Huffington Post Blogger blasts Pantano

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Submitted: Tue, 03/22/2011 - 7:55pm
Updated: Tue, 03/22/2011 - 7:57pm

By Michael Carmichael:

One of America’s most prominent self-proclaimed Islamophobes, Ilario Pantano, enthusiastically joined Brown to excoriate Imam Rauf. Pantano is a failed Republican politician who got the backing of the Tea Party. However, the voters of North Carolina rejected Pantano’s candidacy when they learned about his troubling military record and his extremist Islamophobic ideology. Pantano gained his notoriety as an ex-Marine discharged from the USMC after he was accused of the premeditated murder of two unarmed Iraqi Muslims in his custody. Armed with an M16, Pantano was actually ejected from the Marines for desecrating the two corpses by emptying two full clips of sixty high-velocity bullets into their limp bodies and leaving an ugly hand-painted sign on the mutilated cadavers.



  • Your Wrong says:

    This is absurd. Patano lost in a very close race. He is not a failed Republican as he still has many supporters. The accusations thrown out in this article are uncalled for. WWAY has lost all creditability for posting such crap. Why dont you guys report on something that is factual and a true concern for the people of the Cape Fear Region such as not enough Wilmington PD to protect our citizens, the rising crime in Wilmington and so on. WWAY get with it!

  • Jane Q Public says:

    I was 11 years old, the daughter of a military officer, living on a military base in 1968 when the My Lai massacre happened. The marines on our base were horrified by My Lai, I suspect that most God fearing US Marines were horrified by Ilario Pantano’s actions on the day he behaved like a man possessed. Unloading two 60 round clips into human bodies indicate a man with deep moral problems. WWAY has a history of being Republican biased, for once they had the intestinal fortitude to print something that is not only true, but needed to be said.

  • Guest says:

    So…is it true? Was he discharged for that act? I do not vote by party lines. I vote for the person running for that position. It seems like your party would want a better person running. What if he gets mad during a debate or event, are you sure he would not snap and do something crazy?

  • Robert says:

    Whether one likes Pantano or not, it should be realized that the Huffington Post is an extreme and activist supported publication. Their comments should be questioned.

  • Brock says:

    Its kind of like the print version of FOX news. If you don’t see the bias right away, you’re blind.

  • Guest says:

    If this story isn’t true, then WWAY has a journalistic obligation to find out the truth.

    I wondered about this during the election but couldn’t find any information about it other than he was tried in a military trial and found not guilty.

    So WWAY, what’s the truth???

  • Guest100000 says:

    He was actually tried for this and I for one would not trust him in office. He may have been found not guilty but there must have been enough evidence against him that they actually had a trail. That is not the type of person I want representing me. It’s one thing if your life is in danger but these were unarmed people who were already in custody and I would think sixty high-velocity bullets is way more than overkill.

  • Guest says:

    Ilario Pantano was not Tried and found Not Guity. He was involved in an Article 32 Hearing, which is synonymous with a Grand Jury for us non-military. The result was the judge did not find there was reason to prosecute, and thus try him. Therefore, he was cleared of the charges. Get your facts straight before shouting from the rooftops.

  • Arehart1 says:

    Everybody is so quick to judge what happened in the past. Just what would have done in his position? Oh, I know, you weren’t in the military and have never been in this situation. My husband is a former Marine and was in Iraq when it first went down! Don’t be so quick to judge. BIGOTS!

  • Guest says:

    People, Do your research before you mouth off!! This is what is wrong with the blasted country!! People are judgmental and create absurd accusations just by hearing other uneducated people make false statements! Pantano was NOT charged. He is an EXCELLENT representative that I would be PROUD to support at any given time.

  • Guest says:

    These slanderous comments hiding behind the first amendment are just the thing that Huffington needs to justify the sale to AOL.

    Not too many people read that rag, and the blogger is an unknown trying to ride on the back of a soldier.

    The only thing missing were the hateful signs of Westboro Baptist church.

    Huffington’s rag isn’t fit to wrap fish, much less pass judgment on a man that has been cleared of any wrong doing.

    The closest Michael Carmichael has come to war is a taco that fights back.

  • Guest says:

    I was wondering how does someone wrap fish using a website,and if 45 million visitors a month is not too many people what would you consider many? BTW: He was cleared of murder, not ANY wrong doing.

  • Guest says:

    It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that value of the Huffington Post. Since acquiring the HuffPo AOL’s stock is down over almost 20% costing the company over 400 million dollars. Well at least WWAY considers them credible…

  • Robert says:

    True to whom? He was found not guilty.

  • scottkoen says:

    Feel free to read his book or perhaps do some research online, his info is readily available. He was exonerated at the Article 32 hearing and his accuser was brought up on charges. I personally know Ilario, he is one of the most honorable people I know. Remember an opinion piece is just that, opinion, and often fueled by ulterior motives.

  • Guest says:

    “he is one of the most honorable I know”….appearantly you only know a few people!!!!

  • Guest says:

    There is nothing similar between fox news and huffpo, I read both. Huffpo is an ultra liberal/progressive blog/opinion site. is a news site. Go compare the two right now if you don’t believe me.

    You may be thinking about one of the editorial show on fox like hannity, but fox news, is just news. Fox has a lot of different programming but the left teaches the lemmings that fox, anything fox is bad, don’t watch. It makes you wonder why, I never hear conservatives telling people to not any specific station. You should check all sides with an open mind then make a decision.

    Oh, and this article is rubbish, as is the huffpost hack piece.

  • CM says:

    Excuse me, but re-posting vile articles like this from the HuffPost does not constitute news. Your vendetta against this man comes off as childish and vitriolic, and I didn’t even vote for him!

  • Veritias says:

    WWAY has reached a new low. Clearly they view Pantano as a threat to winning the seat in 2012. Everybody knows Pantanos story and that he was CLEARED of all charges. An Article 32 investigation, which he went through was a PRELIMINARY investigation not a trial — and it was based solely on the spotty story of a disgruntled platoon member who had recently been demoted by Pantano. Way to smear an American hero and highlight the work of a left wing “blogger” who nobody knows about!

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