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SOUTHPORT, NC (WWAY) — With all eyes on Japan’s nuclear plant and how the country is being affected by the situation, folks in Brunswick County say the meltdown is hitting too close to home because of the Progress Energy’s Brunswick Nuclear Plant in Southport.

Residents of southern Brunswick County say they have mixed feelings about the nearby nuclear plant, and with the current situation in Japan, it really has them thinking.

Folks who live in the 10-mile emergency planning zone around the Brunswick Nuclear Plant say they understand the need for the plant, but that does not mean they are not worried about the consequences of living so close to the facility.

Brunswick County Emergency Management says residents are in good hands and their resources work constantly to make sure a comprehensive plan is in place if a problem were to arise.

“I think we stand to learn a great deal from the events in Japan in terms of how the public reacts and how the public responds,” Brunswick County Emergency Management Director Anthony Marzano. “Most of what we practice in our FEMA drills makes a response to a theoretical worst case scenario. Here we’re actually looking at a worst case scenario, so seeing how the plans on paper play out in real life, there will be lessons to learn.”

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  • Reality Dose

    REALLY…. COME ON PEOPLE!!! If they are that concerned then they should move. Drama consumes peoples life too much. Our plant has been there for a long time and if anything were to happen then the resources are there in place to handle it. It is very unfortunate what has happened in Japan but to say it hits close to home is pure imaginative drama.

  • Big Al

    Good, I hope you are the first one in if the big one comes. I hope for all of us it doesn’t.
    I understand that nuclear plants release iodine 131 from time to time.
    Nothing to worry about if you love to eat seaweed.

  • Ron

    What happened in Japan should show us all that you can never be fully prepared for what this earth can do. If we continue to abuse our earth we may see more examples of her strength.

  • Johnny A

    Theres a local blog that has alot of good info on the nuclear situation. Its http://www.ncnuke.com

    Check it out

  • shahfaisal

    it is so sad about japan that they are suffering the great disaster .it is so sad may Allah give him the potental to get rid of this disaater because its from the God no one can compitite with such disaster which are from the God.and i request to all over the world people tht help the japanese people because they have suffered many in past . and now if the people of japan are disturbed we may have t help them in every shape .being a muslim i can say only that and i will prey fro the people of japan .may Allah give him the potential to get rid of these disturbance.one thing i will more add here the japanese people are more brave and hard working.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    “If we continue to abuse our earth we may see more examples of her strength.”

    I’m sincerely trying to understand your reasoning here. Is it your view that earthquakes are somehow due to man’s activity, and that the Earth is somehow seeking revenge? Do you view the Earth as a living, thinking entity?

  • Das Weibstück

    Knowing how land masses have been formed over billions of years by tectonic plate shift (Japan sits on 4 of those), earthquakes, volcano’s etc may help you realize the earth isn’t doing this because it is “abused”. I feel sure you knew this already.

  • Real reality

    The 800 earthquakes recorded in Arkansas over the past 6 months were caused by:

    (A) Nature (These things just happen)
    (B) Humans (rather energy companies injecting water, chemicals into the earth to extract natural gas, commonly known as fracking)
    (C) Both A and B (Nature was responding to Human activity)
    (D) Hydraulics (When you shoot water into a rock it is going to break)
    (E) All of the above

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    Your theory is that fracking in Arkansas is the reason that the Pacific “ring of fire” has been a hotspot of geophyscical activity for millions of years.

    Makes perfect sense….

  • Guest m

    I dont think it is a dramatization to say that the events in Japan hit close to home for those of us who live and work in the Southport area.
    The plant has procedures in place that will help mitigate events from natural disasters. The item that hits close to home is that the workers in Japan are executing these procedures.
    While we train for a worst case scenario, they are living through it.
    I agree, the plant was here before a lot of current residents, and those deeply concerned should move to another area.

  • Gwow

    The southport Plant was built directly on a fault line thats right not 60 miles away like Japan nukes – I have actually have seen this . What were they thinking ????? you talk to people that actually try to justify that it is inactive from no activity in the last 200 years. However this could be compared to a grain of sand on a beach when compared to geological time. I would love to actually hear the justification of the site location from the decision makers at the time . Im am just stunned every time I think of what they have done.


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