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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Rising gas prices may be a nightmare for most people, but it’s not the case for everyone. Scooter shops in the Cape Fear are seeing a boom in business. The increase at the gas pump means an increase in sales.

At Scooter Kings in downtown Wilmington, business has been good since the price of gas shot up in the past month. The owners and mechanics of this shop say it has been hard to keep new scooters in stock.

They say the rising gas prices have a lot of different customers coming in, but the the one thing they all have in common is that they just want to save a buck at the pump.

“They used to be just for people who couldn’t have a car. Now they are for anybody and everybody,” mechanic Michael Smith said.

Tomil Mosely just bought a scooter.

“I’ve just been looking at the gas prices, and I drive a Cadillac. It really burns gas,” Mosely said. “Gas is $3.47, so you can imagine how gas is doing me right now.”

The owner of Scooter Kings says the last time business was doing this great was several years ago when gas prices were over the four-dollar mark.

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  • frankie

    why is the law and wilmington so scared of mopeds they do not belong on the road if they dont have to have insurance neither should harleys they get great fuel milage

  • Guest1980

    If I understand the law correctly (maybe I don’t, somebody educate me), most of these scooters are legally motorcycles (greater than a 49cc engine) and should require registration, insurance and a motorcycle endorsement on NCDL.

    Does anyone know if this is actually the case?

  • guesty

    Try to use punctuation and it may make your comment a little easier to decipher. The law should be changed to force the scooters to have a license plate and insurance. The law should also be enforced to keep them at the edge of the road, not in the middle of the lane. How many times have you been stuck behind one that won’t move to the edge of the road until they approach a stop light. They will move over then and zoom to the front of the line. Then it is back to the middle of the lane until the next light.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    …we would boost scooter sales more than any price spike in gasoline ever could!

  • Guest461

    There are three basic criteria to define a “moped”.
    1. Must not be able to exceed 30mph on level ground.
    2. Must be less than 50cc (cubic centimeters) engine displacement
    3. Must have full automatic transmission (No gears to change)

    Items 1 and 2 are frequently violated. Some folks are using scooters that can do in excess of 60 mph and have engines sometimes larger that 200cc. These are considered motorcycles and require the full gamut of vehicle legalities to include inspection, insurance, license, etc. This is rarely if ever enforced, so we essentially have the DUI’s out there running the roads freely on motorcycles without obeying the law.

    This doesn’t really matter though. Our government consistently make new laws that law enforcement ignores, i.e.

    TEXTING – I routinely see at least three people EVERY day texting that I have to avoid to keep from being in an accident. Texters should be subject to the very same penalties as a drunk driver! This action is putting your life and mine at great jeopardy! A 50 dollar fine is all they get…IF they are charged at all. So…you and I get to die or maimed for life…they get a 50 dollar fine. Nice…

    License plate borders – Can’t cover up the state or the validation stickers. 3 out of 5 cars are in violation. There is no enforcement.

    People under 18 using the phone while driving – well, just sit at any stoplight and observe..you’ll get the drift. Again, this is total ignorance to the safety of the general public. Is it ever enforced? Nope…

    Now…why do you wonder about scooter laws?

  • Guest

    I don’t know if these things are motorcycles or not but they should be be required to have a license plate and insurance just like motorcycles do, these a gasoline powered vehicles!!! If mopeds and scooters are allowed on streets and highways without any registration or insurance then why not ATV’s, they are gasoline powered vehicles too. If the riders want to get on city streets and hold up traffic, then put a tag and insurance on the darn things.

  • Guest1980

    is there a list somewhere of laws that are not enforced? I’d just like to have a handy reference of which laws I can break… Just kidding, but as is often the case; it is not a matter of legislation in place, but a “law enforcement” issue.

  • Guest461

    “Son, you can do ANYTHING you want and break any law you want…at least once. Consider the worst case consequences of your actions and decide if you REALLY want to test it.”

    So there is your answer. To this day, I have NO record.

  • Guest5432

    A scooter or moped has just as much right to the full lane of travel as a motorcycle, car, bicycle, or tractor. They should not be passed until legally allowed to do so. No different than passing a slow moving vehicle. That’s how the current law reads.

  • guesty

    You are very wrong on just about all of that. Bicycles and mopeds are both required to stay to the right of the furthest right hand lane. A motorcycle can take a whole lane as well as legally ride two abreast.
    Moped Rules

    No person shall operate a motorcycle or moped upon a highway or public vehicular area unless the operator and all passengers thereon wear safety helmets of a type approved by the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles
    • A moped should travel using the right–hand side of the lane – To pass a moped, you must stay at least two feet to the left.
    • The same DWI laws that apply to the drivers of other motor vehicles also apply to moped operators
    • Stay out of traffic, as much as possible.
    • Do not share lanes with other vehicles.

    • Make sure other drivers can see you – wear light or brightly colored clothing.
    • At an intersection, never “squeeze” between parked cars and moving traffic.
    • If possible, install electric turn signals on your moped. Otherwise, be sure to use hand signals when you turn or stop.
    • Failure to wear helmet, or having too many passengers, on a motorcycle or moped will result in a fine from $25 to $75.

    And for bicycles:
    In North Carolina, the bicycle has the legal status of a vehicle. This means that bicyclists have full
    rights and responsibilities on the roadway and are subject to the regulations governing the
    operation of a motor vehicle. North Carolina traffic laws require bicyclists to:
    Ride on the right in the same direction as other traffic
    • Obey all traffic signs and signals
    • Use hand signals to communicate intended movements
    • Equip their bicycles with a front lamp visible from 300 feet and a rear reflector that is visible from a distance of 200 feet when riding at night.

  • Guest

    When I said “most” I was even referring to the website you copied that from. Check the NC General Assembly website for the actual law.

  • scott t.

    I think you are full of beans. In the Midwest states, mopeds can not use the full lane. They have to stay to the curbside of the outside lane. The rider needs to wear a helmet also. If a rider gets pulled over for any reason and gets smart with law enforcement the bike is hauled off to the impound yard and the idiot has to pay steep fees to get it back. I would like to see the jackoffs that talk on there sell phone or text while driving have there phones confiscated by law enforcement on any traffic stop related to them then the officer drops the phone on the cement, stomps on it with his jump boots, makes the weasel owner clean up the plastic parts, writes the dweeb a nice pricey ticket, if he pops off about it, hog tie him, throw him in the back seat, off to jail he goes for disorderly conduct. I hope somehow someday all this type of behavior gets reported to the persons insurance company then they then also should pay a 40% surcharge on there premium. I think I have made some kind a point on various related traffic situations involving scooters and cars.


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