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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The second cyclist involved in the Sunday morning accident died Monday night. 17-year-old Trey Doolittle was taken to New Hanover Regional Medical Center after the accident in critical condition, and later succumbed to his injuries. His father was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash Sunday.

The Doolittle family has released the following statement: “The family would like to thank the community for their prayers and support. They appreciate the outpouring from New Hanover High School and all of Trey’s friends. They have made the decision to donate Trey’s organs so other families can receive his lifesaving gift. They will share more information about services for Trey and his father David when they are available.”

A candlelight vigil to honor Trey is scheduled for 8 p.m. Monday at New Hanover High School.

Thomas Grooms, the driver troopers say hit the Doolittles with his Buick sedan, has a list of charges ranging from felony death by motor vehicle to felony DWI and cocaine possession. Troopers have sent Grooms’s blood to the SBI in order to test for all substances. They expect to have the results back to the DA’s office soon.

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  • GuestLeslie

    Mothers Against Drunk Drivers has made a large impact on alchol and driving, maybe something can be learned from them in how they developed quickly and strongly an organization that is powerful and progressive.

  • You begin by calling or emailing your state Senator or Representative demanding that the law be changed to manadate jail/prison time for offenses such as these. Until our elected officials decide to “get tough”, the courts can only work with the law(s) that are currently on the books.

    In many Middle-East countries, a DWI is punishable by death.

  • Jill

    David’s father was my pastor when I was in college in Illinois and now is a counselor in our church in Florida. This family has a beautiful, Godly heritage. My thoughts and prayers are with this family that God will wrap his arms around them bringing them comfort and peace in ways they could never imagine in this time of immense grief.

  • Guest11

    Do you or anyone else have any idea what we, as the public, can do to start pushing for crimes involving alcohol and drugs to become mandatory prison sentences? I would be more than willing to join in the fight.

  • anne

    To the family of this young man and his dad – may God comfort you in this time of loss. Your loved ones were murdered by someone who did not think of anyone but himself, and justice will prevail. Don’t focus on him and what he did, but draw on God to help you focus on the memories that they leave behind. I don’t know your family, but I did see the tribute to your son on T.V. last night and the outpouring of love for that young man was awesome. You were truly blessed!

  • Guest1250

    The recent accident on River road that killed a father and son bicyclists is a real sad and too often story in our culture. I am so saddened by this incident and can not imagine the horror the family and friends of the victims is going through. However I am more saddened that we as a culture are now accustomed and tolerant by such. And by our tolerant and acceptance have empowered such. Examine the way we treat cases like that and you will see how tolerant we have become. This is not an incident of someone making a mistake, this is a deliberate act of murder. This man deliberately got behind the wheels of a car and thus deliberately turned his vehicle into a lethal weapon, that weapon took the lives of a father and son. We tolerate this in the name of personal pleasure and personal freedom. We value personal freedom and pleasure more than the freedom and the very life of others. When are we going to confront this problem head on and stop dancing around the devastating effects of alcohol and drugs. The devastating effects of which have been and will continue to be more than the effect of wars and terrorist attacks will ever be. Examine the broken families, health effect and murders in the name of this personal freedom. The price is too high. We have proven over and over that we are not responsible enough to handle such personal pleasure and freedom. So now we mourn the murder of two innocent individual, in the name of personal pleasure

  • Richelle

    So very sorry for the loss of your son and husband. My heart sank when I heard Trey died. But he lives on through the organs that were donated <3

  • Guest123

    This is so sad, a father and son out riding bikes enjoying their day. Along comes another drunk driver killing innocent people!
    Another family and firends suffering because of a drunk!
    My 28 yr old daughter was killed in Brunswick county less then 2 years ago by a drunk.
    WHEN will the legal system treat these drunks who kill our loved ones the same way they treat other murderers???
    Dead is DEAD!! These drunk drivers killing our loved ones deserve life in prison just as they have taken our loved ones lives and have taken our life as we knew it before they made the choice to drive drunk and kill………
    stop pampering this group of murderers……….

  • gdiannee

    I am so sorry for your loss! I am praying that the Lord will give great comfort to your family. As hard as it is, plz don’t let hate consume you so that you can’t feel anything else. My heart breaks when I think about what you and your family must be going thru! Just know you have the thoughts and prayers of many!!!!

  • Guest987678

    To the family and friends of David and Trey – the community mourns with you in your loss. May the many prayers of support help comfort you during this time of unimaginable grief. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.

  • A mom

    I must say that their gift of life to other families is beyond brave. May God bless they for their donation of life to others.

  • Sheryl Robertson

    Our 18 yr. old son was killed last year as an innocent victim also. Justin was a passenger in a car driven by a boy that decided to turn in front of a vehicle. I hear that the driver was on a medication that may have hindered his decision making. These drivers along with the alcohol users should not be allowed to ever operate a vehicle. From experience, there are no words that can be said to this family. Just show them lots of love and be availabe to listen without making a comment. We may never meet but I hurt with you from the bottom of my heart. Written in love.

  • Ti

    There are no words that I can say to this family that has lost a husband/father and a son/brother, my heart broke that morning driving down River Road and the more I hear the more it breaks. May god be with all of you and comfort you through this time. I am truly sorry for your loss.

  • Guest1

    I just want my brother and my stepdad back.. i can never forgive you for what you did to this family. there was 5, now there is 3.. they lost their lives, you should lose your too.

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