Pantano claims family being harassed by “liberal activists” over puppy adoption; Rescue president talks only to WWAY

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Submitted: Thu, 04/07/2011 - 9:47pm
Updated: Fri, 04/08/2011 - 5:46pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – Ilario Pantano claims the president of a puppy rescue group is harassing him and his family and has thrust his Goldendoodle puppies into a political battle.

Jacquie Yorke, the President of the Doodle Rescue Society in New Jersey, says the Pantano family volunteered to be a foster-family for two Goldendoodles. That was all well and good. But when the Pantanos officially adopted the dogs, York eventually found out they didn’t meet the requirements the society has for adoption.

Yorke tells us when she called the Pantano’s vet, the doctor said another one of their pets was not up to date on heartworm medication, which was an automatic disqualifier. She also says the rules of adoption also state that the family cannot have children under a certain age or be a first-time pet owner.

She says the Pantanos also let Illario’s mother Merry take care of them. Yorke claims she doesn’t qualify either because she was a first-time owner.

So, Yorke asked for the Pantanos to return the puppies. She says the Pantanos refused, and the argument escalated from there. She admits that she left some pretty nasty messages on their voice mail, alluding to Illario’s service in Iraq and his shooting of two Iraqi citizens. She’s also called the Pender County Animal Shelter and the Pender County Sheriff’s Department looking for help.

We asked Yorke why it was okay for a family who didn’t meet requirements to foster the puppies but not okay to adopt them, and she admitted she didn’t have a good answer.

Thursday afternoon, Pantano issued the following statement, claiming York is a liberal political activist out to get him and his family. Yorke contends she just wants the puppies back.


Pantano Family Rescues Puppies and Faces Harassment by Liberal Activists

When Jill Pantano responded to a request to rescue puppies from a litter in Charlotte whose owner could not manage the dozen baby animals, she never thought she would be sued over it. But then politics entered the equation – the silly season has begun early this year!

Jill Pantano, wife of congressional candidate Ilario Pantano, has rescued animals before and was eager to help. The owner of the puppies was paid by the Pantano family and is happy that the dogs are in a good home. Case closed, right? But instead of thanking Mrs. Pantano, radical animal rights activists in New Jersey have cursed her, harassed her, and are threatening a lawsuit – all because of her husband’s conservative politics.

The activist that has targeted the Pantano family is Ms. Jacquie York from Montclair, New Jersey. She has left the Pantanos threatening voicemail messages, has made false claims and false 911 calls to trigger visits from local law enforcement on Pantano’s wife and his mother. Ms. York made these harassing phone calls from 600 miles away in New Jersey with no actual knowledge of or regard for the care that these puppies were receiving with the Pantano family and their two young children.

“These puppies are for my children and their grandmother. They were in need of a home, and we stepped up. We paid for them and are caring for them. My 6 and 8 year old sons have named them ‘Jack Jack’ and ‘Tallulah.’ Now, some New Jersey activist with a political score to settle against my husband is ultimately trying to harm my kids. My two boys should not be paying an emotional price for their father’s politics. It makes me sad,” said Jill Pantano. “This activist has a long history in the animal rescue community of bullying dog owners, picking fights with families, and filing frivolous lawsuits. Now, she has left harassing and threatening phone calls for us and others (which we have saved, by the way) although the language is too profane for my kids to hear. I’m not even comfortable transcribing them.”

Merry Pantano, mother of congressional candidate Ilario Pantano, has sent a cease and desist order asking that the harassment be stopped since the puppies were purchased outright from the owner and the activist group has no claim to the animals and no grounds for further harassment. But that didn’t stop Ms. York and the activists in New Jersey that have now hired lawyers in Raleigh and are threatening to sue the Pantanos in a further effort to smear their name. The Pantanos are represented by a Wilmington attorney and have vowed to fight for their puppies and their children.

Ilario Pantano released the following statement: “The facts of the case are simple: the puppies needed to be rescued and my family stepped up. Now an animal rescue group in New Jersey is trying to deny my children these pets because of who I am. We were simply going to adopt the animals, but when liberal activists in New Jersey found out who I was, my conservative beliefs made me a target. Instead of listening to more of her harassing and threatening phone calls, we decided to purchase the puppies outright from their lawful owner. Why is this harassment and nonsense continuing? Because I am a conservative Christian Republican Marine who hunts, I have been targeted by animal activists that have called my wife and I terrible names and profanities, which we have on a recorded voice mail. This activist has literally threatened to ‘smear my family’s good name all over the internet.’ Sadly, this isn’t about the puppies we bought for my children, this is about the politics of personal destruction. Please pray for my family as we endure yet another round of slings and arrows from folks 600 miles away from Wilmington that seem intent on harassing my family and hurting my children and our good name. I didn’t know that you had to be a Democrat to adopt a puppy. ”


  • Foster Adopt says:

    Anyone who knows this “rescue” person knows there have been rumors for years about her “selling” dogs, lying, stealing, slandering and doing underhanded things like using other rescues papers to pull dogs from shelters. Those of us who know her are in no way surprised anymore by her antics. She has lied about and threatened many people to get what she wants, including an ex-partner or two.

    The Pantano’s were asked to help foster to adopt by one person in the rescue. The Director said no. The Pantano’s refused to give back the dogs. The original owner gave them ownership. The Rescue Director started threatening them. There is no news here. Just business as usual for Jacquie York.

  • VoiceOfReason says:

    Why are people criticizing Pantano? He wasn’t the one who started this drama! That idiot Leftist activist did. Seriously – calling 911 from New Jersey? Leaving hate-filled rants on voice mail at the Pantano home? what is wrong with you all?

    Please do tell, liberals – what would you have Pantano do? Sit down & shut up? Not say one word in defense, and give the puppies back to a bully? I swear liberals will never be content until they permanently shut up conservatives.

  • Das Weibstück says:

    I do not like Pantano I think he is a nut but we are talking about DOGS!

    Basically this lady is saying that he cant even take care of a dog. Pretty low blow. They fostered them but cant keep them.

    Is this DOG place a “Not for profit”?

    Too bad she cant put her efforts into something more important like CHILDREN who need homes.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    What’s the chance of my obtaining a child of appropriate lawn mowing age? I’m tired of having to choose between retired guys from East Meadow who charge by the square inch, or having to hire los tres amigos. “Ustedes rake-o y cortais el grasso then edge-o. Quanto cuesto?”

    Oh, wait….the kids come to LIVE with you?

    Never mind. I’ve had kids and I’ve had dogs…I highly recommend dogs….

    ….but if you parents would stop giving your kids so much money, they’d be out cruising the neighborhood, looking to turn a buck by mowing some lawns!

    1961 Dad: “You’ll have to mow a lot of lawns to get that new bicycle, son.”

    2011 Dad: “Oh, the Playstation is only $350? Sure. Here you go. Here’s an extra $150 for a couple of games.”

    These kids are growing up with no respect for working to earn money. They think it grows on trees and get themselves into financial trouble very early in life because they never had to earn money. Even worse, I can’t find some kid that I can sucker into working harder than a Mongolian coal miner for three hours to earn twenty bucks cutting my lawn!

    I’ll bet you that Ilario Pantano mowed lawns when he was a kid! (Desperate for a tie-in)

  • Guest321 says:

    Which side originally brought this to the medias attention?

  • Tracy says:

    I don’t even know where to begin with my comments on this article…I guess first, I’d like to say that the author and the editor of this article should be ashamed of themselves for the poor quality and misinformation in this article! They can’t even spell Ms. Yorke’s name correctly and get the rescue’s name correct. It is completely unethical that they would quote Ms. Yorke when she clearly told the reporter who contacted her, “no comment until I have the puppies back into our rescue’s custody safely.” If the facts were checked, they would have found out that a person can not call 911 from 600 miles away. All the quotes you see in this article from Ms. Yorke were fabricated. Shame on you ABC!!
    Secondly, I am a conservative Christian Republican who does rescue. We are not all whack jobs, I assure you. Ms. Yorke is not a nut and not even liberal. She is an independent and is not political at all. Her rescue group is not political either. This is not a political issue, unlike what the Pantano family would like everyone to believe. This is about a first-time foster family for a rescue organization stealing puppies. Yes, it really is that simple. The Pantano family was going to temporarily foster two puppies from a litter of 8 (the article states 12…wrong facts again). It was an emergency situation and fosters were chosen a bit too quickly. However, the Pantano family was under a foster agreement contract, in which they violated the terms of the contract. They gave the puppies to Merry Pantano, who has no relationship with the rescue and they don’t take the proper precautions for heartworm prevention…against their contract. When this information came to light, the rescue asked for the puppies back. The Pantano family refused and stole the puppies. The rescue has all of the proper documentation to prove that they were the rightful custodians of the puppies and paid for all of their vet care. This will come to light very soon.
    When the rescue told the Pantano family that they were going to come and get the puppies, Jill Pantano told the rescue that her husband is a sharp shooter and would shoot anyone on sight when they came to get the puppies…appauling!!
    In his slimy fashion, Mr. Pantano decided to go to the original owner and do a backdoor deal.
    Ms. Yorke is far from a nut. She runs a national rescue that is a 501(c)3 and places hundreds of dogs a year into good homes. Her goal is to place dogs in the best homes so that they won’t ever return to a shelter or be homeless again. The Pantanos violated the foster contract and if they had properly adopted those puppies, they would be in violation of the adoption contract. They are not a proper home. They stole the puppies so that they wouldn’t have to pay a breeder top dollar for two highly sought after mixed breed puppies.
    Ms. Yorke’s only concern is for the safety and proper care of the dogs. The Pantanos have now given out Ms. Yorke’s personal cell phone number to thugs. She is now receiving death threats and fears for her safety. It is a shame that the Pantano family is going to the press with lies to further his political career by claiming that the “crazy liberals” are after him. The Pantano family are not the victims here…they are the thieves in this scenario.
    Shame on you ABC for fabricating several facts and quotes in this article. Please check your sources and facts and print a retraction immediately!!

  • Tracy says:

    Of Course, it was the Pantanos. They thrive on media attention.

  • Tammi says:

    You need to stop slandering a good rescuer. I know who you are and you spend most of your free time trying to bring down a good person. I see all of your rants on the internet about Jacquie Yorke. Get a life and do some good in the world instead of spreading lies and false accusations about someone who has rescued hundreds of dogs.
    Why not talk about the real issue here…the stealing of two puppies. The Pantano family claims to be good Christians and yet they have no problem lying and stealing and twisting the truth about what they have done. If they were good dog owners, the rescue would have no problem letting them adopt the puppies. This has nothing to do with politics and ideology. The Pantanos would like everyone to think that. However, there is a good reason the rescue wanted to take the puppies back. Information obtained in the routine vet reference checking found that they took less than good care of their existing dogs. Would you want the puppies to stay in a home where they may get heartworms because they wouldn’t be given heartworm prevention?
    The Pantano family are loving all of this media attention and will talk to anyone who will listen and try to make themselves sound like the victims. However, you ask Mrs. Pantano why she told the rescue if a volunteer showed up on her propety to re-claim the puppies that they would be shot by her sharp-shooter husband?
    Does this sound like a good Christian family or vigilantes?
    Please refrain from commenting on a subject and a person that you know nothing about.

  • Guesty2 says:

    You all sound like a bunch of bickering 5 year olds. Not a one of you is making any sense.

  • Free thinker says:

    Can someone please explain why there always has to be so many self-righteous christians quoting from your book of fairy tales about news stories that have nothing to do with religion. Whether or not you like Pantano, dogs or ‘yankees’ it’s only a news story and no where in it did it elude to anything even remotely religious.

  • Guest3130 says:

    I don’t care what your political or religious leanings might be, but C’MON! Pantano is a freakin’ NUT-JOB, and this just seals the deal. What a strange and awkward way to get attention during what he calls “the silly season,” a phrase I find to be condescending. And drag his family through it, too? I just don’t care what my politicians’ religious bent is, and as a matter of fact, I don’t want it to enter politics in any way, shape or form.

    And I, too, found his oiled-down, half-naked pics to be VERY dark & disturbing, and his book to be extremely self-serving – and BS.

  • GuestHello says:


  • Guest461 says:

    We’ve all read your incessant posts slamming Pantano every chance you get. You cut the man down as a man, you cut him down as a marine that fought for the freedoms that idiots like you take advantage of to write this kind of crap, you slam him as a politician, a yankee, an American citizen and any other piece of dirt you can squirm up.

    In short, we get your message. You flat out hate the man! A personal vendetta? Don’t get too personal, he can easily KICK YO A$$! Are you part of the McIntyre political body? Most likely!

    Are you a soldier? Were you ever? If so, what was your rank and how many tours did YOU perform for this country? Have you ever had anyone to shoot at you in an attempt to kill you? Have you ever shot at anyone to in an attempt to kill them? Most doubtful and from your rhetoric, likely impossible!!! You couldn’t fight your way out of a wet paper bag during a baseball-sized hail storm!

    You certainly have no credentials to beat Pantano down the way you attempt! You only sound desperate to discredit him! This is the beach and we have a lot of sand here, but there are still a few rocks left for people like you to crawl under…start looking.

  • GuestinIndiana says:

    What a wonderful example the Pantano’s are setting of not abiding by laws and rules that are created for the better of everyone. Don’t congressmen help make rules? and then expect everyone to abide by them? The DRC has specific rules to protect the pups they rescue. Yes, the rules may seem extreme to some, but you should see the condition of many of the rescue pups! And the rules are there for the protection of all of the dogs, not just the cute sweet puppies. The Pantano family should be ashamed and apologize to their children for such misbehaviour and setting a poor example to follow. Teach your children right from wrong. Give the pups back. You’ve made such an issue of it now that no one wants you to have them. And good homes are out there waiting and abiding by the rules, sending a proper application and having a background check and being ready to pay the appropriate fees. I’m sorry, Mrs.Pantano, but you should have gone about it the right way in the first place. You really should be ashamed.

  • GuestinIndiana says:

    The person who made the above comment asks “What is wrong with you all?”. I have to ask how he/she can call himself the voice of reason and then start shouting names at people. The entire issue is not political, unless of course Mr. Pantano choses to make it so. No politics were involved whatsoever. The rescue organization is not a political movement, but they are very committed to rescuing dogs and assuring that the homes they are adopted into are excellent homes and well qualified for the appropriate dog. You find something unreasonable about that? The Pantano family simply needed to do the right thing, be reasonable and honest, and no one in the outside world would have even known about this. Voice of reason? you are way out of bounds here!

  • tish says:

    What religious quote? Breath through your nose and read it again.

  • Challengetheworld says:

    This is not about Democrats and this is not about Republicans. This is about a man who bought some dogs for his kids. I don’t like Pantano, and I think he has no business in politics. But, there is nothing to point out that he shouldn’t be able to give his kids puppies. This woman is whack and wasting tax payer money by bothering the Sherrif’s department and Animal Control. Mis-use of 911 is a crime in this state and should apply to this wackjob.

    I’m liberal and I’m from New Jersey. I’m embarassed to be both right now because of people like Jacquie York.

  • Free thinker says:

    My point exactly. There were no religious quotes in the story itself. It’s the self righteous religious fanatics who post comments afterwards and always have to quote some one or some thing with religious overtones, and to what end?. Perhaps it’s you who should have read my comment more closely.

  • RabbleRouser says:

    When Pantano procured these dogs – on a temporary basis as a foster “parent”, he agreed to the clearly defined terms of the Doodle Rescue Society. Those terms preclude his family’s permanent ownership for several reasons spelled out in the article. If Pantano didn’t like those terms, he should not have procured the dogs from this organization.
    Pantano seems to have an amazing capacity to turn any issue into his own persecution.

    PS – thanks to WWAY for clarifying the specific objections of the rescue society. Other accounts out there failed to do so.

  • Educated Voter says:

    I got Pantano’s email about this, and I wondered why in the world he made this a political issue involving his campaign. What does this have to do with his decision to run for office? What does this have to do with how he plans to vote if he wins a seat in Congress?

    To me, Pantano seems to take a lot of things personally and use his high profile position to try and make everything political and everything about him. What I want to know is whether he’s going to make the politics of New Hanover County all about him if he gets to Washington. Personally, I’d rather have a Tim Wilkes or even a Breazeale ANY day.

  • Charles Walters says:

    He bought the dogs from the owners. The New Jersey WACK JOB has nothing to say about it.

  • kryptkeeper58 says:

    kryptkeeper58 – First of all, a lot of these “rescues or adoptions” are run by nutters. They put crazy restrictions on potential adopters.That is why so many are killed at the pounds. (why do you think Angie and Brad goes out of country to adopt?)If this family (NO MATTER THEIR NAME) was good enough to foster, then they should be good enough to adopt! As for the false 911 calls, just let one of North Carolina’s own do that, and see what charges are brought on us. She is no better!! And when did these vets start releasing info about a family’s pet? I would like to know, so we could avoid his practice! Now, as far as these pups being expensive. Please! They are mixed breed dogs. No matter what “name” you put on them, they come from 2 different breeds of dogs. What in the world does the $495.00 fee cover? THEIR ACTUAL SEELING PRICE! This Yorke woman must have sales for these pups for more money. Why else would she be so intent to steal them away from a family? Does she not have any other dogs to rescue? As far as classifying a man into a “type”, WHAT ABOUT HER?? IS SHE MAFIA RELATED?? NEW JERSEY AND ALL??

  • GuestLee says:

    Well, last I heard, this is a comment area where anyone can chime in and comment. You may not like their comment, but….oh well, don’t read it and move on.

  • Concerned about YOU!!! says:

    Come on people. I don’t particularly like Pantano, didn’t vote for him and probably won’t in the future. We are talking about buying, paying for and tending to two DOGS. He is not fighting them in a ring, feeding them live cats/chickens or the like, he is probably feeding them legally purchasing dog food, walking/playing with them and cleaning up their poop. Someone in New Jersey needs to have their long distance privileges taken away and I’m not too sure I would want her rescuing animals. I cannot believe this intrusion into someone’s life/home over two dogs! I have dogs and cats, some adopted from shelters, and if they had the nerve to contact me in this manner, you would probably be reading another kind of news story here.

  • Guest44 says:

    “You want the truth, you can’t handle the truth…..” I think Jack did it better. You forgot to call him “son”.

  • guesty says:

    I will apologize for my perceived misuse of the word fail. In all honesty I will continue to use it when describing some of the losers in life. Such as Guest854.
    Let me set the record straight, no, Pantano’s stalker and myself are two very different people.
    I like your screen play but can I request you change the pictures from him to pictures his wife? After all, I am a heterosexual male and don’t find anything attractive about any other males. Can I also request the bourbon be changed to a beer? I really don’t drink any liquors anymore. Yea, I know, I’m cheap.
    If I ever had the pleasure of meeting you in real life, I would offer to buy you any beverage of your choice (under $4.00, of course) and listen to your stories.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    Oh, okay. I have to be fair.

    Guesty, you have been reported for abuse of a verb. Please don’t ever do it again.

    [Fade out]

    Common, however, cannot shake a disturbing thought. If Pantano’s cyber-stalker uses “fail” as a noun and Guesty uses “fail” as a noun, could they be one in the same?

    He now saw Guesty in a different light, a very dark, very dim light. He saw an entire wall covered with pictures of an oiled and tanned Ilario Pantano in various stages of undress. He saw a lone seated figure, trembling and crying in the dark. The smell of cheap bourbon filled the room. He could hear Guesty sobbing so hard that he could barely speak.

    “I haaaaate you. SNIFF! I can’t stand you. I haaaaaa-aaaaa-ate you so much. So much. NO!!! Nonononono!!!! You know I don’t mean it! I love you Ilario. I want you so badly! You’re all I’ve ever wanted.

    [Fade in]

    You know….like I do every night over Jenelle Evans and Frog Strickland?

    I hope you are happy with the disturbing images I have left with you….you petty bas***d….

  • xyz says:

    I bet you two would be a hoot if you got together.

  • guesty says:

    You try Guest854 but yet you fail.

  • Guest854 says:

    I know I’m being petty,but I haven’t seen you call out Guesty on his writing skills. He uses fail as a noun at least once a week.

  • Das Weibstück says:

    Isn’t Pantano a Yankee too? I have been here 44 years and according to posters I am not from “here”. So Pantano certainly isn’t one of “ours”.

  • Guest2020 says:

    This is another example of yankees not knowing how to mind their own business and trying to tell the south what to do with ours. She needs to keep her nastiness in New Jersey and leave everyone in North Carolina alone.

  • Tammi says:

    Your statement is completely wrong. I have adopted from this rescue and it was a very good experience. Yes their application process is in-depth but, if you have nothing to hide, then you don’t mind. My dog was fully vetted and neutered. The fee wasn’t $495 either…it was lower. I have found all that I dealt with at this rescue to be ethical and fair. So far I haven’t seen any hidden agenda from this rescue except to find homeless dogs great homes. Stop slandering a good rescue. You sound like a bitter person who was rejected for adoption.

  • Real Conservative says:

    This guy should not even been allowed to have kids after what he pulled in Iraq. Have you seen the topless oiled down pics of this nut online. Pantano a conservative Christian….yeah right?

    His tattoo across his entire chest is a little bit scary if you ask me. It states in the Bible you shouldn’t mark your body with symbols. “Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD.”Leviticus 19:28

    He became a conservative Christian just to pedal his book. How many free meals did he eat off his donors dime from his campaign? Pantano is an EPIC FAIL. People need to wake up that all politicians feed off the public from donors to tax payers.

  • GOP 'N' 2012 says:

    Hey.So the guy has tat’s.As Christians are we not suppose to forgive transgressions and other’s sins?Does he not have the right to be a Christan now,even if he wronged in the past.This family in no way deserves to be harassed.If this yankee nut has a problem with Pantano’s politics—-take it up with him.DO NOT HARRASS A MANS FAMILY BECAUSE YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH HIM.I do not agree with electing a president who was born out of this county.But you don’t see me screaming at his kids now do you???

  • Grand Ole Party says:

    Because he has sinned he must not be a christian? Is that what you are getting at? Peddle that crap else where. I am pretty damn sure the same book says you shouldn’t judge. Guess you are a fake too.

  • Kala says:

    You should not be allowed to have any peace in your life because you stick your nose where it doesn’t belong. Evidently you don’t believe in real justice or the court system. Does anybody really know what heinous acts YOU have committed in your miserable little life.

  • Mike Barnes, Chadbourn N.C. says:

    You are an Idiot! Is there any part of that do you do not understand? What branch of service did you serve in, if at all? The same Bible that you quoted also reads “Judge not that you be not judged” Or do you not have enough intelect to read. You have no right to judge or question his faith. Do you know him that well or are you perfect and walk on water, therefore possessing the gift of discernment. I appreciate Ilario Pantanos service to our country and am thankfull that there are still real men like him to help protect our country and all are not like the hair brain liberals who have nothing constructive to do for our country, therefore spend their time attacking those who have fought to give people like you the right to free speech so you can make a perfect fool out of yourself just as you have done. I rest my case!

  • Guest12356 says:

    “Matthew 16:19-And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.”

    “1 Corinthians 6:19-20-“Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 20 you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body.”

    “Matthew 7:1-“Do not judge, or you too will be judged.”

    Just sayin

  • BANKS says:

    It seems to me, a person who claims to know the Bible does not put it into practice leaving me suspicious that he/she is a “plant”. It is wonderful you quote the Bible, but in the new testatment Jesus forgave sins and died for all of us. He did not turn away anyone who came to Him. It is our actions or inactions which will be reviewed at the time of our death. You can know the Bible, but not put it into action and you are like the Pharisees and Scribes of old. Better you should say nothing about someone than judge them. You do not have access to all information, you are not GOD.

    As for your remark about “donor dime” and free meals. A donor gives of his money of his own free will and being a candidate in today’s world is grueling. The only other alternative is to have a king or a despot. This is not a perfect world.

    To have your wife and children attacked over the adoption of some puppies is really sad. If Pantano had not responded to protect his family, I would have thought him a cad. People need to wake up to the fact there are cruel and devisive people out in this world who feed off the drama of trying to put someone down because the person does not share their political philosophy. In so doing they lower themselves and all humanity because “Amen I say to you, as long as you did it to one of these my least brethren, you did it to me.”

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    …but for now, we’ll skip over your lack of elementary writing skills.

    If you were a “real conservative” you would appreciate the fact that everyone has a BASIC RIGHT to have a tattoo. That’s because, if you were a “real conservative” you’d be more concerned with The Constitution than the Old Testament.

    You really should ask yourself why those pictures of a shirtless Pantano trouble you so. Going hand-in-hand with that is that I can tell from your writing style that you are the one who hovers, waiting for any story about Pantano. You’re always the first one to post the most ludicrous claims against him. (This latest is the most truly desperate, however.)

    I like Pantano. I didn’t vote for him, but I like him. I won’t go so far as to claim that in some junior-highschool, “I love him but he doesn’t know I exist so I hate him” psychosis, you’re secretly in love with him, but you are definitely obsessed with him.

    You need to go meet a nice guy and leave Pantano alone.

  • Reel Conservative says:

    Mr Real Conservative:
    Have you read Mr. Pantano’s book? Have you met him, sat down with him, talked with him? Do you see him in church every Sunday? Do you see him interact with his boys, his wife, his friends?
    I have done all of the above. I don’t consider him a friend – more of an acquaintance. He is anything but a failure.
    All of his wartime experience, both tours of duty, happened before he became a Christian. As did his tatoos. Thus all of what you allege about him in relation to his Christianity is irrelevant.
    Also, his conversion to Christianity came after he returned from war but long before he considered politics. I have firsthand knowledge of his conversion experience. It is genuine and has completely changed his life. It has nothing to do with his politics – but his politics has everything to do with his Christianity. We could greatly benefit by having more of his type as leaders of our country.
    Spend a little time with the facts please and stop making ridiculous generalities.
    Perhaps you could do a little research on this Christianty stuff and see if there’s anything to it. Check out “the God Diagnosis” by Greg Viehman. He was where you appear to be and did some indepth research… It’s on Amazon. (No, I don’t benefit at all if you buy his book but you will.)

  • Guesttoo says:

    I appreciate Pantano’s service to his country. Very much so. His politics are of concern though. He hunts…as is his perfectly legal right to do so. But why does this have to involve his family and the decision to adopt a dog?

    Now lawyers are involved. They take money. A lot of money. Wonder how many puppies could be rescued or supported with that cash? It sounds like the sweetie from NJ has too much time on her hands or the country has run out of puppies needing adoption. Doubt the second one is the case.

    Ilario is not without fault though…sounds like he’s trying to gain political favor out of a negative situation.

  • Guest757 says:

    First I’d like to say the Vet who ever he or she is had NO right releasing that info to anyone.and I would love to know which vet did it.. Second what about the 911 calls made from NJ to our local police. Third they paid for the dogs. The woman had NO problem taking their money .
    war is war.. sorry people die and should he have waited until they took on fire.. WAR is WAR !! his men came back because of him…

  • Sara says:

    Animal activists are so liberal they can’t see straight. They don’t mind at all attacking a family, dog breeder, or rescuer if they aren’t happy. They will delete your postings for rehoming animals on Craigslist, and spray paint nasty messages on your lawn. Keep your head held high, Pantano family. Ilario, you are a hero in the eyes of my family! Don’t let these crazies get you down! You are much better than them.

  • Sue says:

    If Jacquie Yorke REALLY cared about animals, she’s be happy the pups found a great home with the Pantanos. And THEN she’d go about her rescue org’s business of finding good homes for their other homeless doodles. What a waste of time this mean-spirited Jacquie Yorke is! Good luck, Pantano family!

  • Guest2020 says:

    I love your reply. Keep on preaching it.

  • GuestGuest says:

    Can an indiviual that has difficulty with simple personnal issues be expected to handle complex national issues in congress? People THINK!!!

  • rsimmons says:

    Any of us who ever have adopted a pet from an adoption organization has experienced the craziness that defines these people. I can believe he has been harassed by these nuts

    On the other hand Pantano has proved himself a nut time and time again “conservative Christian Republican Marine who hunts” ? WTH has this got to do with puppies?

  • Karma says:

    I completely agree with your statement. This is by FAR the first time this specific person has done this type of thing. It is very sad that she uses a “rescue” for her own personal agenda. I have personally heard recorded messages left for a friend that was VERY NASTY and threatening. She has also advertised her rescued dogs as spayed/neutered and they have not been and they did not offer any type of financial assistance for the procedure (isn’t that part of rescue – reducing the populuation by spay/neuter?) However, she was quick to collection and bring up her $495 rescue fee for a dog she never touched!! The website is

  • Guest11221 says:

    Those are some expensive puppies to buy for someone who cannot even make amends for his past debts. Hey Ilario, did you think about an adoption at New Hanover Animal control?

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