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FIRST ON 3: Flip's sign can stay (for now) after city realizes mistake

READ MORE: FIRST ON 3: Flip's sign can stay (for now) after city realizes mistake

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Some call it an icon standing strong for more than 50 years, but the City of Wilmington does not think this restaurant sign should stay up.

The owner of Flip's Bar-B-Que House on Oleander Drive received a notice from the city to take down his sign by tomorrow, but after we started making calls, the city says it made a mistake, and the sign can stay up a little longer.

Monday Flip's owner Bob Church was getting ready to tear his beloved sign down. After standing tall for more than half a century, the City of Wilmington told Church the sign is too big and too close to the road.

"I wouldn't complain, but since it's an antique sign, and I know they have regulations, I understand it, but they should have started it as of 2000, 2001, 2002 and regulate the signs," Church said. "But there's 180 signs that have to come down on Oleander Drive. I mean, it's crazy."

When we started working on this story Monday morning, we contacted the city for more information on the rules and regulations governing signs like the one at Flip's. Our inquiry led to the city finding paperwork allowing Church time to take his sign down had the wrong date. The documents said church had until Tuesday, but it turns out Flip's has until September 1, 2012.

Still, customers think the sign should stay up for good.

"It's a landmark," customer Matt White said. "It's been there for 50 years. You know, why continue to harass people over something that is so insignificant? It's a good ways off the street. Maybe 15 to 20 feet. They're just looking for something."

Church says the sign will stay for now. He's canceled the crane and crew to take it down. He says he plans to wait as long as possible to take it down, which should be August 31, 2012.

The city says the reason the sign must come down are rules that took effect when it annexed that stretch of Oleander in 2000. The sign changes were supposed to happen last year, but the city granted a two-year extension in August.

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Splendid Table

That sign allowed national restaurant critics to find Flips and spend time in Wilmington! Check out latest podcast on NPR's Splendid Table. Traveling roadside gourmets Jane and Michael Stern gave Flips a great review:


leave em alone

Leave flip's alone...if a sign needs to come down it should be the store up the road. I believe it is a furniture store...there sign is SO STINKIN BRIGHT that when you drive down the road at night you are squinting until you get by it just because it hurts your eyes so much. If any sign needs to come down it is that one...I don't know the store name because I really try hard NOT to look at the sign...LEAVE FLIP's ALONE!

Why doesn't WWAY research

Why doesn't WWAY research and report on the legality of enforcing municipal codes in an annexed area after annexation. I would think that the concept of "grandfathered in" would apply here and it seems to me to be an obviously integral part of the reporting that would make this a NEWS article, not just a sensation piece designed to evoke the emotions of the reader.


Wow... more and more everyday I see these changes made it Wilmington. I am from Wilmington but have lived out of state b/c hubby is a soldier. Articles like these heal me when I get homesick.. It reminds me more and more why I dont want to live in Wilmington. It has been become a town I no longer reconize anymore.. Everything I loved about my beautiful Wilmington is changing into something I dont reconize.

This city council to me is

This city council to me is still a joke, they continue to worry about the small fruit while the big ticket items are ignored! I personally have never been to Flip's in my 20 years in Wilmington, but I drive down Oleander everyday and it hasn't even crossed my mind to it being an eyesore! Now OTOH the big billboard on college by best buy is tacky!!! The council should be looking at such issues as traffic congestion, pot holes, violence downtown, parks and greenspace, and community services just to name a few. Instead they simply annex by force, raise taxes, and all the while preach that they are giving us better services! The funny thing is I live in the county and I already have all that they offer for a reduced tax base!!!


Annexation by the City of Wilmington only increases taxes for citizens. There is not one service offered by the city that county residents need for the increased price. The City Council needs to focus on the things necessary to improve the city all around and stop with the petty stuff. The sign at Flip's should be grandfathered. In this economy you really want to force these additonal cost of tearing down signs and erecting new ones on small businesses. Please start to tackle something more important.




Hands Off

Apparently the city of Wilmington has nothing better to do then to harass businesses that have been doing business in the area for more than 50 years.Where is the problem? The sign in question is not an eye sore nor a distraction to drivers.It does not flash,strobe,twinkle nor cause a driver to take attention from the road.
Wilmington, find something else to focus your priorities on and keep your hands off the sign that is the advertisement to a restaurant that is the livelihood and income for the owner who pays his taxes (local and federal)for YOUR livelihood.

Maybe the city should spend

Maybe the city should spend less time/money and effort regulating signage on parts of the city it grabs and instead focus those resources on dealing with the crime downtown?

Call me crazy but a sign on Oleander probably causes less negative impact to tourism and revenue to the city than muggings/stabbings/shootings/robberies downtown.


Did Flip's ask to be annexed by the city? (you know, to be a part of those great services only the city can provide) If he did, then the sign should go. If not, the sign should stay.

10 year amortization. Was that for the people's or the city's benefit? Imagine the backlash if along with your brand new city tax bill, you also received a letter stating your property isn't up to city code.

There's some beef

Alright then... more details add clarity and make this a bit more of a story.... slightly. Still don't think it's newsworthy though!

Simple solution for you

Don't read the story.

So don't read it...

If you don't find it newsworthy, DON'T READ IT!!! But alas you even took the time to post a comment.


This sign is part of the history of Wilmington. Next they will be taking down the buildings and other parts of the history of the city. Why must something be 200 years old before they recognize it's historical value?

I agree. One of the worst

I agree. One of the worst things I've seen happen in Wilmington was the tearing down of The Ice House !

I would feel bad...

...if the BBQ were any good.


Like it was once apon a time ... It used to be the best in Southeastern NC

Wheres the beef?

Ramon - shouldn't you add some beef to the article before posting in this manner? ie: why is the city requiring it to come dow? is it unsafe? didn't pass an ugly test? blocking transportation visibility down the road? on somebody else's property? etc... on the surface it is easy to cry out foul, as some have - they may be right on but without some detail behind the article - who knows? Another fine sample of WWAY professional journalism. Report it when you have details for your readers to make informed decisions / opinions.

Guest: Welcome to the

Guest: Welcome to the Information Age. Our users / viewers expect us to post stories as soon as we get information - not later tonight at 500p, 600p or even 700p.

The story says Ramon is WORKING on gathering more details - and will have MORE later today. We expect to be able to fill in those blanks as the day progresses. But as of 145p, the City Public Information Officer doesn't even know why the sign is having to come down.

Thanks for spending time using our site to get your local news!

Scott Pickey
News Director


I guess nobody thought to ask Bob Church why he had to take his sign down.

Info age

Okay Scott, I'll accept your point. Here's some information too; there is a pothole in the middle of Oleander Drive! I kinda doubt you will print this peice of information for those of us in the information age... both pieces of information still lack beef don't they?

Final thought....

By the is some legal advice. If my memory serves me correct, When Flips was built, it was in the county and the city limits stopped around Hanover Center. How can the city annex and then change the rules? You should leave it up and fight it! Shadey!

City hurting the little man again!

Would have the sign been grandfathered? Ride down market st and there is alot worse. You pick on someone who was in business before you were born yet you let gangs, thugs and drugs run rampent. Its time we vote all these clowns out of office in the next election!

I thought we were going to be partners??????

Hey WWAY. Why can't you be partners with the local government and stop posting stories like this that upset the citizens? It would make it so much easier on us.

I don’t know how WWAY

I don’t know how WWAY could expect anyone reading this to be able to make a reasonable judgment of the city's actions based on the information, or lack of, in this article. Did your reporter ask any questions, or are you only interested in receiving the typical I hate the government responses?


An iconic sign like this must come down... but new ugly billboards seem to be popping up on College Road every day. Has the whole world gone crazy?


I have been enjoying Flip's BBQ for over 21 years! And this really gets under my skin!!! We can't have a iconic sign in the area of Wilmington anymore it appears? Why don't we just take down that iconic statue downtown on Market Street? You know the one that splits the road in two? Now to me that is a distraction!

What is this city thinking?

I'd like to know why this is happening? I could drive around town for an hour with my camera and easily find 20 signs that are 100x worse than this aging icon.

And they wonder why no one wants to be annexed

and voted for a slate of Republican candidates who are going to eviscerate the municipalities ability to do so.

Thank you again City Leaders!!!!

Thank you for a job well done to totally screw up yet another Wilmington Icon! There is absolutely no reason to force a business that has sported a sign like this for 50 years to remove it. It is not offensive in any way, it doesn't distract drivers (like cell phones and texting) an does nothing to devalue the adjacent properties. You should have allowed Flip's to to be granfathered from your new "sign ordinance". The sign isn't hurting a damned thing except your puffy chested show of power!

This is only another example of the total ineptness, lack of community involvement and HOA mentality that YOU as city leaders consistently display.

You REALLY should be ashamed of yourselves and embarrased to be recognized in public! Careful walking the city streets, rotten tomatoes and peaches are attracted to the likes of you!