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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A community is in mourning after the car crash yesterday in Brunswick County that killed a family of four.

Investigators say 31-year-old Joshua S. Williams hit a Waccamaw School bus head-on Tuesday afternoon. The crash killed his wife Brandy and their two children, Joshua and Gavin.

With so many lives lost, many folks are struggling with what happened.

The lights are still on at the home of Joshua and Brandy Williams. Toys of their two boys are still in the yard, and a tiny pair of boots waits by the door, but no one is home.

Neighbors told us the family was quiet and kept to themselves. They say they can’t believe their community has suffered such a huge loss.

Investigators were back at the scene of the crash Wednesday just around the corner from the Williamses’ house narrowing down all the information of the Tuesday afternoon accident. They say Joshua S. Williams drove head-on into a school bus from Waccamaw School. The impact killed him, his wife and two young sons.

School bus driver Connie Russ and a student on the bus were treated at the hospital for minor injuries. We tried to speak with Russ at her home Wednesday, but her sister told us she was too distraught to talk.

Russ has been driving students to and from school for 22 years, and the Williams boys killed in the crash usually rode her bus.

Dorothy Warren says her children ride Russ’s bus, too, and she knows how much russ loves the students.

“I know at least this bus driver is so caring about the students sometimes she won’t even let them off the bus if she doesn’t see their parents’ cars outside,” Warren said.

Warren lives in the area and says although the roads are windy and the speed is high, she does not know why the crash happened.

“I guess that the car traveling really wasn’t expecting anything there, that’s all I can think,” she said. “Yes, it is a hard commute, but most people know the roads.”

Highway Patrol says it expects to have a full accident report tuesday.

At Waccamaw School today, counselors were on hand to help students deal with their loss. The deaths of Joshua and Gavin Williams came just two weeks after another student at the school died in a hunting accident.

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4 Comments on "Community mourns as investigation continues into fatal crash"

Nothing but facts
2015 years 9 months ago

I could write so many speeding tickets every day going to and from work. At least 5 each way. I have been passed in no passing zones in curves even when I had my left turn signal on and slowing down. No im not one of those idiots driving 30 in a 55 in a 55 im doing 55 in a 45 im doing 45 I think I will mount a camcorder in my truck to record the idiots and post it on youtube.

Edward White
2015 years 9 months ago

How tragic for an entire family to die in one instant. My condolences to The Williams’ family’s extended family, relatives, and friends.

As a public service, I ask that WWAY publish the accident report. So many lives can be saved if people choose not to speed and and to wear seatbelts and insist that there children buckle up.

I believe that reporting on the particulars of this tragic accident will, perhaps, drive home the importance of driving within the speed limit and why it is necessary to wear seat belts.

I see so much speeding in Brunswick County, and it worries me because my family and I travel its roads everyday.

Thank you.

2015 years 9 months ago

Look buddie, when you have a combined impact of nearly 100mph (or greater) with a 10 ton school bus head-on with a 1 ton automobile, there is a tremendous release of kinetic energy! NO seatbelt in the world would come even close to doing any good. The car was completely crushed and mangled with no chance of human survival.

If drinking, drug use or texting is involved, that is a different story!

2015 years 9 months ago

I really, really, really hope a cell phone or a text message isn’t involved with this!!!


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