Jenelle showcased on “Good Morning America” this morning

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Submitted: Mon, 03/28/2011 - 1:35pm
Updated: Mon, 03/28/2011 - 5:27pm

OAK ISLAND, NC (GMA) – The “Teen Mom” series has come under fire for glorifying teenage pregnancy with these young parents landing big magazine deals and reportedly being paid upwards of $60,000 a season.

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1 Comment on "Jenelle showcased on “Good Morning America” this morning"

2015 years 8 months ago

Sad that Janelle and other teen moms are being paid to be such deadbeat parents. Maybe they should change the name of the show to Loser Moms or Here’s how to loose custody of your kid. I think it would be more appropriate seeing as how Janelle has lost custody of her child and is profitting off it. She’s a pathetic excuse for a mom and a woman. Problem with Janelle is she hasn’t picked a fight with the right southern woman yet. But if she keeps up her antics they’ll find her and it won’t be her picking the fight. Way to put Oak Island on the map Janelle! You should be proud along with your mom.