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Teen charged with murder after Bladen girl stabbed

READ MORE: Teen charged with murder after Bladen girl stabbed

BLADEN COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- WWAY has confirmed 17-year-old Princess L. Cromartie died after she was stabbed Thursday afternoon. It's Bladen County's first murder of the year.

Cromartie was taken to Bladen County Hospital Thursday night and then transported to New Hanover Regional Medical Center for surgery on Friday. Cromartie died Friday afternoon in Wilmington.

On 19-year-old Shakendria Harper's Facebook page she asks for forgiveness. On it she writes, "Dear Lord, please forgive me for all my sins I have brought upon me and look down upon me with forgiveness for all my sins I will have in the future."

"Losing a kid it's just deep," said Rufus Way, who is a friend of the Cromartie family. "It's awful."

A Facebook page is now one of the few things remembering Cromartie. Family and friends gathered at Cromartie's home Friday night. According to the Bladen County Sheriff's Office, Cromartie got into an altercation with Harper that quickly turned violent.

"That's the last thing I would think," said Way. "A stabbing, a girl and I'm a man."

Deputies believe Harper stabbed Cromartie in her leg and cut her femoral artery in her leg. Bladen County students were shocked to hear of the news.

"With girls you don't really hear about a bunch of fights unless it's gang related," said student Kayla Hunt.

District Attorney Jon David says Harper faces murder charges for Cromartie's death.

"The law punishes bad decisions," said David. "Sometimes consequences are unintended but in this particular circumstance we have a child who has been killed and I will vigorously pursue a prosecution. We're going to look at the facts and go where the truth leads."

Some local high school students say Facebook can often turn a fight of words into something physical, but the sheriff's office says the murder is still under investigation and could not confirm if Facebook was a factor.

"I see that all the time in school," said Hunt. "It has been very bad. It's a bunch of drama fights and hatred."

Deputies arrested Harper Thursday evening. Her charge was upgraded to murder Friday. She is in the Bladen County Jail without bond.

Harper is scheduled to make her first court appearance Monday.

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Free Shakendria, mistakes

Free Shakendria, mistakes happen, it was in gods plan for princess to go
Or I assure you it would not have happened, Keep ya head up Ken, love you red

My heart goes out to both

My heart goes out to both families not both gi2rls bc Ken deserves the miserable life in prison my friend "Princess" was at home && shouldn't had to worry bout this type of mess! We (friends && family) live everyday without ourPrincess here its hard we can't recieve letters, phone calls, && we visit a grave if yu think its hard to visit through glass try a grave site! RIP Princess && 4ever hold Ken behind bars to save another life!


YOu loss the fight so why would you go back and stab her this is my god sister i loved her so much and now she is gone i wanna know how would you feel how would you feel if you was the one who got stabbed to me if you lost the fight you lost the fight but that dont give you the right to stabbed anyone and take someones life. anyway but i dont really think you should have been the only one who went to prison i think the girl who took you to princess house from CLINTON the girl that brought princess out the house and the girl that gave you the knife should go to jail right with you. but you the one still living walking around and have they rest of your life but she dont have the rest of hers cause you took it from her and what about her mother how you think she feel even tho it was last year how do you think she feel how would any mother feel when they lose their child everytime i see a picture of princess i want to cry every time i see your face it makes me so mad everytime i see her mother i wonder how she feel knowing that her child is gone i look at her everyday and i can see her pain under the smile its pain and you dont even know how it would feel to be her because you might dont even have kids so you dont know the real pain she feels everday i dont know either but i can feel it and i can see it in her and i know it hurts everyday to wake up not having one of your children there with you i wanna ask you another qurstion what if you was a mother and your child was in this situation and got stabbed and killed what would you do? how would you feel? then her daddy how you think he feel really you took their be loved child even tho she wasnt the only child and how you think her younger sister felt to see her older sister the one who she looks up to isnt there anymore you have to put yourself in everyone else shoes and think about how they feel and you would feel if this was you i dont think you would like it so really you should have thought of this before you did it nand then you got life in prison baby girl ask yourself was it really worth it really spending the rest of your life in prison not ever seeing light again for stabbibg someone and killing them for something so stupid think of what you could have done with your life if all this never happened and princess was here and nothing happened between thetwo of you everything was good all the good things you could have done with your life in now you put it all to rest because of what you did. you should think about that.

Firstlrfof all, I am from

Firstlrfof all, I am from clinton & I am shakendria's close FAM! I was there when she was born. I really have deep sympathy for the cromartie family & mine. They lost a loved one and so have we. My cousin was wrong for going to her house and carrying the knife, but I know my cousin better than any of u and I know she's not a murderer even though all of u label her as one. Even though you know right from wrong,None of u never know what you'll do unless you r in d situation. Yea she deserve some time but not life. I'm behind my cousin and Iwill always b just like the rest of u would if it was Ur fam. None of all the negative Comments matter. What matters is prayer and forgiveness from our lord and saviour Jesus Christ! He rules all. I LOVE U SHAKENDRIA!!!!!

U have no right saying

U have no right saying anything making any coments wat so ever my cousin is dead over this foolishness and the way I feel shakendria deserves life in prison, atleast she still on this earth my cousin didnt hve a choice shakendria took her choice away from her.... the only thing u said tht make any sense to me is tht GOD our lord and saviour JESUS CHRIST rules all other than tht keep ur mouth shut about my fam cause as u said God rules and see all and he will take care of it!!!!!

I see alot of comments

I see alot of comments blaming facebook...STOP IT...because the same thing could have happened on myspace or even yahoo. This is simply the result of ignorance, if you bring any weapon to a fight you had intentions on doing some kind of harm and she, A 19 YEAR OLD, should have known the dangers of using a knife. ITS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE. For all you people that were there and stood there and watched this girl pull out a knife and cut her, and probably got a good laugh about it...ITS NOT SO FUNNY NOW IS IT???...However my love does go out to both families because i've been in a situation where i've lost a family member and ive been in situations where my family member went to jail for harming someone and for both situations i had a shirt made for them that said RIP "Blank" and Free "Blank". The only people who know exactly what happened are Princess, Shakendria, and the Ignorant People who stood and watched this MURDER yes MURDER happen, and 99% of them were probably on Shakendria's side, and she killed Princess so her story will never be heard...Will it?...SHAME...


Man when it's all said and done ken going to do her time and princess has been layed to rest...Its no wining or loosing with this one.Everybody has so much to say about takes two to fight..with that being said no hard feelings for nobody..#FREE KEN...LOVE U BABE..


December 20, 2010 my uncle was stabbed and killed by the mother or his children. She stabbed him an inch away from his heart. When he was pronounced dead they said the meds they gave him to restart his heart didnt work, they didnt work because his heart didnt have and blood to help restart it. The young lady that killed him is walking around free. It had taken my family by storm. I hated her so much that i knew i would kill her myself, but then God spoke to me and i begain to think. I knew this woman for 9 years, i knew she loved my uncle dearly and didnt mean to kill him, i knew she wanted to hurt him but not kill him. I also knew he would have went back to her if he would have lived. Yes i forgave her, but i know even though they wont punish her. All in all i know GOD will, even though a person may not have meant to do a certain thing, they still will be punished either way. God still will forgive you but that doesnt mean you dont have to pay for what you did. So to both of the family's my deepest prayers go out to you. Ken i know you may have not meant kill her but just know her parents will never get to talk, laugh, cry, or touch her again.

Sorry Hunn!!

Ima just say this Ken Babygirl when It come down to it Yhu qonna do some hard tyme.. Yhur beinq charqed with murder Plus yhu had the tyme to think about, The juqde is not qonna take it easy on yhu.. So just know this yhu do the Crime yhu do the tyme!!I not sayinq yhu meant to do it, but hunn yhu had plenty of tyme to THINK.. Yhu 19 Yhu know better..


These posts show just how important it is to not only go to school but actually pay attention. Half of you on here can't spell properly or form a complete sentence without sounding uneducated. Stop spending your free time on here judging either of these girls and hit the books, HARD. Good luck.

My sentiments exactly !

My sentiments exactly !

Two Young Ladies Affected Forever

I think that it is pretty sad that we as a society are so quick to try and make the right thing wrong and the wrong thing right. It is so disheartening to hear so many having the "back" of someone who took someone's life, if the shoe were on the other foot, which it is not, would you want La'shea's family and friends to act this way and have her back eventhough she was wrong....the answer is no! I do not think that "ken" intended to harm her but the fact still remains that she did and this is a not a situation that can be walked away from....on either side. One young lady is dead and a familly has lost their child forever, there are no visitations or communications....only memories. On the other hand another young lady is behind bars and her life affected forever....however she does have the option to see her family again....Shea was not given that opportunity. I say this to say we all have to be accountable for our decisions and choices and eventhough she is still considered a child, I do believe that she knew right from wrong. Not trying to be judgemental but on her facebook page, I don't recall seeing any sort of apology to the family for taking their child away.....and all over what??????? This should be a wake up call to all the is fragile and we have to embrace it every day as we never know what the future holds.

Perfect application for this quotation!

"Life is tough! It's even tougher if you're stupid!"

John Wayne

amazed at the youth today

Free Ken? I must try and understand first why you feel this way about the situation. HUMMMMM you lost a friend to her own stupid ignorance that took another person’s life. She seems like she was educated enough to know that a knife would possible kill this girl. On the other hand maybe she was just that dumb to not know that bringing a knife to a fight would actually harm someone. Guess we will never know. The fact that you continue to post that the whole class of "whatever year" is 100 percent behind her is Ludacris (and I’m not talking about the rapper FYI). The grammar and text style language makes you all look like hood rats. If your so "behind her" go switch places with her. Take the wrap with your home girl; were you there did you witness the whole thing happen? Well if the answer is yes then YOU ARE JUST AS MUCH TO BLAME. You could have pretended your home girl from going to prison for the rest of her life BUT you didn’t. So wake up and realize you didn’t have her back then and you’re not going to in the future. You don’t "come home" after murder like its nothing. She IS going to prison. She IS going to do some time. No matter what you hood rats think Ken IS GOING TO STAY IN PRISON! Don’t worry though she will be someone’s girlfriend soon and they will take real good care of her, she will learn what "how to use your hands" really means.

I tried to ignore all of the

I tried to ignore all of the comments that were being made but I could not help myself on this one. It doesn't matter how educated you think you may be, but you still sound dumb. I'm sure when people say " Free Ken" they just mean free her because it hurts to see her behind bars. I understand what she did was wrong and I'm praying for the other family but at the same time I know who shakendria is and I know that she do have a good heart. I don't care what the media is trying to portray her as, but I want EVERYBODY to know that she is still a child of God's and she still deserves to be treated with respect. If it was the other way around, everybody would be leaving the same type of comments about the other girl and all of ken family and friends would be leaving comments like you. So please stop and think about the comments that you leave, because Ken does have a family that is affected by this as well. Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amen to this comment cause i

Amen to this comment cause i know Shakendria better then she knows her self and i know her intentions wasnt on hurting Princess. I just wish ppl would shut there mouth downing her and making her out to be some murder..All Princess soo called friends up her talking blah blah but yall as just at fault as the two girls Shakendria & Princess yall just wanted to see a fight and look what it ended up as one gurl loosing her life and another in jail nothing goood came of this not saying Ken was right for doing what she did but im saying it shouldnt of escalated to the point where Ken had to pull owt a knife..&& umm frm what i hear it was some adults owt there that should of stpd the fight but didnt which is a crying shame..and another thing if princess dad felt as if ken was such a threat to his daughter y would he let her leave wrk known something wasnt right hmmmmm....its soo many ppl to blame at the end of the day cause the fight could of been STOP..ppl just need to get it together and look at it both ways b4 pointing fingers and ready to throw ken under the jail...STR8 LYKE THAT!!

THE WAGES OF SIN ........................IS DEATH!


This is a high cost to low living and playing it fast and furious. St. Paul warned that "in the last days, perilous times shall come". (2 Timothy 3:1)

The word perilous speaks of a dangerous, violent, out of control society and we see it all around us today Only a very discerning or foolish person would not see the connection between today's current world events and the time tested words of Jesus Christ. Only a foolish person would not see that we are now living in the last days and "in the last days, perilous times shall come".

Violent motorcycle gangs and a host of other thugs, rape, bomb, steal and kill at will. Allegedly, even some police and judges are afraid of their threats. Everywhere in the world, the same problems exist. Recently, Belgium has been experiencing traumatics times as authorities there have discovered a string of child sex killings as pedophiles are on the loose.
The whole world is involved in fighting and war, countries against countries and religions against religions. The middle east war crisis is causing turmoil and fear in every person and the words of the Bible have never been more true "in the last days, perilous times shall come." (2 Timothy 3:1)

Two young women....GONE!! And, many many more to follow, b/c TYPICALLY we DO NOT LEARN from mistakes of others. Everyone is POSTING....emotions. (Well, most are). This is A TRAMATIC situation, on BOTH sides...Take HEED!!
THERE IS A DESTINATION FOR BOTH LADIES AND FOR U AND ME.....I pray that Miss Cromartie had a CHANCE to ask THE LORD for forgiveness and a chance to accept HIM as LORD AND SAVIOR. We see Ms. Harper is calling on HIM NOW...and should have when that ANGER was her. BUT, it is not too late for her, and it isn't too late for you...CHOOSE YE THIS DAY.... WHOM YOU WILL SERVE. Leave the REST to the LORD! well as PRAY!

Girls Fighting

Reading the posts from everyone has really surprised me. I think that first I would like to send my sympathies out to the family who lost a child. That means to the family who lost their daughter due to death and to the family of the child that is behind bars. Unfortunately, when you bring a knife to a fist fight - its not fair and someone has to reap the consequences of their actions.

To the family and friends that support "Ken", who is in jail a bit of advise: Do not critize the family that just lost their child. She is never coming back. Try to practice non-violence. And thirdly, you are doing your friend "Ken" a big disservice. If she has to go to trial and the prosecutors ask the parents for their advice- the parents may remember the words that you speak now. Perhaps if you find it in your heart to be apologetic and sympathetic while still loving your friend; the family may be empathic with "Ken's" family and not want them to be away from their child for too long.

You never know what God has in store. Build up your community instead of tearing it down. I will pray for you all.

Reading all these comments,

Reading all these comments, makes me feel so sad. I have a daughter, she's a young girl. I'm always talking to her about life. I'm molding it in her head to trust in God and put him first in her life,and ask him to guide her. I can't say what she will do when I am not with her, but I'm praying that she will learn to put God first in everything she do. We got to put our trust in God, people and pray, that he will protect our children in this mean old world.

FREE KEN!!!!!!!!!!!



This message goes toward the people that said fry shankedria that is so disrespectful and out the way. I know yall may be upset because yall lost a friend and all but don't sit here and say Ken need to fry. Cause if you look at her point of view she want the only one there. She don't deserve that she deserves to be set free it was self defense don't you think if she wanted that girl dead she would hve stabbed her some where else. But no she stabbed the girl in the leg to get her off of her she didn't mean to hurt her.. but Ken is going to be alright she be home soon.


the whole situtation was sad... shakendria shouldnt have pulled the knife out period it dnt matter if it was self defense! it was wrong and unfairl god has the last say so to everything... the way i look at it is if u lose a fight then u just do in lyfe u aint gone always win

just wondering..

just wondering if you got a call or anything saying that this same exact thing happend to someone in your family what would you do? would you expect the person that "accidently" to serve some kind of sentence? all of this "free ken" stuff is getting out of hand do you realize if we lived in texas accident or not she would lose her life too? at least you can write to her or possibly visit during hours of other words dont push your luck, i mean at least shes still alive instead of being put on death row..oh and another thing kayla..i know your family and they are good people! so why are you acting like this on here for the world to see it? here in america were entitled to our opinions but we have to understand other people have valued opinions as well.

I am from clinton too..but my outlook is eye for an eye, tooth for a the crime do the time..I 100% SUPPORT THE DEATH PENALTY!! DO NOT FREE SHAKENDRIA


Excuses Excuses Excuses. As a 19 year old grown adult she should have known better than to stab anyone. There are always results, bad ones good ones, whatever. In this situation, things took a turn for the worse. I dont believe in the death penalty, i dont think she deserves to die. However all the time they give to her she deserves it. She still has her life. It just goes to show you how you think you know everything but know nothing. SMH! My prayers, my thoughts, and condolences go out to the Cromartie family and those who knew her best. As well as Ken's family, she's human. "DO NOT FREE SHAKENDRIA." the same friends defending her were the same ones that were probably the ones who went with her to the girl house anyway. smh. what a shame.


I've read each and every one of these comments, and I'd like to say to Ken's supporters people are so angry and disgusted because they weren't in a common area and fought, Shakendria went to Princess's home, and brought a weapon. Do I think she meant to kill her NO, but she did want to inflict bodily harm,which is just as much a crime as murder and had Princess lived I'm positive her family would have pressed charges against Shakendria and she'd be in jail either way. She should have thought about the outcome. Also you can't say Kendria was "protecting" herself because she was at this young lady's house, as I said before this is not a common area like a football game or party when the fight broke out she went to her house with all intentions of attacking fighting the girl. Now with that said I'm sure Princess instigated the situation on her behalf, and if Shakendria were the one that had died you'd be saying Princess should be locked away for her senseless actions too. Shakendria is grown and was fully aware of her actions it doesn't matter if she wasn't trying to kill her, sometimes accidents turn tragic as did this. I'm praying for both families because they have both lost loved ones. Every action has an outcome, Princess's was death, Shakendria's is jail. And have more compassion towards Princess's family you guys are saying "yeah she died, but it was her own fault!" like she fell and scraped her knee or something she's gone and never coming back and you act like it's no big deal!! Just be glad Shakendria is still around..


I also have read and re-read all of these comments and have to say I 100% agree with you. If the situation had been reversed then most of the opinions would too! Both of these girls were in the wrong but Shakendria should have NEVER went to the house of another person with the intention of fighting. With that being said i am from clinton the same place where all of these "free ken" statements are coming from and went to school with her even though she is a few years younger than me but i just want to put out there my the crime, do the time! I am so sick of the hearing "free ken" its bull! reguardless of if you were/are her friend or not!! SHE WAS WRONG NOW THERE IS A LIFE LOST AND A LIFE PUT AWAY FOR PURE IGNORANCE!! I am ashamed that she is a product of clinton myself..


if ken couldn't have a clean fight without weapons then she didn't need to be fighting her intentions were to harm this young girl with a knife and thats what she did. my prayers go out to both families cause this is sad.

the stabbin of 18 year old

no we cant judge nither one of the girl cause noone is perfect. i understand the pain of both families cause both of the girls are tooken from their love ones. we as adults know and dont want to amit it, everybody makes a mistake and thats the best lesson taught. on the other hand god is the only one that knows how we leavin this world ,when he say its time its time. im sorry for the grief and pain and no body can take it away but god............ im also sorry for young girl to make a mistake in life that can take your whole life away from u ,but pray and dont let the time do u ,u do the time and get all the edgcation they can offer. once a felon is always a felon and its hard to find a job...i think that face book is a dangersous thing and it has cause a lot of problems in the younth life and some of them dont relize it.. may god bless both families and give you strength and wisdom to be strong!

The best line ever

From shaquanna featherson: "i understand the pain of both families cause both of the girls are tooken from their love ones." Tooken. Wow, my dictionary must really be outdated.

Education. Some have it, many don't.

Did you actually go to

Did you actually go to school. I have never seen such uneducated people posting in my life. Go to school and get an education and learn how to spell. Your grammer is terrible. You uneducated moron.