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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — With all the devastation, some Wilmington residents are working to get in touch with loved ones in Japan. We met a woman from Japan who says she hopes to talk to her family soon.

“No telephone, no electric, so that’s all I heard last time,” Reiko Sugiura said of her attempts to reach family in her homeland.

She says she has family on the west coast of the country, but she still hasn’t been able to get in touch with them.

“(My husband) has family in Yokohama, but I think Yokohama is still OK,” Sugiura said. “But, Hokkaido, I’m from Hokkaido, I tried to call this morning to Hokkaido, but I couldn’t reach.”

Sugiura says she first heard about the disaster this morning and has been glued to the television ever sense.

“My daughter called me. She said, ‘Mom, there was a tsunami in Japan,’ and then my husband saw the TV,” she said. “I have a Japanese station… They are talking about it nonstop.”

Sugiura says she knows the whole country is scrambling to get home and make sure everything is alright.

“In Tokyo and that area, the traffic and train, everything doesn’t work,” she said. “And over there, people cannot go home, so there are so many people in the station and everywhere. People everywhere trying to get home.”

She says she is worried about her family, because she has heard of so much devastation. She plans to keep calling her loved ones and hopes phone lines will work soon.

“I’m going to try to call maybe later, but they said the telephones aren’t working,” she said.

The Red Cross has set up a website to help people find relatives and friends in Japan at http://www.icrc.org/eng/familylinks-japan.

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