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ONLY ON 3: Brunswick Co. school bus driver charged with DWI


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- A Brunswick County school bus driver is off the job tonight after being arrested for driving drunk.

Penny Foster Whitlock was arrested Sunday. She's charged with DWI and driving left of center.

The school district says Whitlock has been a bus driver since October 2003. She's currently suspended from her driving duties pending an investigation.

Whitlock is still working as a custodian at South Brunswick Middle School.

She's scheduled to be in court May 26.

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Miss Penny Is My Friend

Look, Miss Penny is my friend and she truely feels sorry for what she has done. She also knows she has no one to blame but herself. But, she loved driving that bus, and she loved those kids. Where do you hypocritical people get off judhing her for something she done off duty. It was a Saturday night and she was NOT driving a bus. But, when they pull somebody else off a bus here in good ole Brunswick County and give her a drug and alcohol test "ON THE JOB" nothing is said about it in the news. This isn't news, this is just something that should have never happened in the first place. Keep your head up Miss Penny, we got you!!!

Equally Newsworthy

You are right. These stories should be reported equally and these folks all should lose their jobs in the school system permanently. I donlt care who they are or who they know. The same goes for the penalties. There are plenty of responsible people looking for jobs who don't do drugs, drive drunk or inappropriately contact children.

alright... with the poor her

alright... with the poor her crap, hello? am I the only person seeing a hammered wild haired ,wild eyed slush? Lady find you a nice job at a bar. I am sure after that mug shot it was not one beer or one anything! Now all your kiddies getta see ya wasted unless they've seen it before. I mean she chose a profession that EXPECTS her to be an outstanding citizen, to show leadership and be a role model, well that is not a role model for my kids....and thats exactly why my kids dont ride the bus. I dont trust the bus drivers, our bus driver was usuing her cell phone while driving, eating, drinking and screaming at the kids.. not on a bus. You have multiple lives in your hands. We as parents have got to start standing up...way too often are our kids rolemodels here in mug shots for this and greater crimes!

This lady is a good lady, I

This lady is a good lady, I know her and family, be4 u become judge n jury think about your own mistakes, this happen on a weekend not during school hours, she is a damn good bus driver, she has been my child bus driver and I trust her to get the children to and from school with safety and responsibility.

Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is NEVER okay whether you have a driving job or not! And doing so shows extremely poor judgement and no parent should have to worry about the life of their child in a irresponsible persons hands that ever chooses to drive drunk and endanger many lives. A common justification for this behavior is that the person is a "good person" and they made a mistake. While that may be true, statistically getting caught driving drunk is not the first time someone has done this. Thank God she was caught by an officer and not at an accident scene.

Oh, she would never drive the schoolbus drunk? Thank goodness. I am sure the parents on her route feel ALOT better just hearing that! I am sure this lady has good judgement in every other aspect of her life except this one time. Not!

I hate people who make

I hate people who make comments on what other people think most of the parents on her route know her and knew that their children were never in harms way.

dwi bus driver

So...just to be clear...she wasn't driving a school bus drunk? She got a dwi driving her personal car? Your story isn't very clear, probably intentionally.

And this lady was driving

And this lady was driving kids around? I wonder if she was ever drinking while driving the bus?

no she never has any sing of

no she never has any sing of being drunk she drives my bus and would never do a thing like that she cares about the students on her bus and she knows she wouldnt be able to drive a bus drunk. She admits she was wrong and that mug shot is hours after she has been crying her eyes out and saying she was sorry so please dont make asumptions because u have no idea what type of pearson she is and have no idea how bad she realy felt she made that desition and is now paying the price and know's she messed up and wont do it agin so think and get your facts right befor you write something stupid like that agin and besides you cant tell me you have never drove drunk befor just cuz u havent got cought dont meam you havent done it over 90% of people will drive drunk in there life time dont mean they alwas get cought so once agin think about ur family members maybe doing that befor u critize other people

No she would never do that.

No she would never do that.

leave her alone!

no she doesnt drive her bus drunk. im sick of this being all over the place. i ride her bus and the press had no right to publish this. after all, i know her personally, shes family

Public Information

Drunk driving is an epidemic and every person who does should be publically ridiculed. Most especially one who holds a job in a profession related to her crime. Driving. Another real crime is that some slick lawyer will get this reduced and she will probably have no penalty at all for her crime. Heck, she will probably be driving our kids around in no time at all.

To Carry a CDL for the bus

To Carry a CDL for the bus even one drink will get u a DWI .. think about it have u ever had one beer, glass of wine, or a mixed drink with your dinner guests then driven home more than likely yes u have so before u judge someone about a DWI regarding the safety of the children they drive while at work no they are not drinking and driving a bus with children in it.

Not just a beer or two!!!!!!!!!!!

According to police report published in State Port Pilot, Mrs. Whitlock blew a .24!!! THREE TIMES the Legal Limit!!! Stop felling sorry for her. She broke the law!!

Drinking Habits

With a BAC that high, it is very likely a symptom of a drinking problem and not just a random saturday night exception and certainly not one drink consumed. I mean look at her picture. It doesn't take too much reading between the lines. If it were any other night of the week, it is highly likely she has driven the bus drunk or somewhat hungover at the very least.

Well you do not know

Well you do not know Brunswick counties policy. Drivers are tested for drugs and alcohol very often and 90% of the time first thing in the morning. So before you start stating that she has an alcohol problem and that she has been driving the bus drunk too. You really should learn about how the county its self tests and then make judgments. She has been driving for 8 years tell me how a woman that has an alcohol problem has always passed every company test ever asked of her.

She made that decision

Nice try with the everybody does it claim. She made the decision to obtain a CDL full well knowing the stricter tolerance on alcohol consumption. She also made the decision to drive after consuming alcohol. Knowing the low tolerance requirements she should have made other arrangements to get home.


Your so right! Thank God no one was killed while this lady was on the road! She should have made arrangements to get home! So many people die due to drunk driver's! I hope she gets what coming to her! My daughter is doing her senior project on this very same issue and it hits home with her because she lost a friend due to someone drinking and driving! We need tougher laws out there to get this message across to people then MAYBE they would think before they get behind the wheel of a car! But it seems DWI offender's get a slap on the wrist and way to many chances in the courtroom before anything is done to them!