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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – The fallout continues after New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger launched an e-mail tirade at county staff and fellow commissioners.

We talked with Berger after an event this morning. He told us his e-mails came from frustrations that another commissioner had excluded him from meetings with experts about a pollution issue. He also said in hindsight he wish he could retract his lengthy, rambling e-mail critical of staff and commissioners.

“It does read like a manifesto,” Berger said, “And it is certainly conducive to to creating the perception that I’m a crazy person, because it’s typically crazy people that write manifestoes, but I don’t live in a log cabin in the woods in Montana.”

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  • obie1

    if you are going to use the word filthy and relate it to a commissioner-then caster and catlin and their stink machine deserve the title a lot more than the guys you mention- when it comes to making money those guys-catlin and caster know how to play the system–just look back over the last 15 yeas, long before berger was here. This is crap politics by catlin and the old crowd who are afraid of losing control Catlin stinks-whether berger is here or not.

  • Straight Shooter

    It’s unbelievable that this guy was elected in the first place. Nobody new anything about him. He has no experience, just a ranting nut-job!

  • Like Jason and Rick and the rest of the crooks (Bill Caster and Bobby Greer) weren’t? You must be living in a bubble!

  • Peter C.

    Brian must be held legally libel for his McCarthyesque accusations.

    This guy is the worst county commissioner ever. He insults Catlin and the other elected officials — abuses staff.

    Thank you ABLE (a local TEA party PAC) and to it’s biggest supportes: Laura Triece, Carolyn Bordeaux, and Tom Heitman. We know who you are and who is responsible for putting this monster in office.

  • striaghtshooter

    his conduct is a disgrace- his conflicts are many- and his smugness and smears will shortly backfire. joe mccarthy meet rick catlin–you two have a lot in common.


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