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ROCKINGHAM, NC (NEWS RELEASE) – It was announced today that 37 Boat Slips at Harbour Pointe Marina in Carolina Beach, NC will be sold at public auction. This auction is being ordered by a local financial institution who has contracted with Iron Horse Auction Company, Inc. of Rockingham, NC to conduct the auction.

Eight slips will sell regardless of price with the balance selling subject to the owner’s confirmation. Harbor Pointe Marina features 102 deeded slips from 30 feet to 70 feet with a fabulous waterfront clubhouse and pool and with a large parking lot. The project is of the best construction and exceptionally maintained. The auction will be conducted on April 30, 2011 at 11 a.m. at the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel in Carolina Beach.

Tom McInnis of Iron Horse Auction Company, Inc. states, “These slips represent the best construction of any marina project that we have ever had the opportunity to sell. With the location at Snows Cut, the Coastal Waterway and the great Atlantic Ocean are only minutes away. We look forward to transferring these slips to new owners on auction day.”

Complete information is available at www.ironhorseauction.com. For further information, contact Iron Horse Auction Company, Inc. at 910.997.2248 or 800.997.2248.

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  • SurfCityTom

    of 102 boat slips, 32 had not been sold when the lender pulled the plug. Seems pretty clear. why try to create the impression the Bank is pulling the rug from under 70 owned boat slips?

  • Guest

    Does anybody have any comment as to what is going on here? Why are they being auctioned, it sounded like even the one’s currently owned by folks will be sold??????

  • Captain Kirk


    The pictures i have seen look like there are many many vacant slips.

    Do you know anything about their rental potential or program?

    Apparently only a certain class “a” slip can be rented.Are slips predeginated this or is there a upcharge after purchase to be able to rent?


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