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FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: State Trooper claims Chadbourn Town Manager showed him badge and said, "I'm the Chief"

READ MORE: FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: State Trooper claims Chadbourn Town Manager showed him badge and said, "I'm the Chief"

CHADBOURN, NC (WWAY) -- He was caught speeding and given a ticket, but this traffic stop soon led to a much more serious charge. So why is Chadbourn Town Manager Stevie Cox facing a charge of impersonating an officer?

Chadbourn Town Attorney Butch Pope says Cox's charge all started when a state trooper pulled Cox over for speeding last week.

"(Cox) and the mayor and two members of the local ABC board had to go to Raleigh on town business, and the town car is not that reliable. So they drove an unmarked Ford Explorer that the police of chief normally drives," Pope said.

Pope says a trooper pulled Cox over for speeding on the drive back and asked Cox for his license and registration.

"Of course Stevie Cox is not in his own car. He doesn't have his registration. He hands the paper work he finds in that Explorer, and the police chief had a badge in there, so he hands all that to the trooper showing that it was a town vehicle; not a personal vehicle," Pope said.

But a search warrant says that Cox told the officer he was "the police chief of Chadbourn, NC."

Pope says the trooper wrote up Cox for speeding and expired license before letting them move on.

According to the Highway Patrol's Columbus County office troopers were told Tuesday to arrest cox for impersonating an officer.

Pope joined Cox as he turned himself in Tuesday afternoon.

"We got the paperwork. He didn't have to post any bond. He was charged with misdemeanor impersonation of a law enforcement officer and charged with misdemeanor resisting and delaying, which I don't understand," Pope said.

Cox pleaded not guilty on those charges. He is scheduled back in court April 12.

We reached out to Cox for comment, but have not heard back. Pope says Cox is embarrassed by this whole ordeal.

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"Chief of Police" Aww "I was just kidding officer"

I think Cox is just like any other person who holds a public office. Once in office, they suddenly become exempt from all the rules, laws and everyday bounderies that regular hard working, tax paying people have to abide by and give an account for. They use and abuse the system. As usual, its all another day in the life of a public official.

How Stupid is the Chief???

My question is what is going to happen to the chief of police??? Shouldn't he be liable for making sure anyone who drives his/her patrol vehicle has an active driver's license??? I mean really!! Is it that hard to ask him/her to do his/her own job or is he/she too busy kissing the manager's butt to get involved??? Also, I agree with everyone else. Why is the man who just lost the race for DA in the county, and who swore up and down that he was tired of inside politics, protecting someone who broke the law and has no particular interest in the manager's personal matters?? Shouldn't the attorney be protecting the TOWN's interest and making sure that the appropriate council members have the best knowledge at hand so they can handle the incident internally instead of placing himself in a position to where he is now a conflict of interest??!! WOW, that town's mayor, council members, town manager, chief, and attorney sound like they are starting to cover their own tracks. Or do the town’s council members not have any power over the real problems at hand? The Chief is the person that I would investigate in this matter...let me guess, he can't report his patrol car stolen now since Mr. Cox got pulled over, right? This is going to be a cover-up, I see it now and yes, Mr. Cox, the chief, and the mayor will still have their jobs at the end. Wow, remind me not to go through that town when going to the beach!! Also, nothing has been reported in the article about what the mayor did to stop the town manager from saying that he was a cop. Doesn't the mayor look just as guilty as the town manager in this case if he just bites his tongue?


He tried to get away with it but the trooper new who the real chief was. Sounds like to me when that didn't work out for him all of the sudden he was "just joking" my eight year old tries to pull that same crap on me when he gets in trouble knowing what he was doing was wrong. It doesn't usually work out in his favor either.


If I was arrested for impersonating a Police officer I bet I would have to pay a bond to get out! See Columbus County is already displaying how they run things. Why didn't he have to pay a bond to get out? Two to one nothing happens to this guy! Because He's one of the good o'l boys!


I bet he is embarrassed! He got caught and broke the law on three different issues and now the town of Chadbourn residents have to pay the price with there tax dollars. He should have to pay for his on private attorney to get himself out of this mess! You watch he will
get out of this with a slap on the hand.(ITS ALL ABOUT WHO YOU KNOW AND WHO YOU ARE IN THAT COUNTY)! I would love to see what they would do to any of us regular folks if we impersonated a police officer playing or not that is a CRIME!! Hey Chadbourn residents if your car is messing up since your tax dollars paid for that police car shouldn't you be able to borrow it too? And guess what they leave the chief of police's badge in the car so it might come in handy if you get pulled over. If I lived in that town I would make sure my voice was heard about how my money was being spent! Does this man think he is above the law because of his position he hold's there in Chadbourn? I hope the DA and the courts do the right thing here! And I hope the town of Chadbourn does the right thing also but I almost forgot COX runs the town of Chadbourn!! What a lucky break for him.

Too Cozy for Comfort

This whole thing is beginning to stink. Why are the local officials so cozy with the Chadbourn ABC board members? I understand gas prices are high, but the ABC board members riding with the Mayor and Town Manager is a little too cozy. After the deal with the Williams Clan, I would think that the ABC people would be required by the State of North Carolina to drive themselves to the Raleigh meeting. What else went on? Maybe we should check how many steak dinners were bought, and who paid.

I was wondering why the town

I was wondering why the town attorney is representing Mr Cox for all this. Shouldn't he be paying for his own representation? Why do the taxpayers have to foot the bill for this?

I have a question? Why can

I have a question? Why can North Carolina State Troopers have dark tented windows on there personnal car and or trucks? Why can North Carolina State Troopers Speed on the job and off the job and not get a ticket? Why are they above the laws and rules? Who writes them up for tented windows and speeding?

Here is why

It is "tinted" ,you pathetic, simple-minded moronic dullard, NOT "TENTED", which means to make a tent.

All highway patrol cars have FACTORY installed tint, which is LEGAL under state law. Non-factory installed tinting must be certified at a shop that a certain amount of light is allowed to pass through.

Troopers are exempt from speed limits as are police, fire, EMS and ambulance type vehicles when performing official duties (pursuing a violator or responding to an emergency)under GS 20-141.

I hope when one of your crack smoking buddies is beating your head in with a tire tool, they do the speed limit to come and help you.

If they are needlessly speeding, the Highway Patrol has an internal affairs unit (cops of the cops) who investigate misconduct. Sounds like you are a retard. Go back to kindergarten, or better yet, just kill yourself, you dumpster-born, septic tank-dwelling, inbred loser.....

What does this have to do with the above story?

Hey genius it's spelled TINTED not TENTED. If you want to know the answers to your questions join the SHP. No one said they were above the law. I can only assume you have had problems with a LEO in the past.

It has a lot to do with this

It has a lot to do with this store GENIUS. He stop this man for speeding.


You are talking about tinted windows!!!! It has nothing to do with the above story. Not STORE, STORY!!! He STOPPED the man for speeding not STOP!! If you have are interested in why they have TINTED windows and speed ASK THEM.

Calm Down

You are going to have a heart attack!!

I hope

this doesn't put a damper on the Chadbourn Strawberry Festival.

Fair Shake

The Town Manager needs to be held accountable in accordance to the town personel policy. I am sure there is a requirement that town employees need to have a valid NC Drivers License. The insurance carrier for the town might go up on the policy if they are made aware employees are driving town vehicles without a license. I am sure it was an oversight and honest mistake on Mr. Cox's part. As a Chadbourn native on 410, I Hope Mr Cox will be treated fairly not only by council but the court system. Maybe he can retain RC or The Great Joe Chesire to represent him.


Nope, the insurance won't go up because one of the Town's council members is their insurance agent too. Wow, talk about covering all points of interest!

Pulled Over

Why was Mr. Cox driving while his license was revoked? Why was he authorized to drive without a license? There were licensed drivers in the vehicle. Why was he speeding? The vehicle was unmarked. Is Mr. Cox above the law???????????

if you know chadbourn like i

if you know chadbourn like i know it the black man was the driver because the good ole boys were drinking it up and didnt want to take a chance on their career ending when they could throw him under the bus lol all of them are crooks. i know ive worked there and they threw a black cheif under the bus "just because"

His license was not revoked

His license was not revoked it was expired...big difference!

Mr. Cox

If you would read it says his license were expired not revoked. Big difference.

Please re-read

It says expired NOT revoked

I never heard his side of

I never heard his side of the story. If he also handed over his license along with the Badge. That could mean he was joking possible. A judge would take this very serious, and it is best for him to be straight forward and honest. So they arrested him days later not on the spot. Sounds like he might had been joking and the State Trooper told his commander who is all gung ho to go by the book and arrest him. My opinion, but there is 2 sides and it is up to a judge or jury to decide this. If he was joking it will be a expensive joke.


I hope that cox learns a lesson from this. He probably thought that since he was driving a cop car that he could speed and get away with it. There is no need for a cop car to be driving fast unless there is a call or an emergency. Furthermore, he probably wasn't even in columbus county. In my opinion that is impersonating an officer and the highway patrol trooper is right. The town of Chadbourn needs to hold him and the police chief accountable for letting him use his vehicle. They could have gotten another vehicle to use or got theirs fixed. I'm sure this wasn't a spur of the moment meeting. They had time to plan. I cant believe that stevie cox is a town planner and he cant plan on a trip arrangements and having a current driver license.

If he is stopped for driving

If he is stopped for driving over the speed limit then there needs to be an investigation on all cops. Just about every cop I see driving in marked cars drives fast and over the speed limit without the flashers or sirens on, this includes the k-9 crew too. Im willing to bet the trooper that stopped him drives over the speed limit also when there's no emergency. This is why the law enforcement needs serious help. This situation could have been easily handled than this. This state trooper should have just called his boss if he had doubts.

Please now keep it straight for eveyone!

Cox's is not a cop he is a Town Manager that was impersonating a cop.


Sounds like to me someone was trying to sweep this under the rug and it blew up right in Cox face. I'm glad to know there is someone out there that wouldnt let that happen! He did break the law.

Get over yourself

Get down off your high horse and read the article. First of all he isn't the town planner, he's the town MANAGER!!! Secondly, there is no law saying that a law enforcement officer must be the only one to drive a marked or unmarked police vehicle. So he was speeding, how many people do you know that do the speed limit on the highway??? Get over yourself and stop trying to downplay a guy who could be a good person (and no, I have not met or even heard of him before this)


I know Mr. Cox personally....there are most certainly two sides to this story. He is a law abiding person....and God fearing. My best advice is for you to let the courts decide this and stop prosecuting him in your misinformed court of opinions. I agree with "get over yourself". And to the person who has been driving 30 years…so have I. Well I’ve actually been driving for 35 years…In that time I have inadvertently let my license expire and on occasion have gone over the speed limit. I don’t believe that in 30 years, you have never gone over the speed limit. Sounds like you need to keep it real.

Grow Up

First of all, there is a law stating you can't speed (which he did). Second, there is a law stating you must have a current license to operate a motor vehicle (which he did not). Third, there is a law stating you can't flash a badge and say "I'm the Chief" (which he did). I really doubt the State Trooper is going to lie about that. You seem to miss the point that elected and appointed officials, town, state or federal government, are held to a higher standard because they represent us and are using taxpayer resources. However, most of the time they feel they are above the law and will compromise their integrity because they have a little power and will lie or hire a slick lawyer to get out of the mess they created. As for your final comment, what does being a "good person" have to do with any of this? Many good people do stupid things. Stop the good person crap and stick to the facts of what happened. Yes, many people speed, however not many of them are town MANAGERS with expired drivers licenses flashing a badge saying “I’m the Chief.” I’ve been driving for 30 years and have never let my license expire. Mr. Cox should have to go through drivers education again with the full exam and road test, just like a 16 year old. How can he MANAGE a town if he can’t even manage his own affairs?

Town manager

If he is a manager and cant manage to get a current drivers license, then he is not a good manager. Sure everyone makes mistakes, I just hope he didn't make too many this time. I think he will get off the hook because the trooper didn't charge him at the time of the infraction of impersonating an officer. Either way, what he did cannot be good publicity for the town of Chadbourn.