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ONLY ON 3: Bladen Co. attorney busted for coke, heroin; Friend charged with prostitution

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Bladen Co. attorney busted for coke, heroin; Friend charged with prostitution

ELIZABETHTOWN, NC (WWAY) -- Wilmington Police recently busted a Bladen County attorney for having drugs… then a day later, they charged the woman he was with, with prostitution.

That attorney is K. Robert Davis, known to most at the Bladen County courthouse as Rob. According to Wilmington Police, he was found apparently overdosed back in January.

A viewer e-mail tipped us off to drug charges against Davis and Jenna Marie Autry… a 19-year-old woman who also faces drug charges as well as a prostitution charge. According to a relative of hers, who wants to remain anonymous, the two met more than a year ago... when Davis was defending her dad.

Police say Davis and Autry were at the Hilton one night when Davis OD’ed and EMT's had to come to his room to help him out. The next day, Autry was charged with prostitution, possession of cocaine, heroin and drug paraphernalia. Davis was later charged with possession of heroin and cocaine.

Autry's relative said she has hired an attorney and is scheduled to start a rehabilitation program soon. As for Davis, a superior court judge issued an order that says he "currently suffers from a disabling condition that has left him unavailable to his clients." His office is locked up and his clients were passed on to another attorney.

We wanted to talk with Davis about what's going on, but we've been unable to track him down.

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And the winner is Fear

The bad guys who have stolen this country and run it by gossip and fear of anything sexual should pay the lawyer and the young girl. It strikes me would want to syndicate this he said she said show. Fits nicely with the whopper the dead since 2001 bin Laden was killed recently. The story cries for a vampire, though. The accused will argue they can't get a fair trial? You think.

I met Rob

I met Rob in rehab. I like him.

Really? Why even say that?

Really? Why even say that?


Ref to you weren't there and you don't know! UGH!!! DUH!! Wouldn't want to be there in the first place with a married man with a family and why were you there? Answer that question, don't care how ya met him or how long you have known him, but WHAT WERE YOU DOING THERE WITH A MARRIED MAN THAT IS OLD ENOUGH TO BE YOUR FATHER AND ONLY 8YRS. OLDER THAN HIS DAUGHTER AND DOING DRUGS AND WHATEVER ELSE YOU WERE DOING??? Public humiliation is not enough for you...jail bars is where you belong for your morals are dirt!

Witch Hunt

It appears most of you are simply ignorant of the facts, know nothing about either individual and have no skeletons in your closets. It also appears this is a public witch hunt from those of you that are jealous of a successful individual that worked hard to learn his trade. Addiction is a dark place but this man would give you the shirt off his back. The drugs are one thing, the involvement of a young woman (although an adult) is another but they don't have to answer to us. That is between them, their families, friends, the courts and God. No one would want to air their dirty laundry for all the world to see and judge. Show some compassion, it can happen to your family. If you have a problem with either person and you are relevant in their life, then take it up with them in private. If not, then shut the f**k up. What goes around comes around and you could be next. Karma is a bitch.

My goodness I am so

My goodness I am so depressed now. Have we forgotten that none of us(that is zero), are worthy of the grace of God. Stop cursing the deck chairs, we are on the UNsinkable ONE-Titanic. Kudo to those that show compassion. Utter shame on the mean-spirited BS. Drink your beer, smoke your smoke, cheat on your wife, cheat on your taxes, watch internet porn, you are OK? I can tell your state by the urgency with which you criticize everyone else. Be ready to defend your thoughts, actions, and words. In essence, only you can fix what is wrong...

Let me start by saying..Rob

Let me start by saying..Rob Davis doesn't need to find Jesus or go to Rehab he needs to sit in JAIL and stop being treated like he's a celebrity its Bladen County not Beverly Hills!!!He needs to take full responsibility for this situation, you have to want to stop doing drugs, he doesn't want to stop, so lock him up!! Is no one going to stick up for the true VICTIMS here, his wife, the children...what rights do they have,his wife and children didn't force him into a hotel room with drugs and a whore???? However thanks to the shady way things are done in Bladen County his parents who live in Lumberton and are connected politically and s**t gold bricks will bail him out of this situation because remember its who ya know around these parts!!!!....I hope this brings some attention to the way this redneck town does things... a BIMBO for a mayor who could care less about the way this turns out or how it makes the community look as long as her fake orange tan,lipstick, and side ponytail aren't out of place and crackheads for lawyers who pray on the less fortunate of the community when they are the ones doing the most devilish of deeds...Robert Kenneth Davis has been getting away with whatever he wants for way to long,,,I hope he gets what is coming to him!!!! I am crossing my fingers that the media examines the way these so called good old boys do things in Elizabethtown. Oh I know I'l get the blah blah blah replys oh he needs church,don't judge him,his demons,yeah blah blah blah I smell bulls**t....Time for these big fish in this little town to get caught...Still with all my blah blah not one thing will be done,,,then who will be to blame when he gets away with this and gets all cracked up one night and kills his wife and children,,,will Bladen County wish they had done something then,because it can happen,even in a small town!!!!!

RE: Let me start by

RE: Let me start by saying
It's real easy to kick a man when he's down especially when your name is GUEST. If you are going to say all this crap about him and this town, why don't your coward a** state your name? Rob is a good man. He has done some things i'm sure he regrets. If you know Rob he is your friend. That simple. He would do anything for you, friend or stranger. I'M PROUD TO SAY ROB IS MY FRIEND. Get well soon buddy. My name is mike suggs and i challange you "GUEST" to tell us your name.

PS: WWAY your site is full of complete trash! Take a look at and take some notes.

Ref to Mike Suggs comments

Maybe she can ruin your family next Mike, cannot believe you are condoning this entire situation, a public figure,married, with children in a motel room with a prostitute doing drugs and ruining his family and the humiliation his children are enduring. Maybe since you and Rob are "buddies" she can be on your list next!

Not being mean but what

Not being mean but what relative tips off about this story? I can see wanting to expose this scumbag but did you really want to drag a 19 year old through all this publicity? Not sure if I would want my family member to do me that favor. Drugs are a terrible thing and especially heroin is not something that can just be easily put down. They need to make both of them say who supplied them with these harsh drugs. I am sure this is not he first drug incident with either of these two and unless some kind of treatment and lifestyle change is done I am not sure it will be the last just because they were caught. I think it is rediculus that he allowed any kind of relationship with a clients daughter especially at her age. I hope the judge gives him more than a slap on the wrist.

"That don't make you a bad person"

I have known Rob for years and I know he has his share of demons just like the rest of us. At heart, Rob is a good person and would do anything he could to help you. Unlike many in this small town, he doesn't use other's misfortune as an opportunity to look down on them. We should extend him the same courtesy. I would like to wish Rob the best on his path to recovery.

DUde! he has been on the

DUde! he has been on the path to recovery for most of his adult life time to pay up!!!! How many more chances does he get!!!

I would like to remind

I would like to remind everyone that there are more victims here that are not being mentioned. My prayers and thoughts are with the familys of both Mr. Davis and Ms. Autry. Until anyone has walked a mile is the dark lonely world of Addiction, you have no idea. While there is NO EXCUSE for the actions that both Rob and Jenna took, it does give some sort of explaination. IT doesnt make it any less wrong. These 2 ADULTS ( let us remember that Jenna is over the age of 18) made decisions that will not only affect the rest of their lives but the lives of their families as well. I believe that no one has the right to pass judegement, EXCEPT GOD. Futhermore, the only victim role that Jenna and Rob can fall short to are THEIR OWN DEMONS AND THEIR OWN ADDICTION. Which for those of you who are not familiar with the term allow me to break it down for you, the prefix (a) means with out, and the word (diction) means choice. Therefore addiction means without choice. Now before you get all worked up I am not in any way defending any party involved. I am saying they didnt have a choice as to having that demon to fight, but they did have choice as to whether or not to wake that beast. I hope that the name calling and judgements will stop, as I think there has been enough insult to injury here.
In addtion I would like to wish Jenna the best of luck in her recovery, and hope that Rob takes those steps too. Remember to take it ONE DAY AT A TIME.


NOT A SHOCK COMING FROM A BLADEN COUNTY ATTORNEY!!!! I'm not surprised at all!! Dumb and Dumber could be Attorneys in Bladen County and do a better job! I'm sadden that this came from an Attorney that has a wife and kids and not the two attorneys in Bladen that run around just like Dumb and Dumber that run a whore house right from the own homes! In due time....In due time.....

Just For The Record...

I have to admit that I'm seeing a lot of false information here. I'd like to address the comment above me, which is completely misleading and not at all fair. "Dumb and Dumber" could NOT be attorneys in Bladen County. You see, "Dumb and Dumber" was not a person or a group of people, it was a movie.

In fact, it was one of the greatest achievements in modern American cinema and I REFUSE to let you uninformed people drag it's name through the mud along with these drug-addicted lawyers and scandalous ladies of the night.

To say that "Dumb and Dumber could be attorneys in Bladen County is just silly. It's a movie, and I don't know about you, but I've never heard of a DVD get anyone out of a traffic ticket before. Think before you speak, and leave great movies out of the conversation.

Thank you.

I agree about the corruption

I agree about the corruption in bladen county!!! I know of a certain town manager who tried to hide a judges plane so that judge wouldn't have to pay taxes on it and then crashed it on new years...check it out. The story was covered but not investigated as it should have been. Bladen county has alot to hide and the town officials, judges, and police force should all be taken down. Seriously, this is NOT a joke. Bladen county judges are LIARS!!!!

I am curious about where

I am curious about where your information has come from I happen to know the pilot of this plane and the plane owner which is not a judge. the plane owner has a son in law who is a judge, and this judge does not fly, both families are VERY good christian people please get your facts straight before spreadin lies, ps this has nothing to do with this story

Not sure why my other

Not sure why my other comments have not made the cut so I will keep it short and simple. I just want to clarify a few things. One, his daughters are 11 and 6 to answer that question. Two, he and his wife are indeed together, although not for long, and have NEVER been legally separated. They still live in the same house, Jenna was told what Rob wanted to tell her and that's all. Three, and lastly, Rob Davis is in rehab and has been there for 2 weeks. Just facts.

I don't think they needed to

I don't think they needed to know the girls' ages. Leave the kids out of the discussion.

I agree, leave the children

I agree, leave the children and wife out of "his" problem.. they are living the nightmare "he" created!

I don't often quote the Grateful Dead, but...

Is there anything a man don't stand to lose
When the devil wants to take it all away?


LOLZ well shes just fine. thanks to God and not thanks to all you heartless people. what would God do? i believe he would have compassion, but no all those still judge as though you have a right to. you are worhty to do what? who are you to place that on someones life? i dont think any of you have a right to say anything unless, you havn't sinned yourself. idc if you think your sin wasn't as intense or bad as hers, or anyone elses. you are wrong and that was a sin in itself. just because someone shot and murdered with a gun doesnt mean you havnt killed someone with your words and actions. just because someone picked up a needle doesnt mean you havnt had "evil" thoughts run through your heads. both were wrong in different ways......suck it up and deal with it and move on to the next one. this time try to make it positive. i mean the media is always talking about how there is so much negativity out there. well if your in charge. how about change that. wow duh, thanks.


so can i get her phone number or not?

you weren't there u don't know

if i was really a prostitute then why does it say I've known him 4 over a year, he's my friend, and that he use 2 represent my dad? he's oviously not a stranger. thank you for everyone that made possitive comments, as for the rest you don't know what your talking about you sound incredibly ingnorant. I'm doing good i'm drug free and i'm working on getting my life back, making this public is not helping. My charges and all the crap i'm going thru is punishment enough. Thank u for those that support me.. Jenna

Any lawyer worth his salt...

...will be able to get the prostitution charge dismissed. Anyone with a brain knows that this was not a case of prostitution.

The drug charges will be more difficult to deal with, but I believe the chips will fall harder for Mister Davis than you.

Just remember that there is NOTHING in life that you can't overcome through time and hard work. You made some boneheaded mistakes, but you CAN get past them. As William F. Halsey said, "There are no extraordinary men... just extraordinary circumstances that ordinary men are forced to deal with."

The fact that you played a key role in creating these extraordinary circumstances doesn't disqualify you from rising to the challenge. You have a long life left ahead of you and if you learn from this mistake, stay away from drugs, booze, and lecherous men old enough to be your father, you'll find that life can still be pretty wonderful.

If I'm not mistaken

If I'm not mistaken prostitutes have both friends they know for years and fathers, some that need legal representation for criminal acts. I'm glad you are turning your life around but do not be mistaken, a spade is a spade. Charged with prostitution = hooker. I hope you really do find your way out of that ugly game.

attorneys need love too

attorneys need love too LOL!!!!!

What truly goes on in the

What truly goes on in the Bladen County court system would astound you. CORRUPTION at every turn! If the ones who know and don't agree with their "policies" (or lack there of) weren't afraid of retaliation then we could speak. This place is hell for those without very particular last names. Judges and town seats cheat, lie, misrepresent themselves, and target anyone who threatens their "authority". That is the absolute truth. This is what WWAY should be investigating and reporting. I personally would sing like a canary if offered real protection.

Welcome to the real world

Welcome to the real world people. It's not just Bladen County, it's the whole Justice system thats corrupt. I am sorry that Rob and Jenna got caught, no one is perfect. Thats what to much money will make a person do. God save us ALL. Amen!!!!

Bladen County Corruption

Your belief that judicial favoritism is a problem indigenous to your beloved Bladen County is quite laughable; run as far and long as you can and wherever you end up, the wealthy will have an absolute advantage in litigation matters. Furthermore, I don't think that I am going out on a limb by saying that your little provincial mind is at least slightly paranoid about your local authorities. If you truly are aware of such widespread misdoing in, as you have stated, nearly every political entity in the county then why have you not shown some initiative and reported them to non-affiliated (SBI, FBI, CIA and so forth) law enforcement agencies? Surely such an astute and rational person as yourself has already done so, correct? Really, if you are not embellishing the situation then the last number on your "to call" list should be the media.

No matter how evil and crooked these "Judges and town seats" may be, you do still have first amendment protections. Even if you were to "sing like a canary" to authorities or the press I don't think they will detain you and hang you in the town sqaute.

Now, this next thing I have to say may come as a shocker. In certain places in the state, possibly even Elizabethtown, they rent these newfangled contraptions called a U-Haul which you load all of your belongings into and hitch to the back of your buggy or pick-up truck. Once all of your prized possessions (to include the commemorative Dale Earnhardt Jr. model car and other trappings of the Home Shopping Network) have been packed, you can actually move to any place you desire provided that you have the resources to pay or the skills to earn a living. Perhaps something a little more populated where you can blend in to hide from the evil politicians. Fayetteville? You may even consider going big and heading to the modern day NC Sodom and Gomorrah - the Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill region.
There you will be free to tell your story of the nightmare that is Bladen county without fear of retribution. And maybe, just maybe, experience some culture and expand your horizons and find something more productive to do than post borderline delirious tirades.

On that note I will end this lengthy diatribe against you by summarizing that you are, in fact, black Mr. Kettle.

Sincerely yours,
The Pot.