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WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — With the rising temperatures and clear skies, many folks are making their way to the beach. Wrightsville Beach says they are trying to clean up their act and they are hoping their creative strategies will mean less litter.

the beach is not your ashtray and the town of Wrightsville Beach says this summer they hope to drive that point home. “People out there care about the beach, and we just need to make sure that the 95% that care, need to get the other 5% to care, too,” says Wrightsville Beach mayor David Cignotti.

Cignotti says the town decided not to put a ban on smoking at the beach, yet. Instead, they are going to try some educational tactics to cut down on the pollution. “We’re gonna have ambassadors on the beach this summer that will try to educate people about litter,” says Cignotti. “The proper disposal of cigarette butts will be one of those educational efforts.”

Danielle Richardet picks up litter off Wrightsville Beach every week, and she says she always finds tons of cigarette butts. “When I start picking litter up on the beach, the majority of the litter I do find is cigarette butts unfortunately,” says Richardet.

Because she sees how huge a problem butts on the beach is, Richardet and her family donated a BaitTank to Wrightsville Beach. The BaitTanks are cigarette receptacles that have information on the damaging effects of cigarettes on our world on their sides.

When we spoke with The BaitTank creator Mark Armen, he said he agrees with Wrightsville Beach about the importance of educating the general public rather than just banning smoking all together. “How can we educate so that when a ban isn’t in place or when someone’s sitting in their car at a stop light, they’re not gonna dish it out their window, they’re gonna think twice,” says Armen. “This is a fish, this is two gallons of water. Lets think twice about dishing it outside the window.”

Because of the creative design and the insight on the damage that is done when butts are just tossed, the company says cigarette pollution can be decreased by almost 60%.

There are now two BaitTanks in Wrightsville Beach. One is located by Wings and the other is across the street from Tower 7. Both BaitTanks were donated by private citizens.
The BaitTank could potentially win $25,000 to continue spreading the word if it wins one of The Green Awards.
To vote for The BaitTank: https://www.thegreenawards.com/Default.aspx?v=74
To learn more about BaitTanks: http://thebaittank.com/

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  • Guestsmoke

    …about cigarette butts when the state raises the taxes again, only the wealthy at Wrightville Beach will be able to afford to smoke them at their McMansions and on their boats then.

    With gas prices headed for $4.00 a gallon and beyond, many won’t be able to afford to travel to Wrightville Beach and pay $2.00 an hour to park, 3% room occupancy tax, $5.00 hamburgers….Wrightville Beach will then have their own little Island for the elite few and they can keep the peasants out.

  • Guest7969

    “life-threatening pollution coming from a mercury-spewing cement plant?” You BETTER be sure your facts are straight…lawsuits are coming out for those posting up this type of stuff…looks like you might be working from your talking point post-it…

  • Guest

    I’ve read enough about the cigarette butts at Wrightsville Beach to last a lifetime. Shouldn’t you be more concerned about the life-threatening pollution coming from a mercury-spewing cement plant?
    Our county is going to be turned into a polluted wasteland and you keep harping on cigarette butts.

  • guest9999

    They don’t have to worry about me smoking down there. That’s all they ever do is complain and whine about everything. They seem to forget they don’t own the beach and that it belongs to all of use. Not a business down there will never see another dollar from me anyway.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    This is what happens when you do away with the draft. No one gets “how to smoke with manners” rammed down their throat by a drill instructor.

    You simply tear the filter off, stick it in your pocket, then tear the remaining cigarette right down the middle. All that remains is vegetable matter and small pieces of very thin paper that are scattered by the wind and disintigrate in days. And trust me, Princess, that little filter in your pocket isn’t going to inconvenience you.

    Or, you can smoke non-filtered, like The Duke, Bogie, and I did. Then there’s no filter to worry about…..just lung cancer…..

    But I’ll bet Wrightsville Beach could get off cheap if they just contacted Camp LeJeune. Somewhere up there, there’s a warehouse filled with 165,784 red and gold signs that say, ‘FIELD STRIP ALL CIGARETTE BUTTS.’

    I am available if WB wants to hire me on to teach one class a week on proper field stripping.

  • Guestasis

    Stay at that little beach in Castle Hayne where tobacco use is mandatory.

  • Guest

    Fish consumption advisories for methylmercury now account for more than three-quarters of all fish consumption advisories in the United States. Forty States have issued advisories for methylmercury on selected water-bodies and 13 states have statewide advisories for some or all sportfish from rivers or lakes. Coastal areas along the Gulf of Mexico, Maine, and the Atlantic Ocean from Florida through North Carolina are under advisories for methylmercury for certain fish.

    You can read more about it here, “Mercury in the Environment” from the US Geological Survey http://www.usgs.gov/themes/factsheet/146-00/

  • Guest7969

    do you know where a LARGE majority of increased mercury in the water column comes from?….DREDGING activities….once mercury has settled onto the bottom…it stays there until it gets stirred up…mercury comes from A LOT of sources….some natural…send God a fine for it!

  • greenie

    Mercury has a ZERO percent threshold for effects on humans. Look it up. Your government, in it’s infinite wisdom, has determined “allowable” mercury emmission standards from cement plants. Lobbyists aim to influence your government and raise those levels to lower costs.

    I don’t care who sues me, it is documented that there is no “safe” level of mercury in air or water, just “allowable” levels.

  • Guest

    Titan Troll Blames God. News at 11:00.

  • Ethics Watcher

    Many things are going wrong at Wrightsville Beach because Mayor Cignotti allows the city manager to be retired and drawing a paycheck. The Mayor will defend his hardwork but it is hard to defend only one update for our citizens since August of 2010 on the Town’s website. Mr. “Transparent” Cignotti is content to let the city manager keep us transparently in the dark. Mr. Mayor since you are not perceptive enough to pick up on it, let me be the first to INFORM you that the manager is even keeping you in the dark and your naivete’ is the talk of this Town. TRUST BUT VERIFY MR. MAYOR. We elected you to run this Town, so do it!


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