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CARY, N.C. (AP) – Officials in Cary have asked the Wake County District Attorney’s office and the State Bureau of Investigation to look into a complaint that one of the hostages in a bank standoff was beaten, cursed and handcuffed by police as he emerged from the building after the siege ended.

A letter sent to the town attorney and first reported by WRAL-TV in Raleigh Friday alleges that former hostage Lee Everett was jumped by several officers..

Police say Devon Mitchell held seven hostages at the Wachovia branch before he was shot and killed as he appeared to hold a gun to the head of a hostage. It was later determined that Mitchell was unarmed. Like Mitchell, Everett is black.

Everett’s attorney Alan McSurely writes that his client “was treated differently and with unnecessary roughness and violence than the white hostages who were released or remained in the bank” afterward.

Cary spokeswoman Susan Moran said town officials want to be sure they know exactly what happened.

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3 Comments on "Black man claims police beat him after hostage situation at Cary bank"

2015 years 9 months ago

A black man has a gun.

The black man, with a gun, robs a bank.

The black man, with a gun, takes a hostage while robbing a bank.

Hostages begin to leave the bank.

A black man hurriedly leaves the bank in the midst of white hostages.

The police did their job in singling out the black man and treating him differently than the white people.

Now, if the bank robber had been a white man, the black man would have a complaint……

Good job officers. Thank you for using common sense in trying to identify the armed suspect.

Reggie Smith
2015 years 9 months ago

If Mr. Everett was mistreated, I’m sorry. Understand, that from what I read and seen on the news, the police had a report that a black male was holding customers hostage. Mr. Everett is a black male and I’m sure the police had little or no more than “black male” as a description of the hostage taker. Mr. Everett needs to understand that his race probably played no part in the situation, and when I say race, I mean in racial terms. I would think that the color of his skin probably did. If the hostage taker had been a white male, I’m sure Mr. Everett would not be filing a complaint. Color makes a difference when given in a description, ie, his clothes or his automobile. That’s just the way it is. Don’t take it personal Mr. Everett. The police have a hard enough job as it is and I’m sure they were doing what they thought was right. Instead of complaing that you were treated this way, because of your race, thank them for job well done.

2015 years 9 months ago

Unbelievable. It was an obvious tense life or death matter.
There were other people to consider than this one person.
In a case like this wouldn’t you be happy to just be alive???
Some people really just love to turn things around to make them the victim.
From what I understand in hostage situations , yes they treat everyone like a suspect until they clear you. Unfortunatley you may not like it but the police were not just worried about you and your feelings…in the process of serving and protecting the community there may be circumstances where even innocent people are detained until all of the wrong doers can be identified….. and i know
nothing about the law….
I’m just saying!!!!


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