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CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Brandon Scott Glisson is now in the Carolina Beach Jail after fleeing police and assaulting an officer with a deadly weapon… a vehicle.

Lieutenant Anthony Marcucilli was attempting to serve warrants to Glisson, who was staying in the Mt. Vernon Inn in Carolina Beach. Lt. Marcucilli approached Glisson in his vehicle, but Glisson tried to flee. A vehicle is considered a deadly weapon, and the lieutenant was almost pulled under the white GMC Jimmy when Glisson tried to get away, so Lt. Marcucilli tried to stop it and then fired three rounds into the left rear tire.

Glisson continued to drive away and eventually abandoned the vehicle at 630 St. Joseph Street. Glisson jumped in a boat and tried to hide, but Carolina Beach Police found and arrested him minutes later.

Glisson is in custody and has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer and various other charges.

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At approximately 11:45 a.m. the management of the Mount Vernon Inn called and stated that there was a Brandon Scott Glisson in room #17, reference warrants on the subject.

The New Hanover county 911 center dispatched Lt. Marcucilli to that location reference warrant service. While Lt. Marcucilli was en route to the Mount Vernon Inn, 911 dispatch confirmed there were 7 outstanding warrants from Pender County and also New Hanover County Probation Office. Upon Lt. Marcucilli arrival to Mount Vernon Inn Mr. Glisson was sitting a white GMC Jimmy. Upon the approach to the vehicle, Mr. Glisson attempted to flee in the vehicle.

When Lt. Marcucilli realized the vehicle was moving which almost pulled him under the vehicle, Lt. Marcucilli gave several attempts to stop the vehicle. Lt. Marcucilli then shot three rounds in the left rear tire of the vehicle attempting to disable the vehicle. The suspect drove the vehicle to the 600 block of St. Joseph Street where Mr. Glisson ran on foot to a nearby marina where he was hiding on a boat. Officers located Mr. Glisson, and took him into custody.

Further charges are pending reference this incident.

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  • Guest350

    How does anyone get their arm “caught” in a car? Maybe he needs to learn that he can’t hold back a moving vehicle. Firing a gun at the vehicle was a questionable act, as the person in this case is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

  • Guest461

    Because your armchair quarterback method of criminal analysis is only displaying your ignorance for all of us to witness. Regardless of how his arm was caught, of which there are many ways, the suspect was trying to elude the officer and his commands to STOP. You lose a few “rights”, as you refer to them, in those circumstances. Intentionally dragging a police officer with your car while eluding arrest is considered deadly force and endangered that officers life.

    Consider the suspect lucky that the officer didn’t raise his firearm to discharge it at the victim as he had every “RIGHT” to do!

    Now…go back to your popcorn and soaps…

  • Guest Awww yeah

    You get em’ Roscoe P. Coltrane…qeech,qeeech,..qeeech

  • Guest81

    You just might be the ignorant one here, dude…Sounds like you are the cop that got his arm “caught” in a moving vehicle. Better go back to BLET and try again.

  • Before giving someone advice you might want to want to consider maybe you are the ignorant one here, dude.

  • Guest

    No, “dude”, while you’re advising this individual to go back through BLET, if you would have ever attended yourself, you would know that that officer had EVERY right in the book of law to use deadly force against this individual! Instead, he chose to attempt to disable the vehicle….which is more than I would have done. I would have used deadly force against the individual. People fail to remember how we lost a very great officer over 10 years ago to a similar incident. LT Monica Carey was dragged and killed by a suspect in a moving vehicle (i.e., DEADLY WEAPON). Pull out some case law buddy and you’ll see how this officer could have easily used deadly force against this suspect. Another case in Texas to a buddy of mine…officer chased suspect on foot and he jumped into another individual’s car who, in turn, began to drive off. Officer was dragged for a few feet and discharged his weapon hitting the DRIVER, not even the individual he was chasing. Guess what, he was deemed justified!

  • Brock

    Actually, he’s fairly right on. Your ignorance on how our legal system works is astounding. Sure, people are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, but a court of law also issued multiple orders for arrest which grants any officer in the area of extradiction the right to detain and arrest the suspect for judicial processing. I’m curious how you think law enforcement works without the right to arrest and detain suspected criminals.

    People get tased and maced everyday in Wilmington by LEO officers for resisting or acting aggresively. Shooting at them or their vehicles is reserved for special circumstances. Both are well within protocol and standard operating procedures.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    The sole requirement for the legitimate application of deadly force is that a reasonable danger of death or grievous bodily injury is present.

    If a suspects actions pose such a threat, by whatever means at all (i.e., knife, firearm, vehicle, hammer, or even fists alone, if the beating is severe enough to rise to endangering life) any person (not only a LEO) has a right to use deadly force to end the assault and remove the threat, as long as they were not guilty of illegally provoking the attack.

  • WilmMan

    You sound like the idiot that tried to run from the police….or at least one of his family members. Like the poster above you stated, it doesn’t really matter how his arm got stuck in the window. What matters is that it was stuck and this loser put the officer in danger. The officer had every right to shoot the driver as he drove away and his arm was stuck in the vehicle. An officer has a right to use deadly force when someone is trying to escape while using deadly force…lucky this loser didn’t lose his life

    People like you Guest is what is wrong with this world

  • Guest421

    I would imagine that the Lieutenant attempted to extract the suspect from the vehicle. Not a great idea if the engine is running. You ask/tell the suspect to shut the engine off and and your next action depends on whether or not he does, staying clear if he does run. Many officers have been hurt reaching into a vehicle to overpower a suspect and the suspect drives off. Got to use a little more common sense. Only reach into a non-running car/truck.

  • Guest

    This is a perfect example of how not to serve a warrant. Basic law enforcement training advises you to never stick your arms through the window of a running vehicle with a person behind the wheel. You never know what that person’s intentions are. When serving warrants it is always beneficial to have backup (other officers to assist) as the person you are serving the warrant on has shown he has no regard for the law. As for shooting at the tires, that police officer does not have any control of where those rounds will go if the ricochet off of the concrete or asphalt of the road surface. If you do not have the manpower to serve the warrant as safely as possible, sometimes discretion is the better part of valor. In other words serve it another day when it can be done correctly. To justify the use of deadly force because a police officer handles the situation unprofessionally is criminal. The use of a firearm is considered deadly force.

  • Guest

    Where is this boy parents, No HOMETRAINING huh, yall blaming the Lt. When the only perosn to blame is this idiot. He knows when he got pulled over he have to stop, making the Lt. fired shots is very dangerous someone could have been hurt let alone somebody’s mother siblings or grandparent that just happens to be walking down the street,. This Lt. did right he should have done more maybe give him a bullet to teach him a lesson. I wonder what kind of drugs this kid is on he have to be on something to think he could get flee away and not get caught. Did they run a drug test on him?

  • Guest350

    The fact remains that the officer, himself, made a very bad decision that could have gotten himself, the suspect or someone passing by hurt or killed. This attempted arrest was badly botched by someone who got careless and forgot his training, assumeing this type procedure was covered, and I am sure it was. I am sure the Lieutenant is a good officer, but he did make a bad mistake.

  • Guest

    you say the Lt made a bad decision but unfortunetly you are unaware of the policies and procedures of the use of deadly force. If an officer can justify and believes his life was in danger, then he has the right to use as much force necessary to stop the threat. If the Lt had released himself from the vehicle, then he would have been ran over by the back two tires of the vehicle. believe it or not but the Lt. was justified in shooting the operator of the vehicle. Another thing the news did not mention but the individual was attempting and didnt care about hurting the officer. Everyone blames officers for reacting but 99% of the time…we choose the right decision. Its so easy to criticize an officers decision, but you werent there nor do u know the whole story and history of what happened. Until then, you should start blaming the individual who attempted to hurt the officer.

  • Guest

    What great advertisement for Mt Vernon Inn. Did management also call the news team?


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