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By Michael Carmichael:
Huffington Post.com

One of America’s most prominent self-proclaimed Islamophobes, Ilario Pantano, enthusiastically joined Brown to excoriate Imam Rauf. Pantano is a failed Republican politician who got the backing of the Tea Party. However, the voters of North Carolina rejected Pantano’s candidacy when they learned about his troubling military record and his extremist Islamophobic ideology. Pantano gained his notoriety as an ex-Marine discharged from the USMC after he was accused of the premeditated murder of two unarmed Iraqi Muslims in his custody. Armed with an M16, Pantano was actually ejected from the Marines for desecrating the two corpses by emptying two full clips of sixty high-velocity bullets into their limp bodies and leaving an ugly hand-painted sign on the mutilated cadavers.

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