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Hope you’ve enjoyed the recent beach weather and the free parking that has gone along with it. Wrightsville Beach parking meters will be back on starting Tuesday.

March first is the annual start date for the parking fee.

The pay-by-phone alternative helps beach bums add time without leaving the sand.

Parking fees are two dollars per hour and are enforced between.

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  • Guest 409

    The fees for parking at Wrightsville Beach are the reason I never go there. There are many nice beaches which don’t have this requirement. Why should anyone assist in paying taxes for Wrightsville Beach residents.

  • Vexed

    It seems that Wrightsville beach is discriminating against poor and underprivileged citizens.

    I look forward to that lawsuit!!!!!!!

    If we have to pay two dollars an hour to park, why don’t they pay for the beach re-nourishment their selves.

    Tired of my tax money going to these snobs.

    Pay for your own sand or give us free parking.

  • Sandytoes

    Mayor Cignotti is not discriminating against the underprivileged. In fact he has built a basketball and tennis court at WB. He is helping WAVE into WB so the youth of Wilmington will have access to the beach this Summer to walk the beach and play basketball and tennis. Thank you Mayor Cignotti and Town Manager Bob Simpson


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