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OK! MAGAZINE: Teen Mom’s Jenelle Evans - no time for her child


OAK ISLAND, NC (OK! MAGAZINE) - Posing in the surf in her designer bikini, Teen Mom Jenelle Evans was clearly enjoying the attention, despite chilly temperatures, on Oak Island, N.C., on Feb. 24. The “girls’ day out” with her roommate and best friend Tori Rhyne started with morning manicures and spray tans. Then, the duo stopped at Island Wave Restaurant for some sodas before hitting the sand, where Jenelle showed off the body she works hard for in the gym every week. Her 1-year-old son Jace was nowhere in sight.

Since signing over custody of Jace to her mom, Barbara, Jenelle’s visits with her child sometimes take a backseat to other things in her life. “She says she tries to see him at least once a day, to feed him or put him down for a nap,” her ex Kieffer Delp tells OK!, “but on weekends, Jenelle often skips out on her duties to party with her friends. She’s addicted to being popular.”

Kieffer says Jenelle devotes countless hours to her image with shopping trips, Facebook updates and photo shoots — while Barbara takes care of Jace. After dating Jenelle since fall 2010, Kieffer blames their breakup on her growing fame. “She began to be demanding, boss people around and act like a star,” he tells OK!. They broke up during Jenelle’s February trip to L.A., he says, while she was filming the Teen Mom 2 reunion show with Dr. Drew Pinsky. “I just couldn’t take it anymore,” Kieffer says. “She’s let all the hype go to her head.”

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Jenelle Evans

An absolute mess of a mother. Poor lil boy.
the funny thing is, she thinks shes famous...when the rest of the world look down on her for being a dreg on society. skank.


Tell you what if my daughter would of spoke to me like that she would of saw the ground sorry but you dont talk to your mom like that and you are lucky that your mom is willing to take your baby instead of putting it in the system

Hitler youth were encouraged

Hitler youth were encouraged to have children out of wedlock. Makes me wonder why this is this being glorified in the U.S.?

Severe lack of parenting has led us here...

Why is this garbage still on television? Are there really enough people watching this ridiculous show such that it continues to be televised?

It is heartbreaking how so many kids today are in crisis. They have lost their way and have no respect for themselves, their parents, their friends or society in general. To televise this kind of crap that does nothing but glorify bad decisions and teen pregnancy, is irresponsible on so many levels. We personally have blocked this show, and so many others like it, but parenting has to go beyond that. We all should be teaching our children that this is not a way of life that will allow them to be successful members of a community and that respect for self and others, hard work, and good decision-making will get them further in life.

It's obvious that if these kids had been given the time and attention they needed while they were younger, they would not currently be teen moms doing the same thing to their children. The cycle has got to be broken at some point and children should be allowed to be children, not mothers of chidren.

While I understand what you

While I understand what you are saying it is not entirely true. I came from a very loving home with my parents always around and spending time with me, we went to church every Sunday were involved in all sorts of activities and were taught right from wrong and at the age of 17 I became a mom because I myself made the wrong decision, my parents were good honest hardworking people who devoted their lives to mine and my sisters upbringing. Children make choices no matter what they are taught and one way of teaching is showing the hardships of others as an example, while I agree with you that they should not glorify the choices these children have made I do also see the learning benefits from it if not for my children even myself, ways to avoid the situation and to remind myself that I may try my hardest at all times to be a great mother and like so many other mothers out there I may feel as though I have failed. At the end of the day it boils down to kids make bad decisions even from the best of upbringings and kids make good decisions from the worst of upbringings. It is hard as a parent and we all only do what we think is best but I do not agree with always blaming the parent for the choices there child makes it is not always the parents doing but instead is the choice of the child all we can do is help them over come it. Even though I was a teen mom and chose to keep the baby I graduated high school while working full time and paying for child care on my own, moved out after graduation into my own apartment, paid all my bills worked and put myself through college, now I have a very well paying job and have become a successful member of my community. So you see it is possible and I could not have done it if my parents hadn't raised me the way they had, me being a teen mom did not hamper my abilities to be successful I chose to rise above the hard times and achieve all I knew I was capable of. My hard times were not the fault of my parents it was my fault for making the choice I made and I do not appreciate people blaming 2 wonderful people for the choices I made.


The whole thing is sick! You walk into walmart and you see her mom acting just like her daughter. To busy talking about the drama with locals who just want the inside news so they can leave and talk about her and stead of actually working. Mom and daughter are both white trash and we should not be glamorizing the way either of them act.


It's a shame she didn't give the kid up for adoption or preferably had an abortion early on. Now, from what I understand, her mother is saddled raising a grandchild while this skank is out and about working on her ummmm "image"

Political future

I heard that she is planning on running for Mayor of Oak Island. With her background, like the Palin daughter, she may have a tremendous future in the Republican Party. She will probably be able to beat Pantanio for Senate.

The best thing all around is

The best thing all around is that little baby be adopted out so when he reaches the age of understanding whats going on he doesnt turn out to be a low life individual that see's his mother as a low life paracite feeding on this so called fame. That he blossoms into a good carrying person with a family that loves him...


im not even going to read this artical why is their gossip after gossip stories being reported by a news channel 3 please for future validity of any of your stories report the news only

Did you...

By chance did you make it past the fourth grade? Not only did you read the story but you also took the time to post on it.

The fact they would would

The fact they would would run a story based on an article from Ok! Magazine shows just how far this station has fallen.

This just in! Elvis is alive and runs a roto rooter service on Wooster Street!

Elvis??? What's the address?

Elvis??? What's the address?

1900 Dead avenue....

1900 Dead avenue....