut-backs and payroll reductions just to stay in business. Many others have not survived. What has the CFPUA done to reduce costs and overhead? CFPUA has had increase after increase, but it is never enough. CFPUA has no right in these economic times to think that they are entitled to high salaries and profits. They can start by making their employees come to work in their own cars, and stop driving the trucks home. I drive my own car to and from work, pay for my own gas, and took a 10% pay cut last year. CFPUA, try living like the rest of us! First Tunisia and Egypt, now Libya, CFPUA could be next. Disband this sham of an organization that is run by incompetent thieves.

  • Guest

    What have New Hanover County residents gained by having this farce of a Company manage the water and sewer utilities. 1). much Higher bills 2). much higher bills 3). much, much higher bills. The biggest joke was when they managed to tie in a new large main into an old smaller main and it blew.. Information was scattered and incorrect, a real public relations nightmare…everyone boil their water, no only city, no only county, what a joke.. more like CF Pewwww UA as in they stink. Return the utilities to the County and City (the recipient of most of the upgrades) county residents taxed again for no upgrades..

  • Guest1118

    makes over $200,000 a year. That is ridiculously high pay for such a failed “business”. He needs to take at least a $100,000 a year CUT because to pay someone this amount for heading a quasi-gov’t agency is ludicrous in this economy. I knew from the start that the CFPUA would be a disaster (kind of like the convention center). I’m off of Middle Sound too and I agree with the other poster – they still haven’t paved over the potholes that were left when we were forced to convert to the sewer system.

  • taxpayeriam

    Have not had a reply on question i ask,only maj telling me that they want to take more to give me less,no paved road,no water or sewer no trash pickup,no street lights,no drainage ditch clean out,only $2000
    plus taxes.The county only wants to spend millions of dollars on a couple acres of land that are only valued at less than 100 thousand to
    add to parks that are not even being used to there capacity.Pay over 500
    thousand a month the a company that does not have a piece of equipment or building or property except what the county has giving them to collect garbage and trash that we have not been informed about lately except they ask for more time.Every other county that tried this lost money and went into debt it seems some look to benefit just like they did from the cfupa.

  • taxpayeriam

    We are not asking for a hand out i–t,just asking for some common sense
    when it comes to taxes,fees,ect and the use of.If everyone had your perception that the local government does what is best for all you are not in touch with reality your income must come from the tax payers.They can not take care of the inner structure of city or county and they still want to buy and spend more on things they they have to had more people on the pay roll to keep up in the years to come.Government does not produce a dime they only take to from the people to spend on follies like the convention center,artificial turf golf courses,parks,trails to nowhere,just to inflate their wallets and ego at the expense of the hard working private sector.Look at how is in control and what business and concerns they are involved in.

  • D. GARNERGuest


  • GuestPeeved

    I’m wondering when my freaking street on Middle Sound will get repaved. It has been I think 8 years of driving on potholes and I was told it was to be done prior to 2011. What’s the deal with this?

  • TJR

    I think WWAY should publish all the old articles when CFPUA was forming about how we were all told the taxpayers would actually be paying less when Wilmington and County services were combined.
    It’s the same bologna we were fed about the convention center. They will tell us anything to get it approved and then reality sets in.
    Next time any one of them opens there mouth, just tell them to keep quiet and do what the citizens ask for.

  • WilmingtonMAJ

    A government’s purpose is not to “give back money” to tax payers. You pay taxes to pay for services that you get from the government. I’m not arguing with the point your trying to make, just the idea that the government should give back money to people. Reduce taxes or expenses yes, but not hand outs…

  • taxpayeriam

    Where do the city and county commissioners stand on this issue and the board the over sees cfupa.What happened to all the money the county and city saved by giving what tax payer funded for years.It is time to give back to all the tax payers not just a few to increase the price of their properties.Just fed up with how a few people control other peoples quality of life especially those with low income or on fix income with no chance of increase.There is a problem when 60% of revenue goes to support salaries of the city.Cut salaries and get rid of some of the position that were created for favors.

  • Guest

    To have a rate discussion is a novel idea, but will it REALLY make a “hill-of-beans” difference? Some how I think NOT !!

  • Guest

    Since the CFPA took over the whole county was made to look like fools and fools we are. No say

  • Guest

    I have three people in my home and my water bill runs from 188 to 210 every two months. I was just informed if you use over 9000 gallons you have a differant rate for anything over that 9000 gallons. Is this a joke or what? Water is water you should pay a flat rate for what ever you use. I use water for basic living like washing dishes, taking showers, washing clothes and brushing teeth. I don’t water lawns or anything like that. I would like to know how they determine that 9000 gallons is enough for what size family and what they do with it. Looks like to me you have to be a senior citizen living alone to get that rate.Bottom line_________ is one rate for water used. What other utility company does this. Ever since CFPUA came along we have all these new laws not to mention when they first came around they were going to be cheaper for us consumers. I suppose it is our fault they inherited problems. They should have had all this checked out before they decided to take over.

  • Guest

    about a rate hike? Hmmm let’s think about that…IT SUCKS!!! So does the service provided by CFPUA. Don’t increase my rates because you over bill, can’t keep your books straight and purchased a big ole pile of debt!

  • Guest

    Just trying to make up for poor planing for the last 30 yrs.

    Do you think if you stop watering your grass, because of ridiculous rates for water and sewer, and the grass dies, will the city lower your tax value of your property?

  • taxpayeriam

    The first place you need to look for more money is internal the salaries and number of employees.Looks like you hand out hefty salaries to most and top heavy on upper management.When looking at employee list and salaries it look like nepotism might have been in play.The taxpayers came up short when the city and county gave away what our tax dollars had paid for to a private company.THE LAUGH IS ON US FOR ELECTING OUR LEADERS,turn their pockets inside out you might find the reasons for increases.

  • John smith

    The rate hike is to help pay for the secret pay raises of the employees that they are trying to keep private

  • GuestyGuest

    Which employees would they be? I ask because my wife, who’s an employee, hasn’t gotten a raise in well over 3 years and neither have the people she works with.

    No one at CFPUA has gotten a raise in 3 years. The only one who has gotten something is the CEO, but everyone else has had his/her salary frozen for 3 years.

  • Guest

    Does it really matter??? They are gonna do it any way, They wanna raise rates due to being over budget blah blah, is that really my problem you cant budget?? Its bad enough how much I already pay for the water bill and you guys just wanna keep rasing it way to go!

  • Guestasis

    CFPUA to use 2 meetings to give the impression that citizens have a say.

  • cintrek

    I doubt that CFPUA will listen to their “hostages” regarding the rate hikes for water/sewer. In the last 2yrs alone they’ve raised my rates 3 times from $64 to $99/2mos. & I’ve only got sewer. My neighbor behind me who has 5 people in his home pay the same as I do w/ 1. You know they want to raise it so the general manager can get another hefty raise & a very large bonus while the rest of us are unemployed, looking for work, & going to the library to use the computer cause having internet access is a luxury in my house. How about they make a huge decrease in the GM’s salary w/ no bonus for the next 5yrs (he can live on $25k annually), cut back on all extra spending-do without like the rest of us hostages of the CFPUA.


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