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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — After the City of Wilmington declined to recommend an ABC permit for the 15th Annual Wing Fling, the event is heading to Pleasure Island.

Lynnea Mallalieu, the faculty advisor for the UNCW students organizing the event, tells WWAY Wing Fling will be held March 26 at Cape Fear Blvd. and Canal Street near the Carolina Beach Boardwalk.

Mallalieu says the Town of Carolina Beach signed off on the alcohol permit, which is on its way to Raleigh for final approval by the state ABC.

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  • Jerry Dockery

    The island has been a regular part of my life since 1949 when my family started coming here. I retired to the family beach house in 1999 and we love it here. I noticed this morning that the Wing Fling is SOLD OUT so I guess we will have a lot of great folks coming down to enjoy our hospitality.

    For all of you who do not know, our police are very experienced in handling these events so behave yourselves and enjoy your day here.

    PS….don’t drink and drive. Our motels have incredible deals this time of year and it is a lot better than paying a DUI.

  • Rose Phelps

    First let me say I think its a great idea to host the wing fling at Carolina Beach! Not only does it boost local business but it gives people the oppurtunity to view the wonderful enhancements that have taken place on the beach but the boardwalk area as well. As a citizen and family business owner at Carolina Beach I feel I can put my two cents in. I have read the negative comments that some have offered, so for those people with those negative narrow minded citizens just stay home or go to Myrtle Beach or any other beach and see if those beachs have any homes for sale. The Carolina Beach police dept have many officers to handle this situation and PEOPLE let them do their jobs! Lets focus on the Northend problems or let me guess you don’t have a four drive so you don’t get out there, lol Ok, enough Oak Island, Holden Beach is really boring so that might be the beachs you want to consider to live!! Give something a chance before you start bashing Our Mayor and council quit being such a stick in the mud! Did you EVER have fun, come on Lets keep Pleasure in Pleasure Island!

  • guest2644

    What a perfect place for the Wing Fling…it fits. I hope they have a huge turnout for the event! Of course let’s see…they’ll have to have lots of extra police on duty to tend to the crowds, drunks, direct traffic, write out parking tickets, etc. It will be interesting to see how much traffic WILL be down there, perhaps then the council will reconsider the mess they have made with the new traffic design? Good luck finding parking spots folks.
    A good idea might be to have cops stop people on the way OFF the beach that afternoon, perhaps catch some DWI’s.

  • Guest461

    …there’s going to be some more mean comments come out of this one!!!! I see it coming!

  • Guest

    Drunks stumbling in the streets, people throwing up everywhere, relieving themselves all over the place, fights. Wow I hope the kids from UNCW don’t pick-up bad habits from CB townies. What a fitting town to host it.

  • Really hope it is not mistaken for downtown Wilmington, but it probably won’t since it is doubtful anyone will be shot or stabbed.

  • Guest

    This must be spoken from a Wrightsville Beacher.:} I lived in Wilmington all of my life before my wife and I moved to C.B. four years ago. I have to say, we have spent many evenings around the town and have not ONCE had any issues. There are gonna be Shenanigans anywhere you put this many people in a crowd and throw in alcohol…..period. Downtown, WB, CB or anywhere else.

    Hope we can through this without some naked guy getting tazed and ending up on you tube…bro.

    But please…keep thinkin that way about our town. We would much rather have the occasional drunk stubling around someone who has such an ignorant view of us….such as yourself, living here.

  • Guest22

    Good! let all the drunks go down to CB for it. Be carful driving back into town!

  • Guest

    Planning to attend Wing Fling, I made reservations at Riverview Suites through the Wilmington Cape Fear Coast VB website. Tonight, one week in advance, when I called Riverview, the manager told me the reservations were made through Travelocity and were prepaid. When I explained to him that no, there were made through the W/CFC VB website, he still insisted they were prepaid. At no point when making the reservations online was I informed that they could not be canceled. At no place on my printed receipt does it state the reservations can’t be canceled. This does not look good for Wilmington or the visitors bureau.

    Terri Pope
    Cedar Grove, NC

  • Justincase

    The site’s cancellation and refund policy is right there in black and white at the bottom of the W/CFC website when you click “Book Now – it states; “If you change or cancel this reservation at anytime, you will be charged a 100% penalty equal to the total cost of your stay for each room.” A very hefty fee, but not uncommon for sites that are booked thru a third-party application. Buyer Beware!

  • Das Weibstück

    RIVERVIEW SUITES WEBSITE: Deposit / Cancellation

    Credit card guarantee required. Must cancel 72 hours prior to arrival to avoid one nights room and tax being charged.

    They say you booked through Travelocity then ask for the confirmation #. Because if you inadvertently did then Travelocity will cancel it and refund you. I haven’t heard good things about that place, been called a puke pad for college kids.

  • Guest

    Just an update, a Riverview Suites manager contacted me later and said he contacted Travelocity and was able to cancel the reservations. He said I would be refunded the amount charged to my credit card. While I am thankful for his help, I still feel the way the reservations were originally set up is sketchy.

  • Resident

    With the past years’ histories of excessive fighting and arrests, that’s all CB needs to add to it’s list…another drunk fest! Over 100 arrests last year with NHCSO providing over 25 LEOs and they are going to task CBPD with trying to handle this crowd?????? They don’t have the manpower! Way to go! I pray for people’s safety, especially the LEOs!

  • brock

    You mean the police force that deals with the controlled chaos of several thousand hitting the beach for Memorial Day and the Fourth of July can’t handle a couple hundred coming for a controlled area event? The police force that has to contend everyday with with brew-thru’s and a beer delivery service can’t take a festival that is no longer BYOB? I mean its not like they have a lot of practice with things like the Carolina Beach Beer Festival, the Seafood Blues & Jazz Festival, the Beach Music Festival, the Chowder Cookoff and weekly concerts, fireworks, and public movies.

    I’m pretty sure these fellows can handle a little Wing Fling. I’m also pretty sure Carolina Beach is still in New Hanover County and deputies can assist as well.

  • Susan Langley

    I am shocked and disappointed at the decision of the Mayor of Carolina Beach to “welcome” the Wing Fling to our beautiful “RE-VIVED” Boardwalk! Mayor what are you thinking!

  • justin

    Over 100 arrests at least years event? Sorry, I ain’t buying it…site your sources before spewing such fodder.

  • Guest

    Wow! I think it is going to be a blast! I can’t wait! Just because you have some people that can’t handle themselves doesn’t mean it has to ruin it for everyone. I also love the comment about hoping Carolina Beach townies don’t rub off on uncw students….?? Wow that is an ignorant comment. Anyways wing fling is going to a blast and I’m glad they found somewhere for it to be!

  • Susan Broadfoot

    Come on Mayor what are you thinking???

  • AnnoyedGuest

    Okay people…seriously? What is the deal with everyone. WAKE UP! If all of you people think Wing Fling is such a drunk-fest then we need to make sure that Wilmington cancels Azalea Festival, Riverfest, the Charity concert for S.H.A.R.E., and all of the friday night summer concerts. ITS THE SAME THING. You people are so biased targeting Wing Fling just because it’s hosted by UNCW students. This is ridiculous. For your information…Wing Fling is put on by Pi Sigma Epsilon, which is a business fratnernity at UNCW. It is a very high esteemed organization, with tough requirements for membership. The chapter is going to Orlando to compete in national competition for TOP CHAPTER IN THE NATION. PSE is an organization that the majority of the businesses in Wilmington target for interns and future employees. Also, in 2010 PSE WON the 2010 Outstanding Philanthropic Award in the Cape Fear Region. They were also awarded the 2010 “UNCW Making a Difference” award. So for all of you people whining about where the money goes…BAM. Evidence. Wing Fling is the one event in Wilmington that raises the MOST money for charity. All of the other events downtown that include beer and drinking doesn’t even donate money to charity. So why don’t you take your sarcastic comments that way, and go ahead and try to ruin other fun events that Wilmington holds for it’s residents. If you don’t like the atmosphere downtown…MOVE. It’s really not that hard of a concept to grasp. I am so sick and tired of reading all of these comments about how awful Wing Fling is. By doing all you can to throw off this event, you are throwing off a whole lot more. PSE will take a serious beating from all you have done, financially as well as in their reputation. The charities will not get the $6500 that was donated to them last year, and I sure hope that this makes everyone happy.

  • Guest

    Azalea Festival, Riverfest, the Charity concert for S.H.A.R.E., and all of the friday night summer concerts. ITS THE SAME THING.

    REALLY! I have one word for you… Youtube… I’m sure you’ll see all the shameless behavior (not!) in the events you listed in your post just like the ones for Wing Fling … a real classy event.

    And by the way, check your facts, unless the PSE lied on their tax forms. BAM… Evidence

  • Guest

    I did read the fine print. When the reservations were made on March 6, that was not on the site.

    This buyer is beware! I read carefully for any mention of a third-party application. It was not stated at the time I made the reservations. That is why I was able to get a refund…


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