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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — We’ve taken a lot of heat the last few months for covering Oak Island’s Jenelle Evans. The 19-year-old and her problems have become the star of the MTV reality show “Teen Mom 2” and tabloid covers everywhere.

Some of you have asked about more positive role models. Well, here you go.

Eryn Williams, 17, of Wilmington has worked hard to be successful as a mom and in life in general.

Like Jenelle, Eryn is a teen mom, too. But Eryn’s not featured on a television show. This is her real, everyday life, and she says it’s not easy.

“It was hard at first when I had her, because I was so used to doing my own thing, being a teen, sleeping in,” Eryn said. “And it was hard at first, but I knew that I had a responsibility as a person and as a mother to take care of my baby the right way.”

Eryn got pregnant when she was a 15-year-old freshman at Laney High School. She says she was not excited about her pregnancy at first, but knew she had to deal with the consequences of her actions.

“I know that this was a wrong decision for me to do, but it’s done, and there’s nothing I can do about it now, so I need to make the right decision for me and my daughter,” Eryn said.

Eryn says it is not easy being a teen mom. A lot has changed since she had her daughter Allysa. Unlike the young mothers featured on MTV’s ‘Teen Mom 2,’ Eryn says she had to refocus herself and is committed to success for her daughter.

“I set my mind to I’m going to be a mom and that’s just how it’s going to be from now on, because I made the choices I made when I did,” Eryn said.

Since getting pregnant, Eryn graduated from high school two years early, started classes at Cape Fear Community College, gotten a job at Once Upon a Child and even finds time to volunteer at the hospital.

Eryn’s mom Tammy Craig says she is proud of her daughter. She says she holds Eryn responsible every day.

“She’s 100 percent the caregiver, and she still has to be an adult herself,” Tammy said. “She has to work. She has to go to school. She has to maintain her own livelihood.”

With help from her family and focused goals, Eryn hopes to go far. She says although her baby wasn’t planned, she wouldn’t change what happened for the world.

“I just can’t imagine my life without her now,” Eryn said about Alyssa. “It’s just a blur to me how it used to be, and right now, it’s everything I look forward to in the future with her.”

So now we know not everyone who has a baby at a young age is a train wreck.

Eryn says she wishes she could talk to Jenelle about getting her priorities straight and her life in order. Eryn says she thinks Jenelle could be a good mom if she tried.

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  • WilmingtonMAJ

    ABORTION! Why any girl under the age of maybe 20 would choose to have a child when there are better options is beyond me!

  • Guest

    This is against god! Sex before marriage is a sin! You should not be encouraging teens to have kids because they are kids! This is just a disgrace to America! If my daughter got pregnant at 16 I wouldnt give her a show I would kick her out and she would really see how she messed up her life. You are a child living under your parents roof. They do everything they can to teach you well and you go behind thier backs and have sex with teens that you ‘love’. You should be ashamed you whore!

  • Avarie Hands

    I love eryn and alyssa. she is the best sister and mother i know. she would do anything for alyssa, that is her life. she works so hard to provide for her. there isnt a thing eryn would not do for her. she loves that little girl so much. eryn is a better mom then most 30 year old i know. her whole life is centered around alyssa, everything she dose is to better there life. Alyssa has so many people around her that love her. she is the luckest little girl i know, she has 2 loving parents and many people that would do anything for her. Alyssa couldnt have better parents then the one she was givin. and anyone that says shes not doing a darn good job dosent really know her.

  • Disturbed

    I am completely disturbed over the poll as to whether or not WWAY should continue running stories about the Teen Mom. Although I do not support many of Jennelle’s decision as a parent it is not the job of the local media to insult her the way you have. What kind of credible media outlet says things about how a young girl shouldn’t be reported on again until her death? Or calls her lifestyle “trampy”? Yes she’s a irresponsible teenager, but she’s still a person and doesn’t deserve to be regarded in this way. Leave the trash talk to the blogs and act like an actual news source.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    When you aspire to be a public figure, you invite public comment.

    When you live a life like hers, the comments usually aren’t very warm or admirable. And remember one of the basic tenets of TV and movie folks – even bad publicity is better than no publicity at all.

    You’re right about one thing, however – you are “completely disturbed.”

  • Catherine Greene

    Alyssa is a blessing from God, & for all these people that want to put their opinions out there- I bet they did not know that there are 4,000 babies aborted everyday… Eryn chose LIFE & by doing so she took on the responsibility as a Mother before everything. I admire her & love her dearly. God knew what he was doing, & isn’t he wonderful. All the blessings that come in disguise are the best ones (: Eryn whether or not this article was posted, I knew you were & are a good mother & you work hard for Alyssa! May God be with you forever & even on the hardest days* For all these ignorant people, I just wish you wisdom & strength to see beyond this as a mistake- because Alyssa is far from it!

    Love always,
    Cathy & Brennan (:

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