ONLY ON 3: Goolsby says US 17 signs would replace old ones; DOT says probably not

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Submitted: Tue, 03/01/2011 - 2:43am

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Sen. Thom Goolsby says his plan to rename US 17 will not spend unnecessary money.

Today Goolsby clarified his bill, which calls for $100,000 in DOT money to pay for new signs. The senator says the legislation will only replace signs that are in need of repair. Those signs would then have the name “US Marine Corps Highway.”

Goolsby says the money for the signs would come from the money already allotted for maintenance and repair.

“All we’re doing is making sure that when we replace those signs when signs are needed it’s designated Marine Corps Highway,” Goolsby said. “The signs aren’t free, so when we have to replace them thats where the money will come from.”

But we asked the DOT about such memorial signs. A spokeswoman said the tributes are usually originally marked with new signs that stand by themselves and would typically not be put on existing signs.

The senator said the legislation is not final, and there could still be changes made to it by the time it is approved.


  • watchyoursix says:

    Goolsby is already going crazy. Its the same story, once they get in they want to hemorrhage cash. This is another dumb & embarrassing escapade. The Marine Corp doesn’t need any extra money for advertising, every third car in the tri-county area is festooned with USMC stickers. They’re cheapening their image.

  • Guest says:

    Another (one term) politician who doesn’t get it. These signs would be an expensive and empty gesture that would accomplish nothing. Also, it’s already confusing enough that the road is called Route 17 and Market Street…now it’s going to also be called Marine Corps Highway.
    Stupid, expensive PR stunt Tom. I expected more.

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