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COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The drama continues for a Columbus County woman. Aneshia Cartret has had a long week since her daughter Shelby fought Alex Anne Fipps in a parking lot in Whiteville. Today, more bad news came her way.

Aneshia Cartret is no stranger to the law. She’s been charged or convicted of several crimes over the year. Now add charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and public disturbance to the list.

The mother of one of the girls in a video WWAY obtained fighting in a parking lot was arrested Friday morning and released on an unsecured $2,500 bond. Cartret was in jail for less than an hour. Investigators say she will face the charges in court April 12.

We attempted to speak with Cartret at her home, and although we could hear people moving around inside, no one came to the door. After being chased off their property, her neighbors told us they had no comment.

In a Whiteville Police report, investigators say they stopped Cartret as she left the February 16 fight with her daughter. She told officers that her daughter Shelby and Fipps were involved in the fight because of words exchanged on Facebook.

The District Attorney’s office says the Facebook comments and multiple videos of the girls fighting may play a key role in Cartret’s case.

Police say both girls have juvenile petitions pending against them.

Both girls are students at South Columbus High School, where Cartret works as accountability officer. Columbus County Schools Superintendent Dan Strickland says she went on leave for personal reasons two days after the fight. Strickland says Cartret is still on leave. He also says the school board will determine the future of her employment at its next meeting March 7.

When we asked Strickland if the charges against Cartret would be considered during the meeting, he said it was the first he was hearing of them.

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  • Not Politically Correct

    The stupidity of people today. Sad thing it its gonna get worse.

  • Guest

    Where is the father’s in this case? And as for mom she should not be allowed to take care of her daughter as she is not a good influence. Much less work in a school system. Maybe the others girls mom should be allowed to fight Ms. Catrette while Ms. Cartrette is tied up. If mom had stayed at home then maybe the incident would never occurred.

  • Guest

    The Father if you call him that was asked to help and did nothing , thats where he was , doing nothing for the 4 months the girl shelby was being harrassed and bullied .

  • Guest

    This mom has some serious issues! The judge needs to make sure this mom gets parenting classes along with a few more. I have a Daughter this child’s age in Columbus county and find that to many parents try to step in and it causes more problems because they have there parents backing them and supporting this kind of behavior between normal teenage girl drama! If they would let the girls resolve these issues on there on it would teach them how to deal with bigger problems when they reach adults. Usually these girls are best friends within days anyway! I hope a lot of mom and dads learn from this and think TWICE about what they are teaching there kids. Our kids deserve that don’t they. I know mine do!!!!!!!!!

  • GuestMOM

    Pure white trash at it’s finest

  • Guest

    just like south columbus

  • Greg

    I am wondering in all this if ANYONE honestly knows why this happened ?
    Like the girl being Bullied for 4 mons. prior ? Like the girl being harassed , OH and I bet NO ONE knowes that the Father, the Principal and the School Board being asked for help NOT once but several times and they idly stood by and did nothing , SO now I suppose that all you would just take it till the end of the school year after Your own Father wouldnt help and the Principal and the School Board just stood around and did nothing , This is a travisty and should have been been taken care of by the father when told , this is all over the National news kids are killing them selves and murdering others because nothing is done , OH BUT here people asked for help and got NONE !

  • Guest

    how was she bullied? doesn’t shelby have a brown belt in karate? wasn’t she and the fipps girl best friends? were they fighting over a boy (someone else’s boyfriend?). seems a travesty and bad behavior frome everyone involved.

  • Ms. Small

    I agree.

  • Guest

    Really my daughter got help! My daughter goes to WHS and she was being harassed bad by a girl and I told her to go to the school and talk to the administration. They immediately stepped in and sat both girls down and got to the bottom of it. We have had NO problems since then with the girl who admitted she was wrong to do that to my daughter! I was very proud of how they handled it with NO delay. Whiteville high school has a great staff that cares about the students and there well being! We can not blame the school system for everything and they ARE doing there best.I promise you this parent who encouraged this fight had not done everything she could have to prevent this and really needs counseling on how to parent!! Thank you columbus county school system for being there for my daughter when she needed you! I taught her to take the right steps to solve her problem and it WORKED!! And no I don’t work for the school system. I’m just parent that is tired of parents not taking responsibility for how they parent and ALWAYS need to blame someone else for there problems!!

  • Guest

    Now this is ashame , that shows to tell ya what kinda people are working in our childrens schools , looks like their being tought to fight instead of learning anything, an the people standing around watching should have been punished also ! Wouldnt be surprised if one of these girls dont take a weapon to school to protect themself next an then thats when an inocent by stander gets hurt , this mom an the people who were watching this fight an did nothing to stop it should be punished an thats right where are the fathers in this picture? sounds like to me thats were the daughter should be placed.

  • 20 lorenzos

    Football, soccer, boxing, are organized acts of violence which are known to cause permanent brain damage in children. Should all the parents that drive their children to these events be arrested for child endangerment.

    So, listen to this—why cannot private citizens, such as this mother and the two girls that agreed to the fight, organize their own boxing match?

    You folks really need to study the primitive psychology of your perceived morality.

  • Guest2020

    In football, soccer and boxing there are regulations in place to do everything possible to keep the participants safe. They are also legal. Was this private boxing match legal? Did the obtain necessary permits, etc? Were there any rules in place to keep it as safe as possible? Or was it just a parent-sanctioned street bawl with no regard to the safety of those involved in the fight?

    You need to study what it means to have common sense. And common sense dictates that a parent does not take a child to participate in a street brawl.

  • Guest

    Classy girls from Tabor City! Enough said!!

  • Setting a good example!!!

    As a parent, and after reading this article about the fight between the two girls, I feel the mother should have the book thrown at her, as well as her daughter who started the fight. She is suppose to be setting a good example for her daughter. Apparently the mother has been in trouble with the law before just in this past year and seems to have been getting off with just a slap on the wrist. I blame our court system for this as well. What is it going to take for these kind of parents and the courts to wake up and smell the coffee. Will a child have to be killed before anyone gets up off their butt and do something about it?

  • Guest

    Well lets see here the mother was just taking Shelby to SUPPOSEDLY meet friends and was actually SET UP !! NOW again would you take all the abuse and ridicuel and bulling like Shelby did for 4 months and then find out nothing and no one would help not even your OWN FATHER ?

  • Guest

    I’m smart enough to know that when I pulled in the parking lot and saw that it was a set up (IF IT WAS) my daughter and I would have left or I would have called the cops!! WAKE UP ALREADY SHE GOT OUT AND WAS CHEERING IT ON!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    Just look at the mom. Man does she look like she is half crazed already, I mean really. Someone give her some lithium and a ativan chew necklace YIKES!!!

  • Inquiring mind wants to know!!!!!!

    I agree this mother should be arrested for her participation in this incident but will someone please tell me HOW DID ALEX ANNE FIPPS GET TO THIS FIGHT? Someone was responsible for getting her there and I would believe that they remained on sight probably egging on the fight also. I did not see anyone there trying to stop her from fighting either. If I had not taken my daughter, had not given someone else permissiion to take her, or had no knowledge of this fight I would be trying to press charges against whoever the individual was that took my underage daughter to partipate in such activity. Who ever took Alex Anne should have made the decision to leave if they pulled up at the Walmart parking lot and saw what was about to happen. If you listen closely to the video you will hear a male voice in the background telling Alex Anne they will be leaving in so many seconds whether she is in their truck or not. Is it possible that this person also contributed to the delinquency of this minor and also participated in citing this riot. I believe that this needs to be investigated to the fullest extent of the law. I certainly hope the new DA for Columbus County, along with local law enforcement and DSS realizes the seriousness of this incident. Only by the grace of God a life was not taken as a result of this public display. Does this problem need to escalate to the point that the incident reached in Bladen County between those two girls and a valuable life is lost? If I was Crystal Fipps and had not given my child permission to leave that house with whoever took her to that fight or if I was not aware that’s where she was being taken to Walmart to fight Shelby Cartret, believe me the Sheriff’s Office would be issuing whatever warrants could be placed upon the individual that was guilty of taking her, staying there egging her on to fight and doing absolutely nothing to prevent it. Yes, someone did contribute to this minor’s delinquency and help incite this riot besides the Cartret mother. I would assume unless Alex Anne took a good long hike to get there someone carried her there. I cannot help but believe if Alex Anne’s father would congratulate her on facebook that he would also have been guilty of the same things that the Cartret mother was guilty of doing he may not have incited a fith but he sure wasn’t opposed to it either. In reference to the Cartret lady’s job. I believe she is accountable for her reputation off the job and how it affects her employment status; but while Juan Fipps was so anxious to criticize the Cartret mother; what about his wife, Crystal Fipps, as many people know already also has a job that requires a strict oath of ethics and conduct also. For some reason she is remaining very quiet in all of this which is totally out of character for her. Maybe her character and ethics need to be questioned by her peers at her workplace and brought to accountability also. Some may say this does not have anything to do with her job performance but I beg to differ. She deals with adults every day in her workplace that are connected to this school her daughter attends along with Shelby Cartret and other students who were possibly at this fight recording it and posting it on facebook and who had made prior comments on facebook conderning this incident; that she allows her daughter to be friends with; as well as her contact with people which she has connections with in the workplace. I believe that if the laws apply to one citizen it applies to another whether in public or on the job. You are not a private citizen when you break the law and it involves negligence in the care of your children and ivolves other people’s children. Our actions always invole consequences and accoutability by everyone that it affects. Both mothers are guilty, both girls are quilty and so are any other individals who participated in all of this.

  • Guest

    I second that, inquiring mind! There is a lot of people that need to be looked at here!

  • Guest

    Sounds like the truth hurts some people. Why would we give our name? It’s called our RIGHT to protect ourselves! From CRAZY people like this!!! THATS WHY!!

  • Paul Davis

    Why don’t all of you perfect individuals stop hiding behind screen names and ask the people involved personally. It is easy to hide and talk about everyone else’s business. Call these mothers and fathers and see what answers that they have for you. Tell them how you raise your children and how perfect they are. Maybe Mark and Aneshia can tell you about their custody battle and how this is playing right into Mark’s hand. Just ask them to their face and not over the air. Typical cowards!

  • Paul Also

    Yeah, really folks. Get over your perfect selves. Who hasn’t driven their kids to participate in a fight? What, am I supposed to make them walk? Wouldn’t that tire them out before the real action begins? I’ve got my 5 year old over at the MMA academy training right now. She’s been having a beef over at preschool with some of the other kids. Seems a few have been taking her crayons without asking. Yeah, we’ll see how long that keeps up once my little angel learns how to properly choke another child out.

  • Guest

    The mother must not be too concerned about the custody battle or she wouldn’t have chosen to take her daughter to the fight now would she!!! PRIVACY… really….THEY made the mistake of making a choice that became everyone’s business. And while I will agree with you that we should not make the mistake of thinking our children are perfect, a little good advice and common sense could be good for them…you think??? And yes I think many of us may be cowards in her book. I sure wouldn’t have the nerve to take my daughter to a fight and take the chance of her or someone else getting their brains beat out on the pavement….just saying. But thanks, Paul, for sharing your name.

  • Guest

    Well LETS See , she didnt take her to Fight , shelby WAS SET UP and thought she was going to be with friends , OH and I do talk to the family and di know the truth ! And Shelby has been Bullied and Harrassed for 4 FOUR MONTHS and even after the MOTHER went to the supposed Father and the School Principal and the School Board NOTHING was done !!!! I ask how many of us out there would have just kept letting this happen ?? Truthfully Now ?????

  • Guest

    PAUL DAVIS sounds as cocky as that crazy mom!! HERE I AM my name is PAUL DAVIS and I’m not scared!! I wish I was brave like PAUL DAVIS! But I think I will just stick to being SMART that’s the other word for coward…. MR. PAUL DAVIS!!

  • Billy bob

    What a joke? Better for people to think you are a fool than to open your mouth and verify it. I am an adult and if I had pulled up to this situation, do you not think that I would have been strong enough to take my child and put her back in the vehicle when I supposedly realized we were not there for a friendly social? Talk about a SET UP. It sounds like to me the the mother set it up. Then to stand around like a coach and yell for my child. I would have protected my child by loading her up and leaving. You people must have fallen off the tobacco drag somewhere in Beaverdam.

  • Guest59

    WHS is not in the Columbus County School System for your information. WHS is classed in the Whiteville City School System. Which by the way has nothing to do with each other. I know first hand Columbus County Schools does nothing to protect their students, I was a victim and never got help. I do agree Whiteville City Schools does more to protect their students. These girls was from Columbus County Schools so obviously you need to realize what schools are classified in what system. WHITEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL IS NOT ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE COLUMBUS COUNTY SCHOOL SYSTEM!!!

    Thanks ;-)

  • Guest

    Well ltes see I have spoken with several people and family members and was told the same story , Just because your case was done right , did you even think that the Father might have had some thing to do with this ?? Jusat a question , and the father is not much of a father who beats his kids and well I wont say the rest but it deals with children girls

  • Guest

    Yeah family and friends will usually stick together on there story. So let me get this straight the Father caused her mom to take her to the fight and cheer her on !! Okay so I have a question for you PLEASE help me understand this, I hear everyone tried to get the Father involved to help with this matter! BUT he wouldn’t help!! But you say the father beats them and does stuff that involves children girls! Then let me tell ya, you and the family and friends should be ashamed that you didn’t report him to social services or call the cops on him with all that abuse that was going on with those children!! OH yeah but I ALMOST forgot everyone was trying to get him to HELP out!! Doesn’t make any since to me!! NO one should have been trying to get him to help out, IF what you say is true. Sounds like to me with a Mom AND Dad like these children have SOMEONE needs to step in and teach them right from wrong! They deserve that!!!!

  • Guest

    I thought Whiteville city schools and Columbus County school’s had the same Board of Education. Sorry I didn’t realize.

  • Guest

    My name is Bill gordon and “Hey” you may write me back.
    My email is attached. Could you be more detailed i.e. ‘the father beating the kids?”
    You see I personally know the dad and he is not too bad a guy.
    True he has had
    1) 3 IRS audits
    2) Homeland Security Complaints claiming he is a terrorist
    3) 10 more complaints…

    Such has included several DSS complaints for “abusing his kids.”
    Yet every single time the agencies and DSS looked at the guy- such were deemed to be frivolous.
    As an attorney and also a dad of 4 kids; I find such anonymous comments to be ludicrous and wrong. You should never make up anything on anyone especially a dad that has changed diapers and cared for those kids since they were born. Run his criminal record and then pull the moms’. You will see a huge difference my friend. But you see in Columbus County and especially Beaverdam- some just prefer to lie and bash those that they cannot otherwise say anything about. You take care but remember that ALL parents deserve better respect than for you to make up lies on. You too are most likely a parent or a sister or brother or a cousin. How would you like such? How would you like your dad being lied on in such a way?


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