FIRST ON 3: posts video of Jenelle in girl-fight


Submitted: Sat, 03/26/2011 - 3:59am
Updated: Mon, 03/28/2011 - 5:24pm

OAK ISLAND, NC ( – “Teen Mom 2″ star Jenelle Evans ferociously ATTACKED another woman in North Carolina this week … while her scumbag friends cheered her on … and the brutal assault was all caught on tape.

19-year-old Jenelle is clearly the instigator — spewing all sorts of nasty insults at a woman named Britany … before the reality star suddenly socks the other woman in the face with a closed fist.

The two women tussle to the ground … where Jenelle continues to pummel Britany … even AFTER it’s clear she can no longer defend herself.

With Britany bleeding from her face, one of Jenelle’s scumbag friends pulls the reality star off the other woman … while Janelle continues to drop verbal insults.

It’s unclear why Jenelle wanted to fight Britany … but sources connected to the incident claim it had something to do with Jenelle’s boyfriend.

The Brunswick County District Attorney’s Office tells the matter is “under investigation” … noting it is “working closely with the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Department.”



  • Guest says:

    that was AWESOME!

  • Guest says:

    all of this is a sad reflection on where society is today

  • Guest says:

    We need to send amessage that this kind of behavior is not acceptable-send all involved to jail for a few days

  • Grand Ole Party says:

    How is it slander? They are scumbags. No arguing that. But by all means go watch WECT so we don’t have to read anymore of your ignorant posts. BYE

  • Guest says:

    it must be a very strange family that encourages this kind of family.children reflect their parents-this was sad to watch

  • Guest77 says:

    Go back and READ THE ARTICLE again. You may notice it’s all quoted from TMZ’s website

  • Guest says:

    she has no excuse -this shameful

  • Guest says:

    this is what people want to see on the news so we cant blame a network

  • amb says:

    theyre getting paid because people are watchin them on tv yeaa dont tell people to stop watching them. people can watch what they want…. i watch every episode of teen mom and jersey shore cuz theyre good shows…. your just jealous cuz theyre gettin paid for being dumb and your not so you can just go and not watch those shows but keep it to yourself becuz NOBODY careesssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest says:

    It seems it is a very good thing that you will be watching the other station now as we will not have to endure another comment from you filled with so many grammatical and spelling errors. And what’s worse is that you are actually thinking you are in a place to be pointing out THEIR grammatical errors! It is truly amazing, how the one pointing the finger and the one who yells the loudest is usually pointing and yelling at themselves…ugh. Learn.

  • Carol says:

    This station and website only help glorify the trash of the this area. You should try reporting on what good people are doing instead of glorifying fights in some neighborhood.

    Please don’t forget we do have tourist that come and visit. It would be nice if we weren’t known for being the home of MS TEEN redneck USA.

  • I was watching GMA this morning and was shocked to hear that Ms. Evans and other teen moms that are on the show are receiving around 60 grand a year. Thats a crying shame when there are people out there working and trying to survive while she is romping around Brunswick Co. crying about needing financial aid at Cape Fear Community College. Whats the deal here. Quit blowing the money, put it in a trust fund for your child or better yet, give some to your mom for raising your child. Also, I think everyone that was participating in the brawl should be arrested.

  • Guest says:

    You all do realize that by watching these reality shows and following these stories you are giving people like this money. Janelle will be a millionaire if you keep watching. Just like Snooki, Kim, and all the others who are getting rich on their ignorance. Every fight they’re in earns them more money. Stop contributing.

  • Guest says:

    this kind of conduct has become more common and it clearly reflects something wrong within our society

  • Guest says:

    this is a terrible tape to view-how inthe orld can anyone say awesome-maybe that;s what is wrong-how some peopel view this. it is scary

  • Guest says:

    Seriously this really isnt news or a new trend these kind of fights have been happening for years the only difference now is they have cell phones with video recording on them and internet to post it almost immediately…if people would stop giving them so much freakin attention maybe it wouldnt be such a popular thing to do!!

  • Guest says:

    this is news because of the increase in violence in our society-just see the tape

  • andypandy77ful says:

    What does Obama have 2 do with this girl getting into a fight. If u think this has any reflection on Obama’s presidency, then u are just as ignorant as Jenelle. U sound like u need 2 educate yourself & get a life!!

  • Guest says:

    no question this is almost a daily event here in Obamaland-as our leaders lack a moral compass they just reflect what gives in our society in general. hope we see a change

  • Guest says:

    you cant attack media- they need to show news of the day. only problem the more we see of this kof conduct will it make us less sensitive to how bad it really is?

  • Guest says:

    what do we do about this conduct is a big deal. like others have said we need to send a strong message we will not accept. prison and fines-make these folks pay and others learn

  • Guest says:

    referring to her as poor white trash makes trivial the seriousness of this issue. it goes beyond any group-we see too many incidents like this one-all of the very troubling

  • Guest says:

    I think many earlier comments show why this is such an important issue and you are wrong to suggest it isnt news

  • Guest says:

    they did give it a southern slant-but still they did mention that it is part of a disturbing trend in other places

  • Guest says:

    what took paklce should be our focus and how we react to it–not posters grammer,etc..

  • Guest says:

    Can we be sure that GMA reported all the facts accuractely. I would after the folks for the fight-that took place–the rest of the stuff I;m n ot so sure about

  • DJB says:

    Every single person there should be arrested. Every single one of them. Each one of them should have to pay any and all medical bills that may arise from this stupid incident..
    I hope that little miss teen mom pulls some time over this one..

    Its time for the DA to take out the trash….

  • Fuel to the Fire says:

    So as long as someone can say – wow you were in the news – this will continue. Why aren’t you covering something a lot more important?

  • Cat says:

    Seriously, stop paying this loser any attention. She has no sense and nothing of value to add to the world. She’s nothing new, the world is full of these idiots who think they have accomplished something because they spread their legs and furthered the destruction of the world’s gene pool. Sterilize the ignorant hick and move on.

  • Grand Ole Party says:

    Jenelle Evans is nothing more than a two dollar whore. I watched the video with pure disgust. I usally don’t watch or read this kind of mess. I hope she is arrested along with the moron barking during the whole video. I am guessing she thinks she is a dog.

  • Guest says:

    As a professional news organization this article is a disgrace. The video speaks for itself and a news organization supposed to deliver an impartial opinion should not be using words such as “scumbag” to describe her or anyone. The article looks like it was delivered by another uneducated incompetent teen with the slander, spelling and grammatical errors. I hope you can revive yourself from this because my opinion of WWAY and I’m sure many others just distinctly dropped. I will be catching my news from now on from WECT. Best of luck.

  • LL says:

    You know- it’s sad. There are so many people in NC and in this area doing wonderful things- yet we continue to be subjected to this kind of heinous trash? She is a sad example, not a normal portrait of what we have to offer. Please stop giving her attention and wasting your time and ours.

  • Guest says:

    Every time I open your website I see this garbage about a teen mom fighting or what ever it is she is doing that day. That and your poll for the best whatever is getting old and boring. Make changes to your page so that you don’t see the same old same old. Please

  • Guest says:

    This makes us down here look awful strange gto the yankees up north.Its a shame this took place here

  • Guest says:

    cell phones have provided a lot of evidence in some recent cases-people are dumb enough to take photos showing their wrongdoing-go figure

  • Juanita says:

    I agree!!!! Although I am alot older then 19 now. I did stupid stuff as a teenager like fighting, skipping school, breaking curfew, all of that garbage. However, I grew up, became a productive citizen, had 3 beautiful daughters, and now have 4 beautiful grandbabies. There is hope for all of us.

  • Guest says:

    obviously not very well-send her to jail

  • Debbie says:

    I am glad Jenell does not have custody of her son he is better off with her mother the girl needs help really bad she is a snot

  • Guest says:

    Okay, but you have to keep in mind that Janelle Evans is a very extreme example, and as such, should not be the conclusion of your statement about how it goes to show that the more opportunity people are given, etc. There are always going to be exceptions to every single situation in life, and the vast majority of not only MTV’s Teen Moms, but teen moms everywhere, do, in fact, run with every chance they are given in life. Look around you, and you’ll see the truth of your statement. And if you don’t it’s only because of two possible reasons: you don’t know enough teen parents (fathers or mothers), OR you have your eyes closed and must open them first and empty the cotton out of your head to enable clear thinking.

  • AllenWest2012 says:

    Will this 19-yr old adult never learn? Apparently not. And how tragic for her poor son. Not much chance Jenelle will be able to get custody any time soon, thank goodness. What a foolish woman – not “young girl”. We have 19-yr old young women in our armed forces who act like adults, work hard & make do with few comforts in places like Afghanistan.

    To those of you who are sick of seeing Jenelle’s escapades posted here, I disagree. Certainly there are lessons to be learned.

    Even with the financial benefits from appearing on two seasons of Teen Mom, still Jenelle chooses to be irresponsible, break the law (at a minimum, smoking pot as seen on the MTV show, and stealing her mom’s credit cards) and now she’s gotten violent. She’s had so much more opportunity than the vast majority of teen moms, and she’s thrown it all away. Just goes to show – no matter how much you give someone, sometimes they will just continue to treat other people like garbage. And other people will persevere no matter how many difficult circumstances they have to face.

    What a huge contrast to the wonderful Eryn, who finished high school early & is now in college, working, and volunteering. Many thanks to WWAY TV3 for reporting Eryn’s inspiring story (wish we could comment there but comments are disabled).

  • Guest69 says:

    I agree the girl needs some serious help and I suspect shes headed for legal trouble over the assault but honestly I could give a crap less about the marajuana smoking and Ill tell ya why. Nobody has learned the lessons yet from prohibtion have they that worked friggin well didnt it. And oh I dont smoke it myself but Ill tell ya if it was legal I just might.. Hell in all my years in the medical field (prehospital and acute care)I ran across some nitwit driving while HIGH I can count on one hand meanwhile the countless senseless slaughter due to drunk drivers I cant even get into (but oh its legal).. WTF ever.. Its a crock of crap and worse the whole mentality over Marajuana and Hemp has cost this country big time becuase we spend all this money fighting it when hemp itself is totally harmless and a perfectly good fiber for many products but thanks to Uncle Sam they all but destroyed the market and since you cant legally grow it in the US for obvious reasons a perfectly viable cash crop is left to once again be IMPORTED from foreign countries (and Im not talking about pot itself was more about Hemp which has no active THC although hell it woulda been a perfectly good cash crop for tobacco farmers to switch over to instead of forcing them outta the farming business all together.. Typical corporate BS coming from DC kill the family farms force them to sell their land so greedy land developers can buy it up and build more crap we dont need..

  • Guest says:

    first it is sad to see a mother fighting when she should be at home taking care of her child yes i sometimes lose my cool with people but it comes a time in your life when u have to just let it go i have two kids of my own and i have to show them right from wrong and rolling around on the ground over a guy is not something i want my kids to be doing so i hope some day she will see that and grow up

  • Guest says:

    I think that your “story” is a direct quote (without attribution, plagiarism) of the text accompanying the video on the TMZ website.

    That is really going over the edge. You are a local news organization, you should be reporting news impartially, yet you are using descriptive terms such as scumbag to describe persons involved in the incident.

  • Guest Apu says:

    Are you suprised? Seems WWAY has a daily story on Teen Mom. This story is lifted from TMZ and I remember seeing them citing OK! Magazine as a source recently. How many stories did they run on Kate Goesslin last year when she was here filming a show on Bald Head?

    WWAY has defended themselves several times recently in their editorials for being called tabloid journalism. But, they’re using other tabloids as a basis for some of their stories. If the shoe fits…

    Most importantly to me, WWAY very unprofessionally attack people who choose not to be interviewed for one of thier editorials masquerading as a news story, insted of simply saying that “Jane Doe has not responded to requests for an interview.” To me, high school newspapers seem to be run with more journalistic professionalism than WWAY these days. Good thing they are other alternatives for news. If I only relied on this station, a good chunk of my knowledge of local current events would be celebrity gossip.

  • Guest says:

    Amen to that. Geez guys we all do stupid stuff just because she is on a reality show doesn’t mean you need to insult a human being like that. She’s a teenager and we all screw up. Fights in BC hapen every day. Be mature. K, THanks, Bye

  • William Jackson says:

    Since when did “Reality TV” become the top news story on WWAY?, i
    think you should stick to covering the news stories that are more
    important than what airs on MTV.

  • GuestMe says:

    RE: “without attribution, plagiarism”: Look just to the right of the words “Oak Island, NC”. The article credits as source.

    RE: “I think that your “story” is a direct quote”: This is not a new practice in journalism. Many media outlets engage in this. If you don’t believe me, consider AP or Reuters. Their news stories are FREQUENTLY used verbatim by the media.

    Finally…one of my personal observations regarding your statement “you are using descriptive terms such as scumbag to describe persons involved in the incident”. If it looks like a duck, behaves like a duck, sounds like a duck, it’s probably a duck. Show me ONE person who doesn’t think this girl and people connected to her are scumbags. You can’t. If someone does not have a home, do you not call them homeless? If someone drinks without self-control, do you not call them alcoholics?

    I too am NOT a fan of all of the ways and things that WWAY reports on, and I do not enjoy defending them in this case, but fair is fair, and your accusations are invalid.

  • guesty says:

    Trailer trash idiots at their best.

  • Guest says:

    This girl, Jenelle, is complete trash. I’ve watched the show and she is an embarrassing, selfish, piece of crap. Her mom gives her chance, after chance to redeem herself and this girl keeps screwing up. I wish someone would just be the ever living crap out of her one day. I remember when she was on the show pregnant and I clearly thought this girl is going to end up losing her child one day. Big shock there…

    Some people hopes she will change, I just hope she goes away…

  • Guestasis says:

    This whole Teen Mom thing was kinda funny when I first heard that some one local was on the show, but now it’s just depressing. It’s really sad to think that people live like this. Even more sad to think that there are probably so many more families just like hers.

    As for the fight. I hope everyone involved is arrested along with the trash that is instigating the situation.

  • Fern says:

    Jenelle Evans is white trash.

  • Guest says:

    It is clear by the video that Jenelle needs to be arrested. She attacked the other girl on her property and even through the first punch. It should be CLEAR-CUT what needs to be done. How about it Sheriff Ingram?

  • Guest1 says:

    Why this pure white trash “thing” they call a “mom” is obviously in the wrong, this is NOT Sheriff Ingram’s problem…yet! Until the victim presses charges, the court system can not do anything about it! It is up to this “Britney” to take the first step. The Sheriff just can’t “arrest” without the victim pressing charges. It’s the law.

  • Guest says:

    First of all this is our tax bucks hard at work. Is there a reason that all these young healthy people are not at work. They have nothing better to do with their time hmmm I am sure Jon will find something maybe they can get work release. I honestly thought this female (jan) was just a misguided young women who just needed some to show her they way. Jon hopefully will show her the way to Raleigh Womens Jail. The person she assulted I hope gets a good attorney since MTV is paying her for now. All those ignorant people who cheered her on they can follow her. Really I refuse to watch the show or acknowledge her ever. Sure she doesnt care but if eneough people do the same MTV will fire her and she is that outstanding citizen boyfriend of hers can move to NJshe will care when she is fired mouths off at the wrong person and they bust her mouth. Instead of fighting she needs to possibly get a second job so she can get some clothes that fit and possibly visit the dentist. No wonder her Mom is crazy. She should also be looking for attorney so she can get some of the money Jan made for the child she refuses to raise. So how would she answer the question on this day instead of working to make myself bettr or educating myself I chose to physically assualt someone over a guy who refuses to work who has nothing going for him, who spoke of my Mother(who raises my child) in a negative way on TV to family memebers that he has not seen in years who really dont care about him and will let him remain homeless they dont even care that he gets a haircut or take a bath but he can be a thug and get those pretty things in his lip. he will go far I am sure. I vented a little much. When I have to work overtime to make sure my family has what they want and these people are living off our hard earned tax money I have a right. Just think of the person who could have used that money she got for school and blew it. Her friends can get on here and say whatever they want facts are fact and she is uneducated white trailer park trash who is just going to end up having a child that her mother cant raise and that child will repeat the cycle it never stops and if someone ever layed their hand on my child they way she did I would be the one in front of Mr David. So parents and loved ones if you see someone inthat video you know make sure to go up and tell them how proud you are JK then think about the video that was on here of the young girl in high school doing a food drive for homeless in honor of a local homeless man. Break the cycle fix it so noone including MTV interviews her. I am sure she breached her contract with them

  • Guestfirst of all says:

    First of all we should think about how she was.raised from my outside look n in from the show mom has some problems too im not sayn she is a angel but to me we shouldnt b to quick to judge we all know that rrspect starts at home and was she raised n a one parent home ? What I do know is mom,n jan are n need of some professional help n if they dont watch things the kid will need some also

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