Stilman White Update: Wilmington to Chapel Hill pipeline continues to inch closer & closer

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Submitted: Wed, 03/16/2011 - 1:53am
Updated: Tue, 07/21/2015 - 5:21am

WILMINGTON,NC (WWAY) — UNC head basketball coach Roy Williams must think highly of Hoggard guard Stilman White. The Tar Heel head coach stopped by Hoggard High School just three days before UNC’s first NCAA Tournament game. This is a non-contact recruitment period; therefore, Roy Williams only watched Stilman White play basketball at the Hebbe Gymnasium on Tuesday. Hoggard head basketball coach Brett Queen told WWAY early Tuesday evening that UNC requested that the local media not attend. Coach Queen said it would have been a circus had that happened.

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Hoggard guard Stilman White met with the Brigham Young University basketball staff Thursday in Las Vegas at the Mountain West Conference Tournament. BYU officially offered White a basketball scholarship during his visit. He did not accept the offer. The Hoggard senior is still weighing all offers.

At WWAY we pride ourselves in our coverage of high school basketball. Our commitment to the Full Court Press is one example of how we’ve elevated our game in the past year. The Coach’s Corner is another example. WWAY covered the vast majority of the Hoggard basketball games this season. That’s pretty much been the case through the years. The 2010-2011 Hoggard Vikings finished with a 18-8 record playing a tough non-conference schedule. They finished second in the regular season for the Mideastern Conference. They captured the Mideastern Conference Tournament crown. Hoggard was eliminated in the state playoffs in round two by Terry Sanford. Ironically Terry Sanford ended Hoggard’s season last year as well in round two. Hoggard beat in-town rival New Hanover three times this season. That’s relevant because New Hanover made it all the to the 4-A East Finals before being eliminated on Saturday by Millbrook, a team Hoggard beat in Raleigh back in December. We’ve written an article below on Hoggard guard Stilman White. The Wilmington resident is now on the national radar due to UNC’s sudden interest.

WILMINGTON,NC (WWAY) — Stilman White concluded his stellar career at Hoggard High School last month. The senior guard has plans to play college basketball one day. Now that the University of North Carolina has slid into the recruiting picture the time frame for White playing college basketball may be sooner than later.

UNC’s interest in White is more than just a passing thought even though the Tar Heels are a late arrival in courting White. In fact White’s interest in North Carolina reached a new level Saturday after he and Hoggard head basketball coach Brett Queen spent the day in Chapel Hill. It just happened to be the day of the Duke-UNC basketball game.

Queen is not complaining about the day Carolina came calling, nor is White. Technically it was not an official visit, but these days there’s not a whole lot of difference between unofficial visits and official visits.

The bottom line is this: Any invitation from head coach Roy Williams and the UNC staff is a head turner whether it’s an official visit or not. Queen tells WWAY there’s an extremely high level of interest from both parties for White to be a Tar Heel in order to add depth at the point guard position. Queen says Saturday was simply unbelievable. This includes their courtside seats behind the bench Saturday night for the game that determined the regular season ACC champion.

Speculation is sometimes just that. Prognosticators and recruiting experts had White heading west once the Wilmington resident proved his value as a guard. An official visit to UNC Wilmington is fast approaching, though. Could this be just a courtesy visit by White to his hometown university? Then again, White already has courtside seats at UNCW. He frequently sits on press row.

Other main contenders at this point are Brigham Young, Utah State and Utah. White will be meeting with Utah next week. Last month he visited Utah State. There wasn’t much talk of White putting a one-year delay on his plans to begin his Mormon mission, but that possibility has come to the forefront now that UNC has seriously entered the picture. All along White intended to enter college in 2013 after the completion of his two-year mission. If he chooses to play college basketball in 2011 in Chapel Hill it could delay his mission by a full year. Apparently White would perform his mission for two years then return.

After visiting Chapel Hill, White has yet to make a decision. Will the allure of the wild, wild west attract White to the state of Utah?

Back-up point guard at UNC for the new champions of the ACC certainly sounds attractive.

What about staying home in Wilmington to accept Buzz Peterson’s offer to attend UNC Wilmington?

In the world of television an overused expression is stay tuned. For this one, we certainly will.

2010-2011 statistics for Hoggard guard Stilman White:

26 games played
averaged 26.8 minutes per game
175-346 on field goal attempts (.506)
37-103 on 3 pointers (.359)
145-183 on free throws (.792)
77 assists
68 turnovers
20 blocked shots
54 steals
4.5 rebounds a game
20.5 points a game


  • Guest says:

    long tradition of cheating. they aren’t called UNC-CHeat for nothing.

  • oldguy says:

    I am A State fan . hopefully you aren’t because stupid comments like this are uncalled for .

  • Reality says:

    It’s funny to see a State fan here in the comments to this article, which is completely unrelated to their program, making up stuff to try to bring UNC down.

    Instead of obsessing about Carolina like you usually do, perhaps you should spend more time figuring out how you can get to a place where you can actually compete.

    What are Gavin Grant and Gainey up to these days? What’s the latest on the point shaving rumors by Leslie?

    BTW, O’Brien recruits criminals. Look no further than to Sweezy & Lemon for evidence.

  • Guest says:

    Let me guess – State fan, right? Shouldn’t you be looking be looking for a new coach? And while we’re on the subject of institutional control, name the ACC school that found itself on probation after winning both its titles?

  • Guest11111111111111111 says:

    It doesnt matter what school Stilman chooses, he won’t be able to play past December anyways because he won’t be eligible. I am not even sure he could qualify to play division 1. There is no doubt the kid can play basketball though.

  • Guest says:

    what do you base this idea on? he was eligible all 4 years of high school. why do you believe he will not qualify?

  • Guest says:

    I think the CLEANEST program in the country would probably go to BYU, if we were really gonna compare. In any case, it’ll probably come down to UNC or BYU.

  • JD says:

    That statement is completely OFF! UNC basketball is THE CLEANEST program in the NCAA. Otherwise John Wall would of played @ UNC instead of UK. Just say you want him to play at one of the smaller schools instead of spreading incorrect information.

  • Guest says:

    Who made you the authority on White’s abilities? He’s a smart kid on and off the court. Roy obviously wouldn’t put this much time into a player that he felt would be unable to keep up. Get with the program.

  • Guest says:

    Unfortuntaely, Roy doesn’t take your opinion into account. Where exactly do you get this? White’s a smart kid on and off the court, and there’s no way that Roy would take this kid seriously unless he had full confidence that he would succeed at Chapel Hill.

  • Wayne says:

    Because he/she/it is an ABCer and has a very limited ability to grasp simple concepts.

  • Bozonified says:

    I think when all is said and brought to fruition, Stilman will choose North Carolina-Chapel Hill…due to:

    National Exposure
    School with a great tradition of molding players for the NBA.
    And, obviously a long, proven winning tradition.

  • guest says:

    you could also add lack of institutional control for that school

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