Police: Frog hits Senator Soles in the back; Soles takes a bite out of Frog

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Submitted: Tue, 03/29/2011 - 3:59am
Updated: Tue, 03/29/2011 - 5:20pm

TABOR CITY, NC (WWAY) — Another strange chapter in the R.C. Soles saga. Tabor City Police say the former senator got into a couple of fights with Allen “Frog” Strickland over the weekend.

Police say the men showed up at the police department yesterday and said Saturday night Strickland hit Soles in the back leaving a mark and that Soles had bitten Strickland on the arm.

They also said Sunday morning Strickland showed up at Soles’s office, where the senator hit him with an umbrella and Strickland kicked in the door to Soles’s car.

Both men refused to swear out warrants for the others’ arrest.


  • G*U*E*S*T says:

    He was going to an interview the other day with the news media but when it came time to do it he had a frog in his throat and couldn’t get the words out.

  • Guest says:

    The Snake bit the Frog……..

  • Guest says:

    change the kids nickname to “Froggy”, that way it’ll read like a 21st century update to “Our Gang” starring W.C. Fields. This could be great fodder for a locally produced comedy show, as soon as local playwrights put their creative noggins to the task.

  • NOTpc says:

    Maybe Mr. Soles was trying to take a bite out of crime!

  • guesty says:

    It would be more like a bite out of grime.

  • Guest31 says:

    Both these guys are poster children for birth control

  • Guest says:

    I guess they were playing batman and penguin this time :)

  • Guest350 says:

    They need to lock Soles, Frog and Janelle, whatever her face is,in a room, lock the door and see what happens. All these trolls deserve each other.

  • topnotchrep says:

    Disgusting. Why bother covering news like this. More is going on than the public is being told by both parties. Let it go and report on positive issues. The world could use more good news and less trash. Just think…….this man represented the people in our area in Raleigh. Whats even more disturbing is the criminal record of these young men and they are still free on the streets. Where is justice? As the old saying goes, “when you play with fire you eventually get burned”.

  • guesty says:

    Maybe a lovers quarrel? If neither would swear out a warrant, why bother going to the police?

  • Ray says:

    Or making it public knowledge. What a sad life in Mayberry without Barney and Floyd.

  • Bozo says:

    I would suggest several possible titles for the Soles saga.

    1. Creepy old man/ creepy young guy.

    2. Old man pays for sins.

    3. Young man pays for sins with old guy.

    4. The lawyers will make money out of this

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    The simple fact is that in most places you can get away with everything and anything, time after time after time, if you have a “pal” in high places. A phone call, a brief, “Hey Jim, can I talk to you for a minutes,” the right clue dropped by a defense attorney, and the prayers for judgment and suspended sentences keep rolling in. Other charges simply fade away after a string of continuances.

    What I can’t understand is why Soles simply can’t see what this has done and is doing to his reputation and legacy. Has he totally lost his marbles?

  • Guest says:

    or #5. all the above

  • William Jackson says:

    This saga between R.C. Soles, B.J. Wright, and Allen Strickland has
    been a strange story from the beginning, eventually the truth will
    come out.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    ….have you reconsidered publishing my play, “Creepy Old Guy and the Redneck Boys” yet?

  • Guest says:

    With a little bit of research and a creative mind, these characters mentioned above could possibly give you an oscar. This is scenario is the foundation of “Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil: Where There is Smoke There is Fire”. It’s golden! :)

  • Guest says:

    Why is the word “Frog” used? Is this Strickland’s nickname or something? If so why are you using nicknames in the titles and then not referencing it in the story??

    No lie… When I got this Twitter… I thought the old man literally bit a frog!! haha

  • Guest5050 says:

    Geez, those two kids need to stop fighting if they ever expect to have a life together.

  • Guestasis says:

    Who is more of an embarrassment to the area?

    Teen mom Jenelle or R.C Soles ????????

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