CFCC students want your water samples to test

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Submitted: Tue, 03/15/2011 - 6:36pm
Updated: Tue, 03/15/2011 - 6:39pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Cape Fear Community College wants to find out what’s in your water. CFCC students are taking a closer look at the area’s water sources as part of a study funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation.

As a part of the study the public is invited to submit samples from various sources. The water collected will be examined for various contaminants such as lead or iron.

There is no charge for the test, but samples must be submitted by March 21 to be considered.

“We’re getting water samples from the community. We’re testing those for various contaminants,” CFCC Chemical Technology Lead Instructor Tracy Holbrook said. “These include anything from mercury, to lead, to copper. And with the help from the NSF we are now able to detect over 99 percent of the EPA contaminants that they’ve listed on their MCO list.”

The Chemical Technology class requests that samples be brought in one-gallon containers that have been thoroughly cleaned and rinsed.

You can drop them off in Building N, room 302 at the downtown campus.


  • Guest says:

    Without controlling the containers and the sampling methods the results of this survey will be essentially useless….and that’s too bad. It would be great to have a scientific sampling of our water. Do these folks know anything about scientific method?

  • Guest says:

    i dont think that they are claiming that the tests are 100% accurate. it just gives the community an idea what is in their water. i would rather have these tests done for free than have the health department charge me over $250 per sample.

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