Good Morning America LIVE from Oak Island Tuesday

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Submitted: Tue, 03/29/2011 - 1:12am
Updated: Tue, 03/29/2011 - 12:36pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Don’t think the latest drama involving “Teen Mom 2″ star Jenelle Evans is news? Good Morning America does.

ABC’s morning news show has sent reporter Andrea Canning to Oak Island to interview Britany Truett, the teen hit repeatedly by Evans and caught on video. The fight led to criminal charges against Evans, Truett and another girl who pushed Evans into the fight.

Canning will report live from Oak Island around 7:30 a.m. Tuesday. Her story will also address speculation that someone put the girls up to the fight, and will again touch on whether girls are trying to get pregnant to be on the show.


  • Guest says:

    The media is pitiful for following this kind of non sense. This is exactly what these girls need… more publicity so they can show their ass to the whole nation. Pathetic, and surely not what the media needs to be following. Garbage like this is the reason other young girls (can’t even call this trash ladies) think that it’s cool to follow in the footsteps on ones like Jenelle. Someone should’ve put that girl in her place long ago.

  • William Jackson says:

    Once again, our media is covering stories that most of us don’t
    care about, ABC’s “Good Morning America” should stick to real

  • Guest says:

    I have never heard of her….. oh well.! She must not be WINNING!

  • jennifer says:

    makes me literally sick to my stomach that this teen is in the limelight in any form or fashion. I am embarrassed to admit that I live in the same area as these people.

  • UNC2011 says:

    Jenelle Evans and her mother need to be removed from “Teen Mom 2.” They both have serious problems and the demoralizing, profanity and shouting at each other ALL THE TIME has to go!!! Neither one of them need to have custody of Jace. The other teen moms on the show are trying to make something of their themselves and their babies; however, Janelle is not trying. I’m tired of my hard earned money going to help support someone who doesn’t care and only wants a free handout for college and raising of her child.

  • Guest350 says:

    Why is everyone so fascinated with this tabloid garbage? People need to get a life!

  • Guest says:

    Janell’s mother needs to let her raise her child. I think this is 90% of the problem.

  • Guest says:

    This makes me sick!!!!! Why is this child still on tv? you would think she would try to do something with her life since the whole nation is watching her!!!I understand that she is young but if your old enough to have a child then your old enough to get your shit together and grow up!!! Why is your mother raising your son??? Now this fist fight!!! GROW UP and take care of your son!! If you keep acting this way you are never going to any thing more than you are now and thats not much!!!! Believe me your when your child is old enough to understand that your choosing everything over him you will be sorry!!!

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