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COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The man hunt for B.J. Wright has finally ended. Wright was arrested this morning across the state line in Horry County, SC. The Columbus County Sheriff’s Department brought him back to the Columbus County Courthouse this afternoon.

As he walked into court, we asked him why he keeps going to R.C. Soles’s house.

“Because he invites me,” Wright said.

Wright appeared before a judge alongside a public defender. During a bond modification hearing, the court decided to make a few changes to how Wright’s bonds are allowed to be posted.

“I think that this gives us protection moving forward, that a person who has repeatedly and habitually violated our laws is in jail where he belongs, and he is only going to get out if he can prove to the court that he’s posting the bond with lawful funds,” District Attorney Jon David said.

David said that the court is allowed to question anyone who posts bond for Wright, and that they must prove the money is coming from a lawful source.

David said in the past six months, Wright has posted at least $130,000 in bond money without any legal source of income.

“Upon information and belief, he doesn’t have a job,” David said. “He has no lawful stream of income, yet repeatedly he’s managed to somehow get out again and again. So we want to know where the money is coming from for future cases.”

David and Columbus County Sheriff Chris Batten said this ruling sends a strong message that the District Attorney’s office and the Sheriff’s Department are standing as a united front to protect the community from Wright

“It will send a distinct message to those involved and those committing these types of offenses on the run, that this court, this DA and this sheriff are not going to tolerate it,” Batten said.

Wright’s bond is still set at $1 million. He is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow morning for a hearing regarding unrelated charges.

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  • Guest

    RC invites BJ to his home. RC calls the TCPD and waits until they get there to shoot at BJ to scare him away. Isn’t RC’s property in the county limits? Sounds like games to me. If I were really afraid of someone, I wouldn’t be opening the door. RC has cameras, he knows who is where. If RC’s home is in the town limits then why was he not charged for firing a gun in the city limits? Why was RC not charge with firing a gun at BJ? Some people will do anything for an adrenaline rush.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday


    Everyone knows the true story, so why is everyone pretending that it’s all a big mystery?

  • offthecuff

    B J Wright and Allen Strickland are doing just what they choose to do. They know the game and so I do not feel the least bit sorry for them. In fact, I do feel a bit sorry for R C in that he evidently has spent a fortune trying to help these two and many more out and they take total advantage of that fact. Then if he tries to back down on the free money handouts, they tear up stuff and stalk him and much more because they all want free money!! No one made them do anything that they have not chosen to do. They are scum…now and always….pure pond scum or worse.

  • Guest

    The cute thing about victimizing petty criminals and their ilk, is that if your victims come forward with any outlandish accusations against you, their credibility is nil. Any attorney knows that to be true. Defense attorneys impeach the credibility of witnesses all the time to lessen the voractiy of their testimony in court. Look at all these young men and boys, they are a bunch of morons. What we have here is serial conduct of some perverse sort, perpetrated against several whom lack credibility. It is really quite easy to see what was and is going on. If I lived in Columbus County, I’d be crying out for an investigation and prosecution to end this madness, and the target of that investigation darn sure wouldn’t be against all the moronic victims.

  • Guest

    NOT SAYING that B J Wright and Allen Strickland are doing just what they choose to do. BUT SAYING SOMETHING else was or is going ON .
    RC may spend lots and lots on the young man BUT AT WHAT price did the young man pay.So for them knowing the game yes I think THEY do know the GAME THEY had a GREAT TEACHER.

  • Guest

    Sure wish you could either spell or write properly.

  • Guest

    R.C. made them what they are. They came from nothing and never had any guidance in their lives. R.C. molded them until they started getting older and their needs changed. He made them dependent on him. He was the only source of income, shelter, wheels, money, and yes caring, they had ever had. So he became a power over them. He could have helped them when they were basically children. With all he has spent on them he could have helped them become good citizens with an education. But no, he handed out money and trinkets for them doing what he wanted them to do. Shame on R.C. who is lower than the pure pond scum in the lake on which he lives.

  • Guestof theGuest



    AND AMEN!!!

  • Guest

    It will only be a matter of days before this animal is back out on the streets terrorizing the public.

  • Guest

    He ONLY seems interested in R.C. Soles!! Wonder what went on between these two in the past to have this boy so stirred up? It must have been GOOD is all I can say!!!!

  • Smarter than the average bear

    You cant tell me R.C. is completely innocent here!! There is something WAY more to this story! I think it will eventually come out! Isn’t that right R.C.??

  • Guest

    His involvement with this young man does not seem practical something else is r was going on. NOT saying the young man r bad or good kids being giving money and someone buying things for just teenage I FEEL sorry for the boys I think that B.J. Wrigh and Allen Strickland need to get together Write A TELL ALL BOOK..

  • H B from TC

    I do hope the darling boy was not treated roughly by the arresting officers.

  • Guestofthemonth

    RC payed B.J., a poor boy with no future, attention, and B.J. was flattered, and something went wrong, and now he is obsessed with RC.

    B.J., unfortunately, is a loser and he knows it. He exhibits all the characteristics of a stalker, and he is mentally unbalanced.

    It’s really sad

  • Puzzled

    Well, he’s captured in S.C. fairly quickly.

    Is it possible that the “Good ol boy” network isn’t there anymore in Columbus County.

    Will the DA get to the bottom of this never ending soap opera.

    Has the SBI done an investigation. I think so.

    Is it possible that the SBI is under performing like the DNA lab?

    This “not ready for prime time players” crew have been going at it for decades.

    I think the public needs truthful answers to the questions that are raised.

    Needles to say if you or I shot someone, and then fired more shots months later, we’d be looking at a grand jury.

    Maybe the Justice Department can launch a probe that actually gets to the bottom of this story.

    It seems that N.C. can’t or won’t.

    Something smells fishy at Branchwater.

  • Guest

    I think that whatever BJ is or has become is directly caused by R.C. who could have helped these boys long ago when they needed real help. He made them dependent on him and that was wrong.

  • Guest




  • Guest

    The Columbus County Sheriff’s Department does not need to be given credit for arresting BJ Wright. The Tabor City Police Department has been the one who answered numerous calls at all times of the night and almost every day to the week just to have RC Soles refuse to testify against these men whom he called the TC Police to come and get them off his propety.

    I realize it takes agencies working together in crime, but please where in the dickens has Sheriff Batten been all this time? Farming I would say. He needs to step up to the plate more often and quit running to get a photo opt when the cameras are rolling. I don’t know why the Sheriff hasn’t arrested doctors who write prescriptins coming out of the ying yang to get people hooked. This is the beginning of drug abuse. But nevertheless, BJ Wright does need to be off the street and RC Soles is not an innocent victim. He should be nvestigated because everyone knows he is the money supplier. The FBI could easily get his bank records and trace the money situation. The bail bondsmen know who they get their money from. Why can’t a judge make these bondsmen tell who is paying to get BJ and these other guys out of jail? Some people can’t handle the truth or don’t want to handle the truth. But one day justice will prevail. Just like the Wizard of OZ…celebration will be when the old bad “king’ is dead. Then can freedom be enjoyed in Tabor City.

  • Guest

    Tabor City Police should get the credit? I dont think so. Was it not the Sheriff’s Office that went to Horry County and found B.J. then went back and got him. That drug unit is on the ball. I am retired law enforcement and those drug officers are getting it done. I want to say that Soles house is in the county anyway. It said on the news that R.C. calls Tabor by phone. Why cant he call 911 like everybody else? Maybe it’s because he does not want the Sheriff’s Office down there. He knows those boys will take everybody to jail. Those Narcotics guys Thompson, Herring, and Norris got complaints that people that lived there were scared to walk their own streets. So those guys went down there and put people in jail. Good I hope they continue. Those guys are getting drugs off the street and getting the people that put it there, GOOD JOB!!!!. It’s illeagal so get it all.

  • Guest

    This is to inform the world that dont really know the real BJ Wright. He is the most harmless and loving person that u can ever encounter. However the Columbus County Serriffs Drug detectives Arron Herring, Barret thompson and the rest of the crew are the most corrupt and unprofessional as there can be. They have been over there swearing and testifying lies upon BJ becuse they fear a man that has the greater things that they can not achieve. They are so hell bent on RC Soles that the really need to try and get a real drug bust. If u look at the situation. They have not gotten more than a dime bag of crack off the street. They are no Jody Green or Chuck Coleman who was responsible for the real bust of Columbus County. They want to pick on the weaker ones but they r a real joke. Ha Ha Ha laughing at yall punk as drug boys;.

  • Guest

    If it was not for the Sheriff’s Drug boys the drama would still be going on. If you love B.J. so much go bond him out and tell the judge where you get your money from. Tabor City Police covered everything up for so many years that it took the Sheriff’s Office to start making the arrest. Pick up the News paper and start reading it. You will see how many drug arrest have been made by Herring, Thompson and the rest of the Drug boys. Thank you Columbus County Drug Boys.

  • Guest

    I don’t know who BJ Wright is and if he is guilty of anything, but
    I do agree with your take on the Columbus County detectives and
    Sheriff Batten.

    They are so hungry for recognition that they will make up all kinds of stories. I know first hand. My son was arrested for growing pot
    plants, under 100, but by the time the Columbus County detectives
    were through, he was a king pin who has grow houses in 4 states and
    convinced the Federal Government to get involved. the 4 houses they
    were talking about belonged to law abiding family members and there
    was never even a speck of pot in any of them. He is now serving 10 years because you don’t loose when the Feds are involved.

    Also they are scammers as well. they work with the bail bond companies and seize any collateral that you may have given them.

    they back each other and lie for each other. they are scum and one
    day they will get their Karma.

    I hope this guy has a good defense lawyer that can out them in thier place. They are still fighting the civil war down there.


  • Guest

    …if anyone actually looked – RC Soles & his law firm ‘loaned’ $135,000 to this guy in October 2010 – and the collateral was noted as two lots totaling just over $12,000 (assessed value) – now tell me – who would loan that kind of money to someone with little to no collateral – with no job – for no reason – (look it up, deed of trust in book 995 page 51 and ownership deed in book 819 page 110) – seems like if people oughta know this –

  • star

    everbody needs to back off BJ he has not did anything..he is a wonderful man and if know him then know need to say anything else and if you dont then your not worth knowing anyway…


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