“Frog” back in hot water; May face $1 million bond like Wright

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Submitted: Thu, 04/07/2011 - 12:45am
Updated: Sat, 04/14/2012 - 1:46am

COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) – One of the men at the center of the R.C. Soles saga is back in hot water. Allen “Frog” Strickland is accused of vandalizing the former senators home and law office. This time around, though, Strickland may not be able to get out of jail so easily.

Strickland faces two charges of injury to property and one-count of first degree tresspassing.

Tabor City Police say Monday the 19-year-old threw a beer bottle into a window at Soles’s law office. He then allegedly busted two lights, two video cameras and two gate sensors at Soles’s house.

Police arrested Strickland Monday night, but he posted his $5,500 bond quickly. Yesterday a superior court judge put Strickland under a $1 million bond for a time then changed his mind.

We caught up with Strickland today as he entered the Columbus County Courthouse for a hearing to discuss his bond. Neither he nor his lawyer would answer our questions.

As for the bond hearing, nothing was discussed, and it was continued until tomorrow afternoon.

Soles was at the hearing, and even said something to Strickland as he walked by him.

Earlier this month, the two got into another scrape. Soles says Strickland hit him in the back on a Saturday night and kicked in the door of his Mercedes the following day. Strickland says Soles bit his arm that Saturday and hit him with an umbrella Sunday.

Strickland’s pal B.J. Wright is cooling his heels in the Columbus County Jail for allegedly vandalizing Soles’s home earlier this year. A judge set his bond at $1 million with a stipulation that whomever posts it must explain to a judge why and where the money is coming from. No one has come forward yet to bail Wright out.

In the recent past, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent bailing Wright out of jail. No one has taken credit, and Wright apparently has no job or income.


  • Guest1 says:

    I completely agree with you. I dont know who you are or anything but i agree. 100%. If you dont know him stay out of his business.

  • I feel the nickname suits him quite well. Like his amphibious counter part he has the ability to leap out of dangerous situations with ease. Unlike his brother who with one final leap died by drowning. A person who was known to have a phobia for water even afraid of a small 3ft kiddie pool. It has been rumored that he too came forward telling of his molestation at age 12 to family and friends and shortly after silenced forever. I for one do not find this to be a coincidence but with the hidden testimony, payoffs and local cover ups his last act of courage and justice died with him. The only person left is “FROG”. I would not want that on my conscience hiding the facts of my brothers death. To Frog: my friend, There’s always going to be one last leap. You know what RC did just as well as I did.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    …is get himself arrested for something stupid and the Tabor City Lonely Hearts Club will be reunited in an all-male remake of “Prisoner – Cell Block H.”

  • Guest 2 says:

    For those who do not know Allen, please keep your opinions to yourself. The media has made him into a celebrity and just maybe that is why he keeps on. He is not a frog and should not be labeled one. As for kissing Mr. Soles, you need proof before you can determine that. If the public did not have R.C. and the Tabor City boys what would the public have to gossip about. Maybe each of you should clean your own closets first. Mr. Soles has done alot for Columbus County.

  • It seems that the majority of comments are based on speculation instead of facts from testimony by former victims such as myself and possibly dozens if not 100’s of others that either through shame or fear will never come forward. I myself stated on WWAY that I had no desire to extort money from RC Soles targeting one objective “Justice.” Being a victim I understand how people can be blinded by the “So called good” he did for the community if it can be called that. Tabor City is one of the many areas that has achieved a 0% growth ratio for the past 40 years. In my past visits I discovered that the area has achieved drug abuse percentages similar to the drug use percentages of the ghettos of Atlanta, New York and LA. Studies dictate that those of power and wealth are often the Dons’ of local mafia. It’s obvious who the local drug bosses are in a small area. Look for power and wealth to seek answers for problems many times they are the #1 cause.

  • Guest1 says:

    Ok. Does anyone know these 2 men personally? Frog is a nickname given to him by his family that loves him. Not because he’s waiting to be kissed. Obviously all you people have to do is worry about Frog and RC’s lives. Seriously. Get your own life. If they havn’t done anything to you why should you be worried about it. Frog is not a bad person. Granted he makes stupid desicions and mistakes, but no one in this world can say that they havn’t made mistakes or stupid decisions. What he does is his business. As for shaun let him rest in peace thats over and done with. I just think its soo pathetic that everyone is revolving their lives around these men. I dont know the whole story either, and as close as i am to his family it’s still none of my business what he does and why he does it. You people live your lives the way you want to and he will live his the way he wants to. He will be the only person who has to answer for what he does. Leave the boy alone. Take it from someone who knows he’s actually a good and very funny person.

  • kenny says:

    I suspect someone keeps using the nickname “FROG” because he is waiting to be kissed by Soles so he can turn into a beautiful Princess. Hey DUDEEEEEEEEE. It ain’t gonna happen.

  • guesty says:

    Do you no what is two funny? When people don’t no the correct word too use when they right a post. It is also funny two sea there lack of punctuation. It is even better when they call somebody stupid.

  • Guest1 says:

    ok who cares about the nickname BUT we are not freaks in this county so if you dont live in this county no need to be the judge of that and if you are not in this county that just makes you look worse for calling people that you dont EVEN know come on now. Right about the story if you are gonna commment. Thats just stupid

  • Guest1 says:

    Ok i did not call anybody stupid i said that was just stupid read above. I didnt correct anybodies puncuation. I just think it’s childish to call people freaks in the county. Thats why i said write about the story not about everybody else. This is not everyone’s fault in the county just the people involved in this. Yea it might make us look bad from it being in the news but when you think, it dont on our part just the ones involved. This is getting crazy with what going on between them but everyone else in this county is NOT a bunch of freaks!!!

  • PWNED you says:

    “Becuase you are.”

    You feel all superior and you don’t know how to spell because?

  • JeffG says:

    Can we please stop using nicknames in breaking news stories? Loses credibility and makes us look like the small time redneck podunk everyone thinks we are!

  • Guest628945621 says:

    is AMEN!!!!

  • Office Fan says:

    I agree, it seems completely juvenile to keep using this guys nickname. How does it add to the story to drop to this level?

  • Guester Guestman says:

    “makes us look like the small time redneck podunk everyone thinks we are!” Becuase you are. You live in the most corrupt county in NC. Have fun with your “yam festival” freaks.

  • Guest5329 says:

    As a tax paying citizen of Columbus county, please stop wasting my tax money on these two thugs (Soles included). If Soles is not willing to take out warrants, which is apparently the case, then he deserves whatever he gets. If Strickland destroys Soles property, Soles should be responsible for repair/replacement. Soles is an instigator and hinders justice by refusing to press charges when applicable. Law enforecement should stop wasting tax money on this game that these two grown men enjoy playing so much.

  • unknown says:

    This story baffles me to the fullest why does this guy keep harrassing soles. i dont know any facts but no one would do this unless soles did something to this guy could it be soles son that he neglected could it me molestation could it be being fueled by someone else since someone is posting his bail every time. maybe he is getting paid by someone that really hates soles.

  • Guest also says:

    I agree. Please find something else to write about. If Mr. Soles does not press charges then why does the new DA and police get involved. Just leave them alone. Use our tax money wisely.

  • Guest757 says:

    The new DA is doing his job… If Rex Gore had done his years ago this all would have stopped right away. You can’t live with your head in the sand.. For years and years Soles has paid these guys money maybe to keep quite… but we have to stop this and stop it now. You would think the people in Columbus County would want to put a FINAL end to it all… There is so much more beneath the surface regarding why Soles gave these young “men” a lot of money new cars and a house over the years. Give the new DA a chance to get to the bottom of it and he will.

  • Chase83 says:

    Allen looks a little cutter then he use to anyone got a link to his facebook? or Myspace?

  • Columbus Countian says:

    Mr. Strickland’s nickname is pertinent as it is a part of his self- identity. Regarding the abuse/misuse of taxpayer funded services, it is a noteworthy example of an entitlement mentality that Mr. Soles doesn’t reside in the Tabor City city limits yet he circumvents the 9-1-1 system by calling Tabor City law enforcement personnel on their cellular phones.

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