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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — North Carolina prosecutors say the State Bureau of Investigation’s crime lab has found dozens more cases of mishandled blood evidence.

Peg Dorer with the North Carolina Conference of District Attorneys said Tuesday that local prosecutors are preparing to review 75 additional cases. She said the SBI notified prosecutors about the cases last week.

An inquiry into the crime lab’s blood evidence practices last year found more than 200 cases were improperly handled during a 16-year period ending in 2003.

SBI officials did not immediately respond to messages seeking comment Tuesday.

District attorneys say they have thoroughly reviewed 147 of the initial cases and found that each conviction was appropriate. They say that besides the blood work, there was overwhelming evidence of guilt including confessions, eyewitnesses and ballistics.

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  • Guest350

    Naturally, they are going to say the convictions are appropriate. They don’t want the hassle of re-trying any of them. As long as they got their conviction, that is all that matters, whether the defendant is truly guilty or not. If there was so much overwhelming evidence, why was the lab work ordered to begin with?

  • Guest

    So District Attorneys are reviewing the cases in which the SBI screwed up. I am sure that the review was done by the same DA’s that handled the cases to begin with. Was there ever any doubt that the convictions were proper??????


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