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BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) – Brunswick County’s favorite “Teen Mom” Jenelle Evans was back in court Wednesday morning, along with an MTV crew.

It was a show cause hearing and Jenelle was having to explain why she missed a January court date.

She told the judge it was because she’d been sick that day and had car trouble.

MTV producers frantically waited for the judge’s ruling, fearing their star might have to go to jail.

But the judge let Jenelle go with a warning to make sure she was at her next court hearing in April.

Jenelle spent most of the morning listening to other cases in the courtroom and telling her friends the other people didn’t know what they were doing. One woman even asked for Jenelle’s autograph, which the MTV star refused.

While Jenelle was talking outside with friends, she told them she had pressed charges against her boyfriend Kieffer but she found out today they had been dropped.

Jenelle is set to appear in court again April 14th.

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