Church pianist arrested for raping a minor

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Submitted: Tue, 03/15/2011 - 9:46pm


Michael Eugene Nobles was arrested, Tuesday, March 8, 2011, at Pender High School.

He was charged with 2nd degree trespassing and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

After further investigation Mr. Nobles was additionally charged with five counts of Crimes Against Nature, Statutory Rape and Indecent Liberties with a Minor.

Mr. Nobles is presently being held on a $2.75 million bond.

He plays piano in different churches in the Wilmington and Pender County area.


  • Guest461 says:

    Your mockery of Christians and God is nothing less than instigating and looking for a fight. Your ignorance abounds in your post and is clearly indicative of your pitiful lack of any faith in anything.

    The sad part is that somehow a young boy was lured into the arms of a filty predator and will never be the same. This has nothing to do with Christians or God, this has to do with a very sick, perverted individual and a mis-guided “Gay” 15 year old boy, however the hell that happens. Whether this man worked as a pianist for chuches or he was a teacher in a middle school. No responsible adult would knowingly allow this PIG to interact with children.

    You can go crawl back under that rock from which you emerged now…..

  • Guest324233232232342 says:

    I’m curious as to how Christians view this; Was this God’s mercy? Was this mans victim just a part of God’s plans? Shouldn’t he just pray it out and ask for redemption, that’ll work won’t it? I can’t believe your sky fairy would allow such a thing.

  • Guest says:

    UNREAL!! People like this is what’s wrong with the world today!!

  • Guest says:

    First off, I am a Christian and am not ashamed to admit being a sinner saved by the grace of GOD.

    Now, to the issue at hand: This man chose to behave in this despicable manner and it grieves the heart of GOD to see his children harmed by such evil men.

    Please remember, GOD has a perfect plan, but he does not force our compliance. We make bad choices and sometimes commit horrible acts of evil – but we are acting in disobediance to a loving GOD.

    JESUS died on the cross and suffered for this man’s sins and ours.

    Crimes are not an indictment of our loving Savior, but of the wicked ways of mankind.

  • Guest says:

    God’s mercy is what keeps us from condemnation. I wish that you understood that because it is God’s love that allows us to be forgiven. When you pull God out of a situation, these are the kinds of things that happen, how could you think that this could be a part of God’s plan, you must not understand anything about Him, that’s too bad. It takes more than prayer top be redeemed, it took the death of His Son. This is of the world my friend, not of God. We as Christians need to be praying not only for Mike, but also you who posted this. May God be glorified somehow through this, for He is far greater than anything of this world.

  • Guest says:

    I’m not here to judge but I would hate to be in your shoes on Judgement Day. I pray that God will have mercy on you and put you under a strong conviction to accept him before it’s everlasting too late. You will be in my prayers.

  • brantleytc says:

    The sun rises on the just and the unjust. Don’t blame the whole for the acts of one man. Sadly, these people are in every organization or religious fact and in every society. It was not God’s will for this girl to be raped but the man’s free will that allowed him to do such a heinous act. Redemption may be achieved but it must be sought with a whole, repentant heart. The act would then be forgiven in the eyes of God but the consequences will remain for this act.

  • Das Weibstück says:

    Who cares what christians think of this? All the Brainless Brigade will do is pray which accomplishes nothing. That is why we have courts to handle this perv.

    god has a plan? Really?

  • justreading says:

    If you are sincere in your curiosity, go to one of the local churches this accused rapist misrepresented and basically tore down. I am sure there is great shock and sadness. The only thing sky fairies would have to do with this curiosity is misdirected sarcasm and hostility toward Christianity, not any righteous anger toward the criminal or love for the victim or the victim(s) family. Which really is the point. It is a tragedy one man chose to bring about of his own free will. God has a plan that we all would live well and abundantly. Because He gives us a free will, we can choose to fall out of that plan with selfish sowing, hurting others and ourselves when we finally reap. Not His fault. It is part of life’s lesson to stop blaming the creator for the consequences of man’s choices.

  • brantleytc says:

    Who do you think established the courts? Romans 13:1 The government was originally established by God. God gave the government a sword to protect and punish which takes the burden of justice off the hands of private citizens. Also, you have the right to think whatever you want but don’t insult my beliefs to make yourself feel superior to those around you. If you wouldn’t say that to Hindus or Muslims, then don’t say it to us. And another thing is that the only thing you see or hear about it us praying. That is not the only thing we do, we are in every corner of this world spreading our beliefs and willingly laying down our lives for our beliefs. That, my friend is courage, not some brainless function. And just because a person is Christian doesn’t mean that they are pacifist. I fully believe in self defense and retribution for ones actions.

  • TruthSeeker says:

    If this man had no connection to “The Church”, Excuses would not be made by these people who call themselves “Christians” or any other verbage referencing “God Fearing Folk”. If Jeffrey Dahmer could have “opened up about his problems” would he have really revealed his affinity for eating human flesh and being sexually fulfilled by such..Hmmm..I DONT THINK SO!! Mr.Nobles has a problem indeed, not homosexuality, But PEDOPHILIA!!! Religion is an ancient concept,HOWEVER, oddly enough, christianity is one of the NEWEST religions but is somehow seen by its followers to be “THE ONLY RIGHT WAY”…Really? If Mr. Nobles was a delivery driver and not a church organist half of these posts wouldnt be here. The sad part is if you prCatice what you preach all you “God Fearing Folk” would seek Mr. Nobles out to minister to him instead of defending your faith to the masses on this BLOG BLOG BLOG.

  • Grand Ole Party says:

    It was a response to someone who asked, so I am guessing someone cares buttercup. Any further questions genius?

  • Das Weibstück says:

    I say it to anyone who believes in a supernatural god. Gods are myths, like Zeus,Frigg Athena,Apollo and the thousands of others worshiped through time. The people that believed in them realllllllllly thought they existed. So why is your god any different?

    “The authorities that exist have been established by god.” There is no god, MAN did that all by himself.

  • Guest CommonTater says:

    There are idiot trolls out there….

  • Guest92 says:

    Thank you! finally somebody with a brain on this post!

  • Ty17 says:

    I happen the know the guy stated above, Michael. I also know the teen that he happened to fornicate with. I will let you know, this teenager found Michael. He went out and found him, not the other way around. Now I agree Michael shouldn’t have done what he did, and was told several times by people he told, that he needs to stop what he is doing, but the Teen boy, which is gay, kept asking for more, not Michael. This teenager may have been young at the time, but was and still is perfectly capable of knowing what he is doing. He knew it was illegal, but he still asked Michael to do it, and he also knew that Michael, if was caught, would get in trouble. Before you go off telling people this and that, maybe it would be important for you to go get your facts straight. However, I must agree. Michael does need to get worse punishment, because he needs to learn, he can’t do that. I agree with you on that statement.

    By the way, the teenager is 16 now, and still goes and has fun with much older guys. He still knows what he is doing, and is going to continue to do it!

  • Guest223442322 says:

    I am the OP above. You may call me saying your God/Jesus is a sky fairy is outlandish, but you say the same about all the gods that came before him, am I right? Do you believe in Zeus? There is just as much proof that Zeus exists as there does that a Christian God does.

  • Guest says:

    Prayer chain people SOMEONE CURIOUS is in great need of it!!!!!!

  • Guest says:

    Hahahahahahahah that is too funny. You actually tried to justify your lack of knowledge of the bible and God by comparing Him to Zues. Maybe cupid will strick you blind with love, I just hope its for God.

    The next time we have a drought maybe you can show us how you dance for the Sun, or the next time you are in trouble call on Zeus with his Trident to come save you, Maybe Urcela from the Little Mermaid will come help you out as well hahahahahah.

    On a more seriuos note, I truly hope that you find Him before its to late.

  • Guest says:

    Praying on the chain!

  • Guest23234423234 says:

    You’re not here to judge me, but you just did. There is no judgement day, its all make-believe stories for grown ups. There is no more proof for your God than any of the gods people worshiped before him. Save your prayers for people who actually buy into such nonsense.

  • Guest says:

    Satan abounds all around us every day. You see him at work in this article and in many of the comments about it. We have the free will to let him destroy our minds, hearts, and lives or we can stand on that solid rock of love, mercy, truth, and justice. I choose with you to pray for these souls, the ones involved in the crime, their families and mostly those who are in darkness in their comments here. For them all, I will pray. Just because they do not believe in God doesn’t mean He’s not there or that He loves them any less than the perpetrator here or the minor or you and me. He loves us all equally and died for our sins. Yes, he offers forgiveness to any who ask it of Him, but He requires that we turn from those sins and nowhere in the bible does it say we will not have to pay for our sin in this life. God demands justice as well. It is only after we leave this earth, having paid for our sins here, and turning away from them will He grant that pardon of being separated from Him eternally. Everyone needs to learn more about Him from His word and not through the actions or beliefs of others. Read the bible, it’s all there. Prayers going up for everyone. I love you all in the spirit of Christ.

  • Guest says:

    Some people just feed on drama and like to stir things up. You can’t rouse me, because God’s true followers don’t react in that manner. And, if I may say, you can’t stop me for praying for your salvation. So I will continue on…like it or not. Because that’s what we as Christians are called to do. May God bless you!

  • GuestLee says:

    Your proof is the Bible. You should try reading it sometime…with an open mind (which may prove difficult for you).

  • Guest7777777 says:

    The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, their deeds are vile; there is no one who does good. – – Psalm 14:1

  • Guest2020 says:

    I believe that you can hold a person accountable, punish them for their crimes and still be compassionate about it. I am a Christian and my Bible does say to love everyone, not love only the people who are perfect and do no wrong. If that was the case then I couldn’t love anyone other than Jesus. I fully believe that this man should receive the harshest penalty the law allows and I am not even sure if that is enough. I also believe he should be removed from any kind of leadership position in any church that he is a part of. And as much as this man needs our prayers, his victim needs our prayers even more because the victims of child molesters serve life sentences.

  • Guest says:

    When everyone is done with the religious debate, let’s focus on the real issue. How do we protect our kids?! What could have been done differently?

    Furthermore, it wasn’t a girl he raped. It was a boy
    That is why he was charged with “crimes against nature”.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    We have an adult gay man sexually involved with a (likely, or at least possibly) gay minor. Instead of agreeing that it is illegal and he needs to go to jail for a long time, people try to lay this on God’s doorstep because this guy banged the ivories in local churches….and my fellow Christians can’t ignore the obvious bait! They forget that THEY cannot restore eyesight to the blind.

    As to your question, you can’t protect your children unless you want to home school them, monitor their activity twenty-four hours a day, and deny them all TV, movies, and Internet. Unless this guy has a criminal history that should have been researched by the churches, he falls into the category of one of life’s innumerable risks.

    As Gibran wrote, children are the arrows and we are the archers. Once they leave the bow, it’s only your skill as an archer that guides their flight.

  • Guest says:

    Here’s what I was thinking about Mike Nobles.

    In my mind, I was comparing Mike Nobles’ actions to the actions of priests who do the exact same or worse to children.

    Catholic religion tells a vibrant, vigorous young man (who may have been abused himself) that he cannot marry if he is to dedicate himself to the priesthood. He has to do something with his sex drive. He won’t touch the old maids in the convent – they’re completely celibate too. For these priests, it is more difficult for them to control themselves than it is for the women, because men by nature are more chemically-driven to sexual aggression due to the male hormones.

    And you can see where that would lead, not having any sexual expression or outlet or opportunity to marry.

    It’s a recipe for disaster.

    I’m not saying that going celibate makes you a pedophile. What I’m saying is that when you are suppressed so hard, with no help in your situation, that what you push down deep in one place, it’s going to bleed out through some other place – eventually. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, perhaps not even next week, but at some point, who and what you are is going to shine through.

    Basically, I think you open the door to Satan when you drive people into the dark with no help, when you push them into isolation and deprivation without giving them the support and help they need. In the case of the priest, you take women away from him – against the order of God – and you create a world of possibilities which can be very destructive to those in the priest’s sphere of influence.

    This is not to blame Catholicism (the system) for the actions of the priest.

    The priest alone chose to do what he did.

    BUT – the Bible does say in I Timothy 4:3 that forbidding to marry comes from doctrines of demons – from the devil himself.

    So in the priest’s case, when you take marriage away from him (or he chooses it himself), a door is opened to Satanic attack and activity in that person’s life for sure. And bad things are sure to quickly follow.

    Now, I want to transition to Mike Nobles, using that same principle of driving people into a deeply hidden life.

    For years and years and years, Mike obviously had gay feelings (as he pursued boys), but all those years he was feeling gay inside, he was being told that it was a sin against God, that it was wrong, whatever. Now, I can see where they get that out of the Bible, but here’s where I think fundamentalism goes wrong.

    They make it such an angry, hostile, threatening, negative atmosphere towards anyone who is not heterosexual, that people in Mike Nobles’ situation (of having gay feelings) cannot open up and say “Hey, everyone, I’m struggling with this” or even “Hey, someone, I’m struggling with this” on an individual level. Fundamentalists simply cannot say “I like guys, not girls”.

    The fundamentalist preachers and authorities don’t just say, “we believe homosexuality is wrong according to the word of God, but God has a better way”. No. They shout and yell and rail and get angry about homosexuality, such that homosexuals and lesbians feel as if God hates them because the church does.

    Heck, it’s hard enough when you are STRAIGHT!!! I remember (at various times) making certain healthy male comments about women, around some fundamentalists I know, and I got the third degree for it. So I said, “I notice you get on to people about comments about the opposite sex. Would you rather people be GAY????” They shut right up and said nothing more.

    So it must be a hundred times harder for someone in his situation at WCA and GBC all those years to not be able to open up and get the support and help he needs to deal with the things he was experiencing internally. He could not honestly share with anyone what he went through on the inside. There was nobody to talk it through with.

    So he suppressed his feelings down deep inside, and began to get mentally and emotionally and sexually twisted up because he could not get the proper counseling he needed to deal with what was happening inside of him. He had to hide it, because it deviated from the norm, or “the standard according to the word of God”.

    In fundamentalism, there is very little or no room for someone who has gay, lesbian, or bisexual feelings. There is no room for feelings which deviate from the norm of heterosexual feelings as described in the Bible. But instances of fundamentalists with “other feelings” keep popping up all over the place in the news, and privately in local churches. Yet the fundamentalist church still refuses to recognize the fact that some people in the congregation genuinely struggle, and don’t feel the same as everyone else.

    And I honestly think because of the shame and the condemnation WCA and GBC heaped upon “the homosexual lifestyle”, maybe Mike thought he could never come out of the closet and simultaneously be a good fundamentalist, so he perhaps took his desires where it could be more easily hidden, to people who he could easily silence or intimidate (younger people).

    I hope it doesn’t come across like an excuse for what he did to those teenagers at all. There is no excuse.

    What I am saying is that when the church oppresses people into silence, and makes it so they can never reach out to anybody to get help, they help to create problems 20 times worse than the problems they think they “solved”, “praise God, nobody here in the church is gay or lesbian, hallelujah”. There are problems 20-fold worse, which are created by driving the individual into isolation and darkness and secrecy, which is the worst place to force people to go.

    The hidden place — the dark place — that’s where the devil plays his best games, when you can’t be upfront and honest and just deal with what’s going on in your life at the basic primary level before it gets out of hand.

    I have had this opinion for a long time, and hearing about Mike Nobles just reinforces what I think.

    If GBC and WCA had given the message, “if you are gay or lesbian, and you want to open up about it, let us talk with you and pray with you and give you God’s counsel about the matter”, then maybe things might be different.

    I could be wrong, now.

    I mean, maybe Mike Nobles was molested by someone for years and years and ended up repeating the cycle.

    Or maybe Mike liked where he was and never wanted any help.

    Maybe a lot of things. I don’t know.

    But I in fact DO know that I just have seen so much in the news about Christians who have struggles, but who have nobody to turn to because of the stance of the church on a given subject, sexuality or anything else. It’s like you can never admit to anyone that you are anything but perfect. People put on their game faces and “never let them see you sweat” and put their best foot forward.

    And these same people who are in the church who are putting on the game face week after week after week are trying and crying and dying inside to be able to reach out to somebody for help before their problem blows up into the biggest mess of their lives.

    People week after week go to church, and then once they leave church, they mentally go right back to the hog pen again and again.

    There is nobody to talk to – nobody to confide in, because after all, we’re all perfect, and nobody ever does anything wrong.

    It’s happened time and time and time again.

    People get sick and twisted up because they have no one to talk to, and the problems that could have been dealt with as a seed or a bloom, now have turned into a full-blown orchard of trees with no end in sight.

    I guess what I’m saying is that fundamentalism did not CREATE the monster, but I feel like fundamentalism certainly FED the monster by its inability to allow Mike to open up and be honest when the problem was in its budding stages.

    To me, the story is not Mike Nobles; heck, Mike is only one sentence of it. The story is fundamentalism’s failure to give people the chance to be a Christian, yet simultaneously have the freedom to open up and be real about their problems to the church, without the fear of getting cast out, cast down, called a heretic, or have your entire standing with God questioned.

    And the end result of making people suppress their struggles instead of being honest about those struggles is that people get sick.

    The Bible says “there is no fear in love”. But the sad truth is … that there’s lots of fear in fundamentalism.

  • Guest2020 says:

    I don’t think that you are giving churches a fair shake by lumping all protestants together and saying that there is no one who share’s Mike’s religious beliefs that he could turn to for help. I don’t know the churches he was associated with, but given the geography of his arrest I would say I know nothing about them or their pastors. Sometimes it might take some time to find the right pastor to talk to, but there are a lot of pastors out there who will listen without judging and encourage a person to get proper help. There are pastors and churches who accept that we are all human and make mistakes and have issues that are outside of the will of God. Although my issues are different than Mike’s, I have had the benefit of finding good counsel with pastors. I also know of situations where pastors have handled situations poorly, but that is the problem of having humans as pastors, because no matter what we want to think of them, they are human.

  • Concerned Parent says:

    A church piano player. Seriously? Was he trolling while he was playing for the churches? Or did he just troll the high schools? Honestly, what is this world coming to? This is beyond upsetting.

  • Guest says:

    Nearly 40 years of fundamentalist experience, talking here.

    I’ve been there and I’ve seen it.

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