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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A mother arrested Wednesday for disorderly conduct during a street fight says she was simply defending her daughter. Police say Shadrica McKoy was egging on the fight and telling the teens to ignore police. We spoke with McKoy and got her side of the story.

Police arrested McKoy Wednesday afternoon for disorderly conduct during a street fight. McKoy says she was only trying to defend her daughter, Dominique, a sophomore at New Hanover High School.

“I did get arrested, and I’m not ashamed that I got arrested defending my child, because the police were not defending my child,” McKoy said.

McKoy said the day she got arrested was the second day in a row her 16-year-old daughter was beat up by a street gang.

“The young lady that she had a confrontation with is affiliated with a gang, and when the two young ladies got into a confrontation, the gang members jumped my daughter,” McKoy said.

McKoy said at least ten boys jumped her daughter Tuesday after school. Wednesday McKoy said her daughter called her saying she was being chased.

“I was like, ‘Where are you at?’ And she was like, ‘He’s chasing us with a golf club, Mama,'” McKoy said. “And my first instinct was run to the school, because I know police are at the school.”

McKoy says the boys chasing her daughter did not catch up.

“Because if he would’ve hit my daughter with a golf club, he would’ve killed her,” McKoy said. “And you think about being a parent and every time you look at the news or you hear the news, somebody’s either shot, stabbed. What else is there for you to do.”

McKoy said she expected more from Wilmington Police. She said they were not there to protect her daughter Tuesday or Wednesday.

“If anybody tries to harm your child, you’re going to do what you have to do as a parent, and that is protect them first and foremost, and that’s all I was doing was trying to protect my child,” she said.

McKoy said her daughter’s hair was pulled out and the girl now has a scar under her eye, but she says she is fine now. She hopes gang violence will be seriously addressed in the future by Wilmington Police.

She will have another chance to tell her side of the story when she appears in court on May 26.

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  • WilmMan

    What exactly do you expect WPD to do? IF they don’t see whats going on they can’t do anything about it. If this girl was getting jumped and harassed she can take out her own warrants. She doesn’t need to leave it up to LEO

  • WilmMan

    Well, if she cussed them out, then they had everything they needed to arrest her. And it’s easy to say a cop is dirty when you don’t have a clue what is really going on

  • MaybeandMaybenot

    Its sad that their are people up here judging the situation when they were not there and dont know what happen. Truth is in Wilmington, NC we have alot of dirty cops. I have witnessed for myself. Im sure Ms. Mckoy was protecting her child and when the police showed up, she probably cussed them out and they had to use any excuse to arrest her. If it was your child what would you do? You dont know until your in that situation. So dont judge….

  • Earl watson

    I’m sorry but if your kid was getting jumped by anybody you would do the same thing as so big ups to Ms.Mckoy for standing up for your child when no one else would (WPD)

  • Guest

    I know what you mean with the bullying at school and in the neighbor hood.My son starts a new school and th frist day Inahve troyble with a boy in class.Thi little boy would steal his stuf and push him to start bof with. I went to the teacher and yhe office.Then came home with the side of his head black and blue where the little boy grabbed his foot on the monkeybars and he the side and noone called me or even wrote out a paper.It was the point where my son was scared to go to school.so now I told him to fight back.

  • STOP

    These females are NOT LADIES! It’s a shame that our community is polluted with such TRASH!

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