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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Often when our Troubleshooters investigate a complaint, we’re left with a promise that something is going to be done to fix the problem. And when someone follows through with that promise, we like to bring you an update.

A business owner and a New Hanover County family are both very happy. They each contacted WWAY with their problem, and now they both have happy endings.

Bonnie Narron owns First Quality Imports and was looking for a new way to advertise her business. Southeast Ad Pints sells advertising on pint glasses and then distributes those glasses to various restaurants.

Back in October Narron spent $1,300 to put the name of her company on 1,200 glasses destined for Sweet & Savory Café. Those glasses never appeared.

The owner of Southeast Ad Pints Rick Walker said there were several reasons why the glasses were delayed. He promised to give Narron her money back. This week, he did. She got $1,300 plus five dollars interest. Narron says Walker told her he’d bring her another check for interest, but she told him not to worry about it.

Our next update involves a couple who used to watch the news on a defective television screen.

In 2009, Gloria and Jerry Bentley bought a 73-inch TV from Aaron’s. Within months white dots appeared on their new TV. They say a repairman told them their TV was used and not new. Aaron’s replaced the TV, and again white dots appeared on the screen.

When we contacted Aaron’s, a spokeswoman told us the company would get in touch with the Bentleys “to ensure they are happy with the results.” Hours later a delivery appeared at their door.

“The manager came in, brought me a new one,” Gloria Bentley said. “It was all wrapped up and everything. His assistant was with him, and they told us they were very sorry that this had to happen, and it would not happen again, and the manager was very nice to us, and I am very satisfied with Aaron’s now.”

A brand new Mitsubishi television now sits in their living room. The Bentleys are happy with their TV and happy that Aaron’s made things right after WWAY contacted them.

If you have a problem, you can email us at troubleshooters@wwaytv3.com.

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