Catlin, Thompson react to Berger’s repetitive, rambling, ripping email sent to county staff

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Submitted: Wed, 03/30/2011 - 3:58am
Updated: Thu, 08/02/2012 - 5:08pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) “I’m very concerned,” New Hanover County Commissioner Rick Catlin told Ramon Tuesday in regards to an email Brian Berger sent Monday. In it, Berger ripped several members of county staff for not getting information he requested.

Berger even accused his fellow commissioners of holding secret meetings about an air-quality issue he was researching.

Catlin says the email and its tone were uncalled for. “Normally I try not to weigh in on things Brian does or doesn’t do, but in this case, after reading his six-page very angry tirade I had to defend county staff,” he said.

Catlin says he emailed Berger and let him know nothing was going on behind his back and that the county staff acted appropriately.

Commission Vice Chair Jason Thompson says Berger may just need a lesson on how things are done in a county government. “Perhaps we need a brief on the commissioner / manager form of government. Perhaps we need a re briefing on what the chairman and vice chairman do outside the normal commissioners. Maybe we need to have a little brief on the way the state says the way we can interact with staff members. Maybe we just need to get everyone up to speed, I don’t know what else to say.”


  • Peter C. says:

    Ben McCoy is an un-employed “artist” that claims that I am a “so-called Republican.” Buddy I give more in a year to GOP candidates than you stuff down that gravy hole of yours over a life time. I don’t come to the local GOP meeting for a chance encounter with such slime as you and Berger. Catlin, Davis, and Thomson are all honest men. That don’t need to get attention via McCarthy-esque claims of corruption and back room deals.

  • angryrepublican says:

    we now see why caster asked catlin to run–same sleaze, same attacks on anyone questioning things like CFPUA, ABC, R3 and let’s help out the vips in town with the gravely party. what makes most of us ill is that we have so-called republicans like catlin and their go along play along mentality which all of us republicans, democrats and independants are paying for. Your buddy catlin was part the crowd that got us into most of the messes we are now cleaning up-so rather than attack McCoy and Berger— you might tell your friend Catlin that this county is more than his special interest friends.

  • Guest says:

    When the Titan Project was getting incentives and being approved by the county commission, catlin was no where to be seen or heard. Only recently did this become an issue he took a stand on. Lately, on non-attainment he has been doing more grandstanding so I think Berger is correct to point out this is an issue for all of us. Berger may not be as slick as catlin but he is far more correct on asking these questions and not allowing Catlin to ignore his concerns or those of others in NHC with these non-responsive answers. Catlin is handling this matter poorly and Berger is right to ask questions and demand answers in a timely fashion. Maybe if we had fewer Catlins we wouldnot have issues like the CFPUA and R3. Given Barfield’s trying to take over schools, when it comes to unprofessional who is he kidding.

  • Peter C. says:

    Ever notice that weird looking hairy ape like figure standing behind Brian Berger is his freaky TV press conferences — saw “hello” to the un-employed tea party activist and blogger AKA WilmWatcher, Mr. Ben McCoy. Ben’s been busy posting in many different aliases. But I am not fooled. The Republican establishment detests you and your nut-job tea party cohorts. Catlin is the best commissioner we’ve had — honest, accomplished, and has the political skills to lead. You and your loud mouthed brethren make me sick — you are an embarrassment to the GOP.

  • Guest11221 says:

    Thanks Brian for your comment on Catlin. Who is the real phony??

  • Guest says:

    Some of the posters may live on planet earth, but they sure are blind to reality here at home in this County. Our economic challenges and environmental issues are a result of folks like catlin and his cronies like caster making poor judgements the last few years. They were in charge- so if you are going to call people out for being out of touch let’s start with Catlin. When it comes to bizarre behavior Barfield and Thompson clearly win on that score.
    We should all want to know who these folks are meeting with on issues that concern us whether it is non-attainment or any other issue. This new commissioner is a breath of fresh air. Where is catlin;s answer to his grandstanding with media and his failure to provide Barfield and Berger with information that was requested. It;s simple, Catlin is not being entirely forthcoming-shame on him.

  • realstraightshooter says:

    Good for Brian Berger– it is time someone put Catlin and the others in their place. While his approach could have been different -if you look at all the e-mails you realize we should all be mad as hell at Catlin and the others. When it comes to smears, lack of professionalism and bizarre behavior we have a lot more to ask of Catlin and the two jokers(Barfield and Jason) than we do of this guy. The attack dogs of the old guard can crawl out of the woodwork but it cant hide the poor judgemnets they have made. Good for Berger for saying enough is enough.

  • Straight Shooter says:

    These guys are a joke, A BAD JOKE!!!

  • sraightshooter says:

    Straight shooter is loose again-he meant to say Catlin and Barfield are lacking in skills. These folks who ask about lack of transparency must have their heads buried in the ocean sands. When we talk rubbish Catlin and Barfield go to head of class. When we talk conflicts they are surely not the one’s to have their hacks point fingers at others.

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