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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — For years “One Tree Hill” has called a Wilmington storefront home. For the first half of the show’s run, the location at the southeast corner of Front and Grave Streets served as the set for the fictional Karen’s Cafe. When the show jumped ahead several years in its timeline a few years ago, Karen (played by actress Moira Kelly) had moved away.

The new storyline had Brooke Davis (played by Sophia Bush) purchase the space for a Tree Hill location for her Clothes Over Bros. clothing line. The storefront set changed with it.

Now, though, the set has gone back in time. This season, Clothes Over Bros. went out of business. A few weeks ago we spotted carpenters working at the set with the windows covered. This week spotted the old Karen’s Cafe neon sign back in the window and the doors repainted to reflect the change as well. The show shot at the set last night, and today we got a sneak peak through the windows at the revamped site.

No word yet on how the change plays into the storyline, but after we posted photos yesterday on Twitter, “OTH” fans were, well, atwitter with excitement.

Stay tuned!

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1 Comment on "‘One Tree Hill’ goes back to the future at downtown set"

2015 years 8 months ago

This kind of looks like either one or two things.. One the show is bringing the past to the present due to the future closure of the show leading fans to the series finale.. OR two.. The show is bringing Karens Cafe to kind of get that early season “feel” of the show itself back.. If this is indeed the last season the cast and crew need to make it known to the public and network CW.. OR if the cast and crew are willing to negotiate and don’t know the fate of the show yet the CW needs to make it known that this is the final season and we only have a handful of episodes left leading to the series finale or we might have a renewal with no problems if everything goes smoothly from both parties at hand here.. I can deal with the “will it or won’t it get renewed” as I have done so almost every season with one tree hill, but this year is different.. Smallville another WB native show got an announced Final Season and I think One Tree Hill deserves the same respect.. The show still outperforms cw darling show Gossip girl,90210,Hellcats,as well as Life Unexpected and Shedding for the wedding.. I do think it is time for OTH to say goodbye but I hope next year will be the Final Season and that the CW ANNOUNCES a FINAL SEASON at the upfronts.. Either Way I’m happy Karens Cafe has made its way back to Tree Hill it has a lot of backstory and history with us fans and the show in general..


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