Rally planned this weekend for two being sued by Titan for slander

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Submitted: Fri, 03/11/2011 - 6:23pm
Updated: Fri, 03/11/2011 - 7:47pm


WHO: Hundreds of community members who oppose Titan Cement and support Kayne Darrell and Dr. Hill’s vocal efforts to protect our community. Local elected officials invited.

WHAT: Community event supporting local residents Kayne Darrell and Dr. David Hill in response to the recent lawsuit against them from Titan Cement. Notable community members will speak, and those attending will participate in a visual group solidarity action in support of Dr.Hill and Kayne Darrell. There will be kids’ activities and video/photo opportunities including signs and banners.

WHERE: Wrightsville Beach Park, 1 Bob Sawyer Drive, Wrightsville Bch, NC

WHEN: Saturday, March 12 from 9:30-10:30 AM


  • Guest7969 says:

    You know what happens when you run around and spew half truths and false information about companies that have more money than you do….YOU GET SUED…and rightfully so! How about all those involved do some scientific research…that means not having a preconceived outcome and looking at date ACROSS the spectrum…not just the stuff you WANT to use.

  • Guest titan says:

    The stuff that will spew out of the Titan smokestacks injures and kills. That is a fact. No bullying tactics like lawsuits will make that go away.

    “A growing body of evidence links chronic exposure to air pollution––especially particulate matter (PM)––with mortality resulting from a variety of heart, lung, and respiratory diseases. A new study corroborates this association, and indicates that women may be at greater risk than men of fatal coronary heart disease (CHD) as a result of exposure to airborne PM [EHP 113:1723–1729]. When ozone (O3) or sulfur dioxide (SO2) is also present, women’s risk appears even greater.”


    “According to EPA scientists, reducing cement pollution would save up to 2500 premature deaths every year and reduce thousands of heart attacks, asthma attacks and emergency rooms visits.” http://earthjustice.org/blog/2011-january/congressional-assault-on-health-protections-is-underway

    The EPA estimates that PM 2.5 kills 20,000 people and hospitalizes many more each year”. – http://www.ucsusa.org/scientific_integrity/abuses_of_science/epa-air-pollution-decision.html

    * Titan’s proposed PM emissions would result in an increase in existing PM pollution for NH County by an estimated 33 %.
    * Titan’s proposed PM10 emissions would result in an increase in existing PM10 pollution for NH County by an estimated 33 %.
    * Titan’s proposed PM2.5 would result in an increase in existing PM2.5 pollution for NH County by an estimated 37%.
    * Titan’s proposed NOx emissions would result in an increase in existing NOx pollution for NH County by an estimated 29%.
    * Titan’s proposed Carbon Monoxide emissions would result in an increase in existing Carbon Monoxide pollution for NH County by an estimated 22%.
    * Titan’s proposed Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) emissions would result in an increase in existing VOC pollution for NH County by an estimated 20%.
    * Titan’s proposed SO2 emissions would result in an increase in existing SO2 pollution for NH County by an estimated 2%.*

  • Guest says:

    We should stand up for free speech but we should remind some of the leaders of Stop Titan that they are supposed to be non-partisan. While we remind Titan that free speech means something, we should remind some of the stop titan folks like Ms. Darrell that non-partisan means something too!

  • Guest says:

    To LOL: First, every comment in the complaint filed by Titan can be referenced and proved true. Second, those comments were spoken in a public forum at a county commissioners meeting. So, in this country GETTING SUED is NOT what happens when you voice an opinion to your elected officials. EVERYONE should be offended that this foreign corporation is abusing our court system in an attempt to silence and intimidate a community who has every right to voice their opposition.
    You wouldn’t be “LOL” if it were YOU being sued for speaking the truth about something that was important to you.

  • Guest says:

    The stuff(smoke)that spew out of stinking cigarettes injure and kill too, cigarettes ought to be outlawed yet some people will smoke in the presence of their young children, at home and in their cars…by the way it’s well documented what tobacco products will do to people, especially children.

  • Guest7969 says:

    PLEASE post links to your data source for the last half of your post.

    According to your little article… “agricultural activity, vehicle exhaust, and emissions from coal-fired power plants. ” is part of what you have a problem with…SO..I ASSUME since you are on your soap box…that you don’t eat anything coming from agricultural activity, you don’t drive a car and since here in NHC we get electricity from a coal-fired power plant…that you don’t use electricity. If you do ANY of those things…SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!

    THEN you go and post an article from earthjustice.org…[sarcasm]CLEARLY an unbiased organization [/sarcasm]

  • Guest says:

    Kayne Darrell in my view is no Mother Teresa. While many of us can support free speech and oppose efforts by Titan to attempt to intimadate opponents there may be more here than the issue of free speech. As a comment below notes, Stop Titan is suppose to be a non-partisan group. Yet, Ms Darrell in the past has used the Stop Titan Facebook page to push very liberal candidates and other causes. In my opinion that is not right and other Stop Titan leaders should not allow this cause to be diverted to other issues by a few folks who may have their own agendas. I dont think Dr. Hill did anything wrong- but whether or not Ms. Darrell crossed a line really depends on what the facts are. Ms Darrell is entitled to her day in Court–but so is Titan.
    Protecting Wilmington is best done by allowing the facts to come to public light– Is this Titan attempting to intimadate opponents-or did Ms Darrell cross the line?

  • David says:

    Thank you Kayne and Dr. Hill, and thank you to community members for organizing this rally to protest Titan and this outrageous attack on free speech.

    Twenty states have laws against SLAPP suits – Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation. These are lawsuits that attempt to intimidate and silence critics by the costs of legal defense. However North Carolina does not have laws against SLAPP suits.

    I simply don’t understand WHY ON EARTH anyone – ANYONE – would want 150,000 tons of coal being burned each year in the immediate area of 8,700 school children. To each and every person who thinks this is okay, for shame. You will have the inevitable health complications and impacts of those 8,700 children who are affected ON YOUR HANDS.

    Is it worth money? Is it worth so-called economic development at the cost of human health and the environment?

    Get real people. Nothing is more precious than human life. Nothing.

    See you at the rally Saturday morning.

  • Guest says:

    Someone should have told Titan how hard it is to prosecute a slander or a libel case. A lot of money is going to be wasted in court.

  • Guest says:

    While we see what develops in the slander/libel Court case- I’d like to see, as others have mentioned, other Stop Titan leaders take control and ensure they will end the practice of some in trying to co-opt a
    non partisan group for left wing causes some of us have issues with. I’m against Titan for various reasons but I resent the hypocrisy of some who are trying to use the stop titan movement for other liberal causes-enough already. As for Ms. Darrell, let the facts come out and let’s see what they are. Did her Agenda cross the line- or is this Titan trying to free chill speech. The answer to that is not yet clear!

  • Guest7969 says:

    LOL..AGAIN…they AREN’T getting sued for talking about elected officials…they are getting sued for spewing false claims against Titan. If you want to make up stuff about a company…make sure your pockets are deep with cash because most of them are going to take you to court! The anti-Titan group surely doesn’t preach on the GOOD things about Titan…those things DO exist and a simple Google of Titan Cement in an UNBIASED way would yield something like this http://www.reliableplant.com/Read/24711/Roanoke-Cement-Company-safety . The FACTS are this….Titan is going to follow EPA guidelines…guidelines PRAISED over by the same liberal left wing nut jobs that are against Titan and other plants.

    I tell you what…I will listen to you guys…when you stop using energy from a COAL BURNING PROCESS in NHC, you start WALKING where you go instead of driving and you do away with all plastics/petroleum products in your home and wardrobe….until then YOU ARE A HYPOCRITE! Don’t go telling others what to do until your OWN POOP DON’T STINK!

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