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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Tonight we take another look at a stop on this weekend’s Azalea Garden Tour. This one features a cozy garden with lots of personality.

The spacious backyard is loaded with tall trees, which provide plenty of shade for a hot summer day. The garage features cascading Carolina jasmine, bringing a bright yellow color during the spring. Gravel pathways take you on strolls through the garden, which features an array of beautiful stonework..

But the most unique highlight of the garden is the use of wine bottles as garden edging.

“I got the idea in Southern Living magazine,” owner Jamie Lanzi said. “They used it. It works great. You can edge around it, and they don’t break. They’re really durable, and we’re recycling.”

Not only do bottles line many of the flower beds, but there’s also a fun bottle sculpture, too.

Fountains can be found among the rocks providing a relaxing touch to this already cozy space.

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